Woman Flew 5000 Kilometres to Meet Man 

Women Flew 5000 Kilometres to Meet Man

According to The Independent, a 51-year-old Mexican woman flew 5000 Kilometres to Peru to see her internet partner in person, was killed, dissected, and had her organs removed. On November 9, a local fisherman found her dismembered body lying in the water on Huacho beach.

According to the source, Blanca Arellano informed her family at the end of July that she would be traveling to Lima, where she intended to meet Juan Pablo Jesus Villafuerte, the man she had been communicating with online for several months, in person for the first time.

Mexican Blanca Arellano, age 51, was looking for a relationship. She traveled more than 5000 kilometers to meet a Peruvian man she had met online through a gaming app. Because she believed he might be the one.

Where Did She Travel?

Arellano traveled to Lima, Peru, on the last day of October to see 37-year-old Juan Pablo Jess Villafuerte. She eventually made it to Huacho, a seaside city where Villafuerte resided and from where her family had last heard from her on November 7.

Mexican woman flew 5000 Kilometres. According to investigations by law enforcement, she claimed that her relationship with Villafuerte was going well. Additionally, she was in love when she spoke to her niece Karla Arellano.

When Arellano’s family last heard from her on November 7, they still believed that she was going to the seaside city of Huacho, where her 37-year-old Peruvian partner resided.

News Crop Investigators

According to investigators to News Corp Australia, investigators found that Blanca’s niece Karla Arellano spoke to her aunt on November 7. She had expressed her “in love” feelings and that the relationship was going well.

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It was the last time the woman was ever heard from. After two weeks of silence, Blanca’s niece posted a tearful plea for assistance on Twitter. Which prompted the neighborhood police to start an investigation into her whereabouts.

Karla Tweeted:

Karla posted on Twitter, automatically translated into English, “I never thought I would be in this situation. Today I ask for support and dissemination to locate one of the most loved and important people in my life.”

Mexican woman flew 5000 Kilometres. “My aunt Blanca Olivia Arellano Gutierrez, who is of Mexican descent, vanished on November 7 in Peru, and we fear for her safety.”

She “decided to leave because I couldn’t deliver the life she desired, got weary with me. While departed to get a plane ticket back to Mexico,” Villafuerte claimed, adding that he had ceased talking to her a few days prior.

Following thousands of shares, Peruvian authorities opened an inquiry. On November 10, they found a disfigured object on the Huacho beach: a severed finger. Investigators found that a silver ring was still attached even after the fingertips were taken off.

Peruvian Authorities Investigation

The authorities discovered a faceless head and then an arm a day later. The following day, a torso without any internal organs appeared on the same shore. The ring on the finger that was found helped them identify Arellano in the end through her family.

Mexican woman flew 5000 Kilometres. Peruvian authorities detained Villafuerte on November 17 concerning the murder of Arellano.

Juan Pablo Villafuerte was detained on suspicion of trafficking in human organs. The Peru General Attorney announced to local media on Monday.

Arellano vanished

After Arellano vanished, Villafuerte, a medical school student, allegedly continued to post TikTok videos of human organs. Investigators claimed to have discovered blood traces all over his apartment.

Recently, a similar incident occurred in Colombia after a Californian guy visited the South American nation and went out to meet a date he had found on Tinder. Paul Nguyen’s body was discovered in Medellin after relatives and friends reported his disappearance on November 10.

Before the victim’s body was discovered, the local police immediately investigated Arellano’s whereabouts. To solve the case, the police are currently attempting to identify the suspect.

Traces of Blanca Arellano’s Blood

Blood traces from Blanca Arellano had also been found in Villafuerte’s flat. Days after her abduction, he allegedly shared videos of her organs to TikTok. Mexican woman flew 5000 Kilometres.

Police detained Villafuerte shortly after the discovery on charges of femicide, human trafficking, and organ trafficking. Villafuerte remains in police custody as the investigation is conducted despite his denial of involvement in the crime.

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