Top Google Searches in India in 2022

Top Google Searches in India in 2022

Google India’s “Year in Search 2022” findings were released on Wednesday. It summarizes the subjects that held India’s trend in 2022, spanning a wide range of topics. Such as hot phrases, sporting events, breaking news, movies, how-tos, and more. The details are as follows:

There are numerous search engines on the internet. Google has overtaken the term “search engine” as the most commonly known one.

In its “Year in Search 2022” report, Google has highlighted the subjects that attracted the greatest attention. These were searched for most frequently this year. According to the list released annually for various countries, India’s search trends have altered significantly since last year.

This year, people searched more about entertainment, games, and other topics than Covid-related queries. These dominated the top trending search list in 2021.

Details of Top Google Searches in India in 2022

Google has officially made public the list of the top searches made in India in 2022. The list includes all the subjects that gained national attention and went viral throughout the year.

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After mapping the most popular queries, the list is created specifically for various nations. However, if you enjoy music and can’t stop playing Ali Sethi’s Pasoori on repeat, you should know that the song was included in Google’s list of global trends.

Regarding trending topics in India, the pattern has changed significantly since 2021 because users are more interested in searching for content related to sports and entertainment than Covid-19.

The Indian Premier League, CoWIN, and the FIFA World Cup were India’s top three search trends. Under the “What is” category, people looked up various issues, including NATO, PFI, the Agneepath Scheme, and Article 370.

The Covid vaccination led searches for “near me” in popularity. In addition, people looked for nearby malls, metro stations, swimming pools, and water parks.

Indian Premier League

All of India’s 2022 trending search results ranked the Indian Premier League (IPL). Which was also the most searched athletic event in the country, first. IPL was followed by CoWIN, an official website portal that simplifies COVID-19 vaccine registration. It was appointment scheduling and issuance of digital vaccine certificates.

FIFA World Cup

Following the”Asia Cup” and the just-finished men’s T20 World Cup in Australia. The current FIFA World Cup in Qatar was India’s third most Googled phrase this year.

The third placed trending topic in searches in India was the FIFA World Cup, which kicked off on November 20 in Qatar. 

The Asia Cup and the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, two sporting events, respectively, occupied the fourth and fifth positions.


Speaking of entertainment outside of sports, KGF: Chapter 2 ranked at number nine. In contrast, the Bollywood blockbuster Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva took the sixth spot on the list.

People appeared more interested in the recently created Agneepath plan for defense hopefuls, NATO, and NFT. It reflects the nation’s youthful demography and a shift toward globalization and digitization.

In 2022, Nupur Sharma, a BJP spokesman who has since been suspended, was among India’s most frequently searched people. Lalit Modi and Rishi Sunak, the new prime minister of the United Kingdom, came after Droupadi Murmu, the president of India.


On Wednesday, Google released its “Year in Search 2022” results for Indian users. It provides information about how and what those users looked for throughout that year. The list, which is published yearly, covers a wide range of subjects, including popular movies, sports, news, and events.

The Indian Premier League (IPL), CoWIN, and the FIFA World Cup 2022 were the top three trending searches in 2022. According to Google’s rankings for the “Year in Search 2022.” Compared to last year’s data, this list reveals a dramatic shift in search trends. Because in 2021, users primarily searched for keywords connected to the coronavirus.

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