Tattoo Loving Couple Holds Guinness World Record

Tattoo Loving Couple Holds Guinness World Record

Gabriela and Victor Hugo Peralta, a couple from Argentina, have broken the record for the most body alterations. Tattoo Loving Couple Holds Guinness World Record. he Couple loves getting tattoos and changing their bodies.

A couple of Argentina’s Gabriela and Victor Hugo Peralta has broken the previous record for most body modifications. Because they are so passionate about them, the pair have already had 98 tattoos and other physical modifications.

According to Guinness World Records, they first set the world record in 2014 with 84 modifications. However, the pair persisted in getting tattoos and other alterations because they were so enthusiastic about it; as a result, their current total is 98.

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It has also been done for other body modification record holders, such as Rolf Buchholz, who has the most piercings and changes to his body.

The Couple is known as the “cherubs from hell” due to their unusual appearance. About 24 years ago, Gabriela and Victor met at a motorcycling event in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This encounter would forever alter their lives.

According to Guinness World Record

The Guinness World Records said that Gabriela and Victor met at a motorcycle event in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Some 24 years ago and instantly fell in love.

Tattoo Loving Couple Holds Guinness World Record. They were aware at the time that they would devote the rest of their lives to pursuing their desire for physical modifications and implants. While some of which, they admit, is very painful.

Victor expressed his gratitude to Guinness World Records, saying, “For me, holding the Guinness World Records is a prize that life gives me for the love of body art. I am very grateful because this record helped me achieve one of my big dreams. I am lucky for traveling to 20 countries, learned about different cultures, and forming new friendships around the world.”

What does the Couple Say?

The Couple asserts that they are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and are proud of their worldview and ideas.

“Enjoy both life and the arts. It’s simply art; getting a tattoo doesn’t make you a good or bad. There will be people who value it and people who don’t, “according to Victor Hugo Peralta, addressing Guinness World Records.

He continued being a Guinness World Records holder, “is a reward life offers me for my passion of body art. I am extremely happy since this record helped me accomplish one of my great dreams. I travel to 20 countries, learning about different cultures, and forming new friendships throughout the world.”

The Couple has 50 body piercings total, eight microdermals, 14 body implants, five dental implants, four ear expanders, two ear bolts, and one forked tongue, and they are getting their sclera or white area of the eyes tattooed.

Tattoo Loving Couple Holds Guinness World Record. The most unpleasant alterations for Gabriela are scarification. According to the Guinness World Records website, she has three of these bodily modifications and claims the sensation is unmatched by any other change.

Most Painful Body Modification Experiences

The scarifications, of which Gabriela has three, have caused her the most anguish. She said the feeling is unlike that of any other modification. Victor’s tongue pigmentation, which kept him from breathing for hours, was his most agonizing experience. But in the end, it was all worthwhile because it’s one of his favorite improvements.

Despite their obsession with tattoos and body alterations, the duo acknowledged that some could be uncomfortable.
Gabriela claimed that her three scarifications were more painful than any other physical changes to her body. At the same time, Victor reported that tongue pigmentation caused breathing difficulties for several hours.

On the other hand, the coloration of his tongue caused Victor the most excruciating sensation and made breathing impossible for hours. However, since it is one of his favorite mods, it was all worthwhile.

Tattoo Loving Couple Holds Guinness World Record. Their passion for body art inspires them to alter their bodies further.

According to this vibrant and energetic pair, the key to a happy marriage is a shared love of art, modifications, tattoos, love, devotion, and respect for one another.

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