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T20 world cup

Hey, are you also fond of Cricket and love to know news and interesting strategies about it, including who will win the T20 World Cup match? If you are also one of those, this post will be very interesting! This article will share the news regarding the T20 World Cup 2022.

As we all know, the T20 World Cup is nearly playing by the selected cricket teams. Indian cricket teams are one of the selected teams that will play this match. This news is about the Captain of the Indian Cricket team, Rohit Sharma, who has shared his opinions. Let’s get to know Rohit Sharma latest news together!

Rohit’s Sharma Latest News Details

If we look at history, the Indian team won the T20 World Cup about 11 years ago. Rohit Sharma, 35 years old, a member of an Indian Cricket team, became a Captain of his team last year in an open match. He is intended to coach his team to put all their efforts into winning the T20 World Cup Cricket match this year.

Recently, Rohit Sharma, Captain of the Indian T20 Cricket team, shared his thoughts on 23rd, October 2023, Wednesday. He has shared his views regarding the T20 World Cup 2022 match having serious regard for the winning of this match.

Undoubtedly, every Captain aims to coach their team and lead them to give their best to try to win the match. So, Rohit Sharma also aimed to lead his cricket team. He was talking about how they can win the T20 cricket world cup by doing their best individually.

Therefore, he said;

“If individuals can keep themselves calm and composed during the game. We will get the results that we are looking for. It has been a while since we won the World Cup.” 

Video on bcc.tv

In another video, he talked about how they must put all their efforts into stepping up. This way, they will be able to achieve the milestones to get the big win in the T20 world cup match. He has shared his views in a video posted on bcci.tv.

Rohit Sharma said in that video:

“The motive and thought process is to win the World Cup. But we know we need to do a lot of things right to get there. So one step at a time for us and focus on each team we are going to come against and not think about semis or finals.”

Moreover, on another occasion, he cheered up the strengths and efforts of his team. He has encouraged the Indian Cricket team by giving them the aim to get training to win the T20 world cup match. He addressed the team that it was challenging, but undoubtedly, it was a great opportunity to play this match. Moreover, he said that if we work hard and get the proper training. We will surely win the T20 World Cup match.

He said that;

“Every time you come for a World Cup it is a great felling. We had a great camp (training) in Perth. We won two series at home recently but Australia will be a different challenge. Conditions will be challenging but there is a reason why we came here early.”

Moreover, on this event, it was on the occasion of T20 2022 12 months ago he shared his feelings. He has talked about his happiness and shared that it’s a great honor for him. It is because he was appointed Captain of the Indian Cricket team for the first time in his career.

He has added:

“It is a big honor to Captain the side. my first World Cup as Captain so I am excited about it. It is a great opportunity to come here and do something special.”

Melbourne Open Match

On 23rd October 2022 in Melbourne, on the occasion of an open match played by the Indian Cricket team, Rohit Sharma shared his views.

He has talked about his strategy about if they will put their efforts calmly and give their best, they will become near to achieving success.

He said:

“It is a big game to start with but we are going to keep relaxed and focus on what we need to do as individuals. That is going to be the key for us.”

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