Mercato – Pogba, Hazard, Griezmann, Coutinho, Neymar: 100 million, damn bar or something big?

Victor Osimhen, Frenkie De Jong: These are two new candidates for the delusions of greatness. Two men who could cross this summer if we believed what was written about them, a € 100 million transfer compensation cartel. Today, they have twelve, over nine-figure, twelve of the most expensive men on the planet, but not the twelve best players in the world. Because the relationship between level and value is not always easy to establish. Only a third of this alleged elite found themselves in the last Ballon d’Or rankings and none of the top 5. In other words, men who cost 100 million (or much more) were not always worthy and very rare. there are those who have justified their status. Coutinho, Hazard, Pogba, Griezmann n: they all cost 100 million euros, they were all disappointed (image: Quentin Guichard) Credit: Getty Images Only one of them did not regret that the colossal investment in the club welcomed him: Kylian Mbappé. Purchased for € 145 million in 2018, a year after the loan, the former Monaco took on a new dimension in 5 years. Paris rejected $ 200 million last summer. and although he can now leave for free, it is clear that his value has risen sharply since he became one of the (?) best players in the world. In this particular case, Paris had a hollow nose. But he was the only one to see his rating explode among the twelve people. Others fell at best and collapsed at worst. source transfermarkt: Neymar (PSG, 2017): € 222 million Kylian Mbappé (PSG, 2017): € 145 million Ousmane Dembélé (FC Barcelona, ​​2017): € 140 million Philippe Coutinho (FC Barcelona, 2017): € 135 millionJoao Felix (Atlético Madrid, 2019): € 127.2 million Antoine Griezmann (FC Barcelona, ​​2019): € 120 million Jack Grealish (Manchester City, 20): € 117.5 million . Cristiano Ronaldo (Turin Juventus, 2018): € 117 million Eden Hazard (Real Madrid 2019): € 115 million Romuel Lukakau (Chelsea, 2021): EUR 113 million Real Madrid, 2012): € 101 million Politics, not sports Arrived at the front door (and before the check for € 13 5 million) in 2017. Barça club Coutinho left 20 million this week. including taxes. How much is Eden Hazard worth today, three years after Real Madrid cost 115 million euros and scored 6 goals in 66 matches? Barca for 120 million that same summer. Acquired Antoine Griezmann, and now Atlético in Madrid does not want to take advantage of the 40 million euros. As for Neymar, who remains the most precious man on the planet (€ 222 million), he never justified a colossal PSG investment. How did the clubs get there? Is the € 100 million bar cursed, or do clubs have some responsibility? Of course, this is not just a coincidence. And if these transfers from the other world are emptied very quickly, it is primarily because they were not made for serious reasons. Some of its twelve newcomers are primarily political renditions and help satisfy (even reassure) supporters rather than strengthen the sports project. FC Barcelona remains king in this area. After losing Neymara against his will in 2017, Barca was thrilled in all directions to quell his anger at Camp Nou. Ousmane Dembélé and Philip Coutinho landed in a hurry, Dortmund and Liverpool took advantage of the situation and kicked out 275 million from Bars. Dembélé and Coutinho during the La Liga match between Barcelona and Villarreal in 2018. in May. Credit: Getty Images Coutinho donates, Felix / Dembélé bubble lands in Catalonia unprepared, and Lionel Messi reduces his influence as leader. before moving to the left, where he will never regain the leadership he won in Liverpool. The loss of confidence, the crisis in Covid, the management of Barsas, which is straining: the hellish circle is being triggered and it is becoming an industrial accident. Antoine Griezmann will face the same fate this time against a € 120 million check. Griezmann, who in 2019. left Atlético orphaned. Forced to respond, Colchoneros has invested too much in Joao Felix (€ 127 million) to create a bubble of great hope for European football. Portugal is full of talent. But was he really worth three times more expensive in 56 matches in the Portuguese league than Mohamed Salah, who went to Liverpool two years ago? The market was crowded with young people whose careers were just beginning to take shape, which means a degree of uncertainty. The relocation of Ousmane Dembélé (140 million) fueled this panic, as did Kylian Mbappé. But one of the promises was confirmed, not Dembele or Felix. “One of the biggest failures in the history of the transition window,” Griezmann at Barca: had to stop Pogba, Neymar: little sports and a lot of marketing. Paul Pogba also failed to justify Manchester United’s investment (€ 105 million). ) 2016. But just remember the clip announcing the signing to realize that it wasn’t just a sports issue here again. Close up of an Adidas ball, then on shoes, a German brand that spent $ 942 million two years ago. The marketing logic largely accompanied Pickaxe’s return to England. And if Manchester has sold millions of Pogba shirts, like Paris with Neymar, which has given PSG a global dimension, it is not certain that the return on investment will be as fruitful. Did the Brazilians land in Paris for serious reasons, namely to become part of a new collective and ambitious project rather than leave the shadow of Messi to shine brighter? I’m not sure. From Manchester City, who overpaid for Premier League-inflated Jack Grealish and his English passport, to Gareth Bale, who lost all motivation after Madrid was taken to the roof of Europe: there is a clear division of error between the clubs involved and players. But the observation is clear: apart from the extraterrestrial Mbappé, € 100 million is still a burden. Transfers already closed or still hope for Paris? Mbappé file splits the press9 HOURS AGOTTransfersCamer, Ronaldo, Dybala, Suarez, OL: 10 Monday transmission window facts Yesterday 09:34.
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