Before West Ham – Manchester City: Kevin de Bruyne in Metamorphosis: Slightly fewer assists, many more goals

Kevin de Bruyne is one of those rare players accustomed to double doubles. The Belgian has completed six seasons since the start of his career and has made at least ten assists and scored ten goals in all matches. While this will also be a period of excellence, the KdB CV for the financial year 2021-2022 will make a real difference. He, the player, the exclusive forward, the face of the Guardol concept, is set to set a new record by scoring far more goals than the bid. Premier League Will Haaland kill tensions in England? “It could break the City and Liverpool duo.” The role of servant was no longer enough for him. And even if his club has just taken out a checkbook to give himself an amazing goal, the Red Devil is still struggling to finish. Good luck. Two days before the Premier League curtain, the former Chelsea player has made fifteen appearances, four times in the League Cup, FA Cup and Champions League. That brings his total to 19, and he’s “only” 12 assists in all of these matches. “Previously, he thought only of assists. , one month after at least one win in four consecutive matches. In short, de Bruyne’s feats increasingly appear to be the continent’s best strikers. It’s a real surprise for an already mature player who described his dream action to our colleagues from France Football a few months ago: “I would say … The decisive pass he gave me should have been given between several defenders. Do you see that? The ball is shot down to the end of the defense and the goalkeeper is out of reach. “Atlético wouldn’t want that anymore:” Griezmann faces a black hole today “So make no mistake: de Bruyne still likes to distribute caviar. He just discovered a late pull for a purpose. “Previously, he only thought about effective passes, his coach Pep Guardiola smiled last week. But now I get the impression he’s saying to himself, ‘I like it when teammates come to hug me because I scored a goal.’ That’s a good thing!” In fact, this new trend is naturally due to the instructions of the Spanish coach, who have not stopped abandoning the heart of the opponent’s surface in recent months, including the professional midfielder (mostly Gabriel Jesus). Disguised Defenders Centro’s players now seemed to think the job was done and acted more defensively, just waiting for the ref to blow the final whistle. “He has to get into the zone of truth, Guardiola stressed. He’s gotten better this season.” Especially since the Belgian has another huge strength: he is almost as accurate on the left foot as he is on the right. Mbappé, Payet, Dante: Our standard team for the 2021/22 L1 season His colleagues are also completely insane. “My right leg is my best leg, but I’m never afraid to shoot on the left,” he told Sky Sports. Even if it doesn’t fit, it causes problems for the opponents, because they won’t be so close. And so there will be opportunities to pass. ” opened in the first five minutes of a match with Manchester United (4-1), Liverpool (2-2) or Real Madrid in the first round of the C1 semi-final (4 – 3). more than a quarter of an hour.What makes his team’s life easier.And fill in his coach: “What else can I say? Guardiola asked. He was close to perfection in the second half of the season. “Hell of a season: from Costil to Yilmaz, eleven of L1 Premier League refugees” I had to score five: De Bruyne, four, but that wasn’t enough foursome from De Bruyne and City rushes to the title 2022-05-11 21:08
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