Ligue 1 / Before Paris Saint-Germain – Troyes: PSG 3-5-2, is it really better?

He has been fueling conversations about PSG since last summer. He finally waited for the last weeks of the season to show up. It can be said that Mauricio Pochettino was asked about the creation of a system of three defenders. The Argentine sometimes speculated that he would succumb to this temptation. He used it at several ends of the match. However, he especially waited until the title was almost in his pocket to choose this scheme. In the last three matches with Angers (0-3), Lens (1-1) and Strasbourg (3-3), the PSG coach systematically melted 3-5-2. Ligue 1 Messi is unclear about the acceptance of de Troyes12. HOURS AGO Results? This must first be seen in perspective. Not surprisingly, one thing stands out is that it takes time to create such a system. This is one of the reasons why Pochettino was so reluctant to exchange his 4-3-3 season for an experimental scheme with completely different requirements. Next is Sergio Ramos. The Spanish defender spent most of his first year in hospital in Paris. He finally manages to tie the matches for a month. His return allowed Pochettino to test a new system of three defenders with continuity. The first impression suggests some kind of promise. And some constraints Promises a more effective recovery Paris too often faces difficulties when opponents take away the ball 4-3-3. Opponents of the capital’s club have often found solutions on the wings, especially in the defensive right of Paris, where Leo Messi does little work in this area. This defect was substantially eliminated using 3-5-2. PSG wings are denser and can press more efficiently due to the coverage of the central parts, which allows the pistons to develop higher with less exposure. The Parisian block highlights the square better and in this configuration is not so easily punctured Hakimi finds colors This was one of the reasons the PSG was set 3-5-2 last summer. After hiring Achraf Hakimi and Nuno Mendes, Paris got two real piston specialists. If the Portuguese were in reserve in Strasbourg, the Moroccan scored a goal – the first goal in the league since … 2021. September. Also a decisive forward against Angers, a player coached by Real Madrid in this configuration better expresses the fullness of his potential. , rather than the classic position of defender in the defense of four people. Conclusion, which also applies to Mendes. Messi-CR7, which is the most deadlock next season? It is easier for MNM to assume that the PSG was regularly split 4-3-3. The seven-player block was often forced to defend low, and the Messi, Neymaro and Mbappé trio sometimes broke away from the rest of the team. This is less true of 3-5-2, when Neymar, who is at the top of midfield, acts more easily as a link between midfield and the Messi-Mbappé duo in the attack. Brazil’s defensive work to limit Sanjin Prcic’s influence on Strasbourg has also been instrumental in facilitating the work of Parisian collectors. The three members of the troika, shifted toward the axis, are also closer to each other in this system, which seems to better match their characteristics … and their shortcomings Constraints Depth Management This is one of the keys to success 3-5-2: knowing how to manage gaps between pistons and on the sides of the central defenders. Paris paid to learn this against Strasbourg in Kevin Gameiro’s play after a deep blow that overtook Presnel Kimpembe. The defense of Paris was inadequate to carry out this action, especially Sergio Ramos, too high to cover the Frenchman. The very illustration is how much work needs to be done in coordinating the movements of the defenders to embrace this system. A Tale of PSG: Impossible Tactical Marriage? Paris has players who need to shine in this scheme. The Hakimi case mentioned above is a great example. However, PSG does not have as many staff as needed for certain positions. Two Moroccan trips to Lens and Strasbourg illustrated this phenomenon. Before Artésiens, he was replaced by a more offensive player, Angel Di Maria, who completely forgot to leave the Lensoise. In front of the Alsatians, Hakimi gave way to Thilo Kherer, whose technical limitations led to the batting of the Paris ball, condemning the PSG to face more pressure from the Strasbourg team, which leveled the score after an action from the defensive right of Paris. A symbol of a system that requires specific profiles more than others. The Spaniard has held a leading position since returning from injury, in keeping with the defense of three people created by Mauricio Pochettino. Obviously, this was one of the prerequisites for convincing the Paris coach to try this scheme. If Marquinhos also had a profile to play this role, moving Brazil to the axle would leave a hole on the right side of the hinge where Kehrer would not offer the same credibility. Ramos is, in a sense, the guarantor of this system. However, the many physical difficulties faced by the former Madrid player inevitably call into question the viability of this tactical development in the long run. Sergio Ramos, PSG defender (credit: Ryan Grim) Credit: EurosportLigue 1Létang ironically over three fines: “I warned my neighbor …” 2022-05-01 13:50 Ligue 1 Three fines, two reds: Troyes rushes for maintenance live match 2022-01-05 12:50
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