Premier League: Manchester City or Liverpool? The competition for the title explained

Classification: The advantage of CityIt is extremely tight, at all levels. Points to Manchester City advantage (83 vs. 82). But also because of the difference in goals and the best attack – two criteria that the Premier League uses when deciding between two teams in a draw. They are both in Liverpool’s favor, but certainly not small (+64 against +63 goals, 86 goals scored against City 84). The circumstances should be devilish, but it cannot be ruled out that two teams will end the season with the same number of points, the same difference in goals and the number of goals scored. Champions LeagueAbsolute Top, Dream Final Yesterday 23.56 PM What do the rules say in this particular case? “If two teams finish with the same number of points, their place in the standings will be determined by the difference in goals, then the number of goals scored. If the two teams still fail to separate, they will take the same place in the standings.” , can we read on the Premier League website. Imagining that Liverpool and the City are crowned champions of perfect equality, a step needs to be taken. In a similar case, in 2013, when perfect equality between Chelsea and Arsenal is expected for third place. , The Premier League has announced that the two teams will eventually be settled in the playoffs. The case did not arise. Blue maintained a two-point lead over the canonists until the end, thanks to a victory over Everton and finished on the podium. However, if necessary, it will be necessary to keep in mind this hypothesis. in the calendar. So by the end of the season, Liverpool will have to play two more games than Manchester City. So the Reds will play every day for three months in all matches, starting with their victory in the match against Everton (2: 0) on April 24. until the last match of the season on May 22nd. with Wolverhampton. After reaching the final of the Champions League and the FA Cup, they still have six games left to play in the ranks of the Mankans. (21.15): Wolverhampton – Manchester City (Match Day 33, Late Match) Sunday, May 15 (3pm): West Ham – Manchester City (Match Day 37) Sunday, May 22 (17 Hours): Manchester City – Aston Villa (Day 38) Liverpool Schedule Saturday, May 7 (8:45 pm): Liverpool – Tottenham (Day 36) Tuesday, May 10 (9:00 a.m.): Aston Villa – Liverpool (Match Day 33, Late Match) Saturday, May 14 (5:45 p.m.): Chelsea Liverpool (FA Cup Final) May 17 Tuesday (8:45 p.m.): Southampton – Liverpool (Day 37, Game Late)) Sunday, May 22 (5 p.m.): Liverpool – Wolverhampton (Day 38) Saturday, May 28 (9 p.m.) : Liverpool – Real Madrid (Champions League final) So City has only four days to spare in the final three, while Liverpool are still on three different fronts. A luxury that should allow Guardiola’s men to cope a little harder than the “reds” – the top three teams (Newcastle, Wolverhampton and West Ham) against just two Jürgen Klopp (Tottenham and Wolverhampton). But of the two candidates for the title, the Mersey Club is the only one to meet with a Top 5 member (Tottenham) .Current Form: Liverpool Advantage Acceleration is for the Reds. Not necessarily in terms of their shape. He has played well in the last ten Premier League matches, winning nine draws and playing in draws, but Manchester City is also very good, winning seven wins, two draws and one defeat in the same period. What can change the game is the influence of the Champions League on both clubs. How Guardiola lost the coaching battle Liverpool are in high spirits after reaching the finals and knocking out Villarreal (2: 3) after their first victory in Anfield (2: 0). The impact of the City’s incredible fall against Real Madrid should not be forgotten. Both psychologically, a particularly difficult-to-digest scenario, and physically, with the controversial extension to Santiago-Bernabeu, which could leave its mark on Sunday before Newcastle. Joseph Guardiola’s training could also have lost men in this horrific fight. Kyle Walker, who was already very uncertain before the match against Real, may miss a meeting with the Magpies after an injury in Madrid. John Stones, who did not play for Leeds and Real, is also likely to be lost. The Mankunian defense may drop this weekend and possibly at the end of the season. In the case of Liverpool, the opposite is true. When Robert Firmino returns, the reds approach the stretch of house. This is a significant plus. In front of the “Top 4 feat”: Arsenal, the project is forming, click and exit with applause: L1 former animated this return 2022-03-05 21:49
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