Serie B – Silvio Berlusconi can succeed in his crazy bet: Monza is at the gates of Serie A

It was a crazy bet. A dream that seemed to remain so at the time. Probably only two actually believed it: Silvio Berlusconi on one side and Adriano Galliani on the other. The inseparable duo, who glorified AC Milan for nearly thirty years (1988 to 2017), set a goal to rise to Serie A when they eventually bought Monza. 2018 – a club that was then at war with the Lega Pro. (Third Division). Two and a half years later, the Lombardo Club is unimaginable. In the event of victory at the Perugia lawn on Friday (8:30 p.m.), he will reach the elite for the first time in just two Serie B seasons found in June 2020 after a 19-year hiatus. Suffice it to say that without the takeover of Cavaliere, nothing would probably have been possible. Berlusconi was bored at the time. If his days are always so full, he misses football since Milan was sold. The former prime minister then decided to buy the club from Monza, a town 7.4 kilometers from his villa in San Martino d’Arcore. It is even said that through one window he could see the stadium lights. “When I told him the club was on sale, he told me to look for it,” Galliani said in 2018. in September. The case with Berlusconi was quickly resolved. Its main holding company Fininvest is financing the acquisition for LTL 2.9 million. and completes the transaction. It was a huge happiness for the whole city, in 2020. said Filippo Antonelli, sports director at Monza, in July. After a few difficult years, there was such an opportunity to build a very high-level team. definitely a very nice thing for this club and its tifosi. Accustomed to glitter and cuts with big ears, the Berlusconi-Galliani duo quickly imposed their own style, without their practical experience. Next season, Monza beat its competitors by 16 points. But the hardest part begins. Boateng and Balotelli, flop “Our goal remains to rise to Serie A,” warns Adriano Galliani quickly. To achieve this, the general manager of the Lombard Club is actively involved in the transition window with a much larger budget than other clubs in the second division. So he spends about twenty million euros to strengthen the team, which is being coached by Christian Brocchi, a former midfielder from AC Milan and a real foal of Berlusconi, who in 2016. in April, he did not hesitate to put him on the bench. Great success … Among the thirty newcomers in 2020. in the summer there is an impression: Kevin-Prince Boateng. A midfielder released by Fiorentina registers for a season-extended season. In other words, a huge blow to the category. Brocchi, he knows his back to the wall after this summer’s campaign. It will be a lift or a door. This is when the owner is called Silvio Berlusconi. Especially since next winter, with some big fanfare, some Mario Balotelli arrived. “This is your last chance,” says Adriano Galliani, one of the leaders who has reached the Italian national team the most. At the end of the checkered season, Monza ranks third and misses direct access to Serie A. have the last chance to get into the playoffs. Along the way, he has a bilateral semi-final against Cittadella, the team that is reaching him. However, the first round did not go as planned, beating the slap (3: 0), which made Brocchi sway for the first time. When he returned, his team won, but not enough (2: 0) to reach the finals. The sentence comes a few days after his acquittal is formalized. Balotelli leaves the club after half a season and 6 goals in 14 matches. The same goes for Boateng, who decides to return to the Bundesliga by joining Hertha in Berlin. Giovanni Stroppa, a former AC Milan player, was planted on the bench. Berlusconi attends daily After a transition window without much madness, this time the Monza season started poorly. The counter shows nine points in seven days. Leader Pisa has as many as ten ahead. Despite a slight recovery, Tifosi ran for Stroppa’s head last February after losing against Lecce. In vain. Managers still trust him and he has no plans to resign. The choice that turns out to be right. After that, the badminton grabs and manages to rise in the rankings, despite the setbacks here and there. After winning Benevento (3: 0) last weekend, Monza even found himself in an unexpected position one day from the end: second with fate in his hands. In the event of victory, the climb will be officially confirmed in Perugia on Friday. And the dream will come true. Berlusconi, despite some health problems, is still following his team closely. At the age of 85, he even went to the Stadio Brianteo (now the U-Power Stadium) after a two-year break for a match against SPAL, and did so again against Pisa last February (1-2). Next to him stood fifty-three years younger than his comrade Marta Fascina, who even kissed Mattia Valoti at the opening of the score, to the delight of the transalpine media. Don’t believe Berlusconi is just there to help. Money tells us at Brianza Club. He makes daily calls, videos and even speeches in the locker room. When he can’t, Galliani takes over the message. Adriano knows perfectly well how to win, and he’s involved everywhere in a club he knows as his five fingers. Indeed, the tireless leader, born in Monza, had already held the position of vice president in the first half of the 1980s. Before beginning its history in 1986. fighting AC Milan, whose one of the most loyal typhos he still has, to San Siro every meeting. What if they both face Serie A next season? “I dream of this match, he admitted in mid-March. The heart will be split in two, but it would be amazing. 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