Simeone or nasty taste

No club has experienced such a change for ten years. Madrid’s Atlético has changed the social class from paria to frame. But even with a Real rival, a fresh Spanish champion and a Champions League finalist, his coach always defends the same story and the same football. A nasty, new weapon to shock the bourgeoisie? 2022-05-08 9 p.m. Broadcast of the Spanish championship via “It’s an old cliché about power.” Bodies are used for this. Look at Obama’s photos on his election day. He is agile, walking in the air, the flow is full. Look at it after four years at the wheel and worse – if you’re looking for excitement – after eight years, your face changes completely. Wrinkles appeared, and the physique of the U.S. president’s basketball player became a bridge player. Do the same with Macron. Just five years spent on the front line, his cheeks suddenly fall off. The territory of the front continues practically without resistance. Controlling your hair. This is a lesson from Julius Caesar: laurel wreaths are especially practical to hide the devastation of baldness. With Cholo Simeone, it’s the other way around. The more he suffers, the more his hair grows. Let’s take it on the day of its delivery, 2011. on December 28, his head is so tanned that he has been useless for a long time. 2004 clubs. After seven years, more exhausted, more pronounced, sunken into the holes in his eyes, doggy nostrils, his mouth ready to bite his ankle, he definitely has a face to play a masterpiece. Yes, yes, he was the one who played Salvator in the Argentine version of Jean-Jacques Annaud’s “The Name of the Rose” or Jean Valjean in The Poor. Victor Hugo also describes very well the special attraction of ugliness when it comes to faith and authenticity: “A vocation is quite willing to be inversely proportional to beauty. Translation: we more easily expect the ugly (supposedly they are more authentic), we prefer to beware of fashion plates (too superficial). Such is the paradoxical charm of Cholo Implants without barriers Therefore, the transplant of cholism is perfectly involved in the Atlético club in Madrid, which is strict against evil, has a worker mentality, a strong physique but resilient. It must be said that Atlético has long built its history in the complete opposite of a large megalomaniacal neighbor, one who spends on luxury, believes himself to be the king of the world and has ruled Spain for at least 70 years. A few kilometers from Santiago-Bernabéu, Vicente-Calderón, his chronic illness, the highway under the grandstands, the general discomfort, all reminded him – as if to stand out better – of the Santiago-Bernabeu, declared his occupying “mejor estadio”. for the world ‘. After all, it was necessary to prove that Bourdieu was right. The taste of one is first and foremost a set of “dislike other flavors”. To love the ugly, to defend like the dead of hunger, to seek respect for the ankle, to wave the middle fingers to the powerful who dare to challenge your (bad) lawn, any match without following the line of men and rules. indeed a conception of the world characterized by the prestige of demolition and the lyricism of historical battles. But the paradox is that the story is so consistent that in a few years, with impressive results, Atlético has become a pleasant competitor to the patent. all Champions League passes. 2014 In the middle of Neptune Square, at the official Colchoneras party venue (200 meters from Cibeles, a merengue theme park), El Cholo celebrated the first La Liga title in 18 years for El Pupas (literally “the one with ulcers”), revealing the secret of production. Sitting on the podium, he offers the assembled Colchonera the title of a father who uses a miraculous kiss to soothe a wound: “I will tell you one thing. It’s not just the La Liga title, guys, it’s not just the championship, the girls. What these boys pass on to you is much more important. If you believe and work, then anything is possible. And so came todos! Nothing like victory for people to forget the suffering that gave birth to it. Such is the poetic fate of Simeon’s Atlético. The weapon of the abominable man, but he was overthrown seven years later. The hair grew back. The face softened, the suits tightened, and the wounds disappeared. Today, Wanda Metropolitano is waiting for a team whose plastic value is much more attractive than in 2014: Godín, Miranda, Juanfran, Arda Turan, she is still much less sexy (don’t be offended) than João Felix, Angel Correa, Alonso. , Carrasco, Griezmann. Even El Cholo never had as much hair as he does today. And, miraculously, Atlético may have had the worst defense in ten years (41 goals missed), and their history has remained unchanged. With variation. Disgusting play is no longer a sporting necessity. And for good reason. The club’s budget has grown from € 129 million in 2011. to around € 400 million from 2019. What was a material constraint caused by the history of the balance of power between the clubs became a paradoxical philosophical choice: to play ugly in order to remain true to oneself. . Are you risking disliking new fans? Maybe yes. Slightly similar to a vomit-colored T-shirt, silicone pizza neckties or slippers, Simeone’s Atlético application, distancing itself from any aesthetic, is charming. “The key is to win,” he reiterated after losing in the C1 quarterfinals against City de Guardiola. No matter how. “Let’s explain one thing. The ugliness of Atlético is not a simple aesthetic position. No, the ugly Atlético goes beyond tastes or colors. It is a philosophical “disgusting” that draws attention to style or form, remembering the main goal of the competition – to win. Inevitably, from the lips of the former poor, it puts ideas in place for the gentrified fan. After all, Pep Guardiola, the most famous balding on the sidelines, has the same obsession as the feathered leader of the down tribe: the suffering of the fall.Thibaud Leplat.

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