Acquisition in Kante – a bad idea for Manchester United?

Reports appeared on Saturday night that new Manchester United boss Eric Eric Hague would like to sign a contract with N’Golo Kant, Champions League winner Chelsea and 2018. World Cup winner with France. Being 31 years old and a year before the current contract expires, it could become another costly mistake for United in the transition market. Rumor has it that Eric there The Hague prefers to buy N’Golo Kant from Chelsea – a good player but representative of another game of chance. United has failed to acquire players over the age of 30. Edinson Cavani gave the club a good half of the season until he was disappointed and could not properly affect the game. Bastian Schweinsteiger arrived, quickly showing why he is better suited for MLS life in Chicago. Nemanja Matic seems to like it, but he doesn’t offer anything on the pitch. Alexis Sanchez was a complete disaster. Of course, we can make an exception for the exceptional Cristiano Ronaldo. But most of the time, players come to United and then start or continue the decline. It’s not an unusual occurrence for the club, but under Alex Ferguson, he was mostly right. Robin van Persie’s latest blow secured the Premier League victory and the resignation of new coach Laurent Blanc, but he won the title and Teddy Sheringham helped bring the striker to a triple. When all goes well, the mind can overcome body tension and a new frame can provide freshness, but a declining hip can exacerbate those who are already physically tired and painful. The bet on the new United manager is whether he believes he can not only halt the club’s decline, but also improve the atmosphere to a level that will give Kante a few more years of enthusiasm. After all, it’s unclear if Kant is keen to stay at Stamford Bridge. Also read: Iké Ugbo, the new Ligue 1 sensation in Kant, needs United? Kant remains the undisputed starter under Thomas Tuchel, but there are rumors that he may be sacrificed to carry out the reconstruction. It makes sense to put it on a hot seat. He has one year left under his current contract, and the club is not yet able to offer him any new terms due to restrictions on Roman Abramovich’s property. This issue may soon be resolved, but the current policy is to offer players over the age of 30 for only one year. All in all, it makes sense to guard against costly and aging mistakes, but Kant is an amazing player. In fact, he may still be determined to live in London, as Julien Pereira of Eurosport France said: “RMC said it had refused to move to PSG this summer. Assuming Kant remains eligible for United, his position is clear. Matic was brought on by José Mourinho as a reserve bench, and Fred was used by the Portuguese and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to sit deep until Ralf Rangnick allowed him to appear closer to the goal. Scott McTominay is improving with each season, but few expect him to become an important part of the world champion team. There is a great need for a destructive player who could also move the ball quickly. Kant does both of these things. With Paul Pogba leaving, he lacks experience in midfield. Juan Mata, Jesse Lingard and Cavani will also take part in the start. But Pereira hints at the beginning of a potential problem: appropriateness. “In Blues, he’s still important to Didier Deschamps, even though he’s missed a lot of matches in recent months,” he wrote. “[Le milieu de terrain de Monaco, Aurélien] Tchouameni, who replaced him, was impressive and is currently the best French midfielder. Finally, The Hague may think it is worth the risk. There are a lot of experienced players leaving the club this summer, there is a lack of players who know what it takes to win. Premier League, Champions League and World Cup – Kant knew them all and helped them win each one. He played for limited opportunities in Leicester with Chelsea resources and provided substantial support to the French national team during 2018. world championship. If Chelsea is willing to let him go for a relatively low price, it can be hard to tell. 150 million £ 1 is the cap on United’s transition budget. Yes, it’s a gamble, but when United drowns so low, they have no choice but to expect one of them to turn in their favor. Nicolas Depres
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