Serie A (Day 22): Napoli Fall Out After Derby and Finishes Juventus in Milan

Maintenance was a major challenge on Italy’s last day of Serie A, with championship titles and European places already handed out this weekend. This season, the last three places on the standings are synonymous with downhill, and Lazio and Hellas Verona should have been determined to lead to Serie B. Three landings is one of the equivalents of the transition to professionalism in Serie A. next season. The first division will be reduced to ten teams for the elite, which will be tightened as a result, and so far Serie A has made up twelve teams. => Italy: Women’s Serie A from July 1st. will become a professional, like Lazio and Verona, Napoli quickly moved to the red zone, and has not been able to break out since the autumn. But on the eve of that last day, Napoli had its fate. The victory in the Campania derby against Pomigliano on Saturday secured the Neapolitans. Any other result would result in Napoli falling out. Napoli stopped halfway through maintenance. At the end of the first half, it seemed that a step had been taken in this direction, with Napoli leading after a corner kick by Slovenian defender Lana Golob (28th). But the enterprising Pomigliano has to wait hours in the game to flesh out his options. Tori Dellaperuta equalized for his team (61st) after Marija Banušičius deflected the ball. The Swedish striker then arranges for an advantage to be given to Pomigliano and Banusici a double (65 and 70), which undoubtedly reverses the course of the match. With this victory (1-3), the Pomigliano secures its survival, and before this weekend it was the last team still in danger. In the same position, Fiorentina confirmed its maintenance last week by winning the Pomigliano lawn (0: 1). Sarah Huchet’s team ended the season with a big win (6: 0) in another match – Tuscany’s match with Empoli. Valentina Giacinti and Daniela Sabatino scored two goals during the match and helped Sabatino finish 15th on the performance chart with 15 goals. There were also local rivals on the Rome side of the weekend, with Rome (0-3) lucky in Lazio Square on Saturday to take second place at the Louve club. Roma took just 38 seconds to score when Milica Mijatovic scored, then gradually widened the gap between Valeria Pirone (28) and Sophie Haug (65). By the time they meet in the final, Turin has already won the season at AC Milan (1-2), having secured the title of champion at the top of the Juventus standings. The two teams have found themselves in Serie A after the Italian Cup semi-finals in recent weeks, with Juve dominating after plenty of goals (11: 4 in all two matches). French midfielder Annahita Zamanian, who is scheduled for the match, opened the Bianconere (30th) goal. His shot comes in from the right hand side but Laura Giulani managed to save it with an unbelievable reaction stop. After returning from the locker room, Juventus doubled the lead, and at the end Sofie Junge Pedersen – Andrea Staskova (50) played the ball perfectly. Milan will reduce the gap in extra time for Céleste Boureille (90 + 2), too late to hang the score in this section. In terms of accounting, the fate of both teams was fixed, with Juventus at the top and Milan at the top of the podium. Bianconere now have another goal in the Italian Cup final against Rome. The summit of the first two teams of this season’s Serie A will take place on May 22 in Ferrara. Victory won At the top of the table, the positions remained unchanged at the end of this last day. And this is especially true of Sassuolo’s (4th) victory (2-1) against Milan’s Inter (5th). A positive note from Sassuolo, who was aggravated by injuries in the second half of the season. Among his sometimes missed players, Haley Bugeja entered the second half and scored the second goal for Sassuolo (54th). Falling off the podium, Sassuolo bounced off and ended his season, which ended between two Milan clubs, Inter (5th place) and AC Milan (3). Photo: AC Milan Serie A 2021/2022 – Day 22 Lazio – AS Roma Results: 0: 3 AC Milan – Turin Juventus: 1: 2 Napoli – Pomigliano: 1: 3 Fiorentina – Empoli: 6: 0 Sampdoria Hellas Verona: 3-1 Sassuolo – Milan Inter: 2-1 => You can find the Serie A rating on our Italian page. Serie A Championship – Season Summary Italian Champion: Turin Juventus (Title 4) Qualified for the Champions League: Turin Juventus and AS Roma relegated to Serie B: Hellas Verona, Lazio, Napoli Has risen to Serie A: [en cours]

Most productive player: Daniela Sabatino (Fiorentina), 15 goals.

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