Rodrygo, Madrid realist

Rodrygo, a detonator of the new Real Madrid and Manchester City results, sowed discord in the minds of his rivals and turned the match into an overtime. A luxurious Real joker, a Brazilian at the age of 21, proves he deserves his place in a club accustomed to raising mountains in Europe. In “58 Minutes to Live,” Bruce Willis plays Constable John McLane, a police officer who was assigned to Los Angeles but returned to New York while his wife’s plane landed at Washington International Airport. Dulles to spend a vacation with the family of his beloved. Unfortunately, for a cop, things go awry, and McLane has to use his muscles and head to knock down an armed mercenary team. Madrid’s Rodrygo Silva de Goesas, known as Rodrygo, was only 28 minutes into the game. , it’s time to score a decisive double so you can move on to an overtime and get … 30 extra minutes to finish working with your teammates. Die Hard was therefore the fate of the Spanish capital, Manchester City. Factor X This Wednesday, at the Real Stadium in Santiago-Bernabéu, Real seemed to have waited a long time to see the opponent break down under pressure. But the longer the minutes went on, the more Carlo Ancelotti felt the tide turn. So? So Don Karl pulled his first property out of the cuffs of his suit. Toni Kroos, under-influenced in the middle square, logically gave way to Rodry, allowing Federico Valverde to find a place in the middle, thus allowing Brazil to move its presence into the zone of truth. If that wasn’t initially felt with Mancunian bouncing five minutes after the game, Rodrygo performed Karim Benzema’s right hand and equalized the score against Ederson (90, 1-0), then he used his 174 inches. A great pass from Dani Carvajalio (and a small pass from Marco Asensio) sent the ball into the opponent’s cage for the second time in less than two minutes (90 + 1, 2-0). Incredible, incredible, unimaginable, surreal … But so is Real Madrid. A hero had to be assigned to this new breathtaking scenario. And if Benzema scored a decisive goal for Real to reach the finals during the overtime, Rodry clearly played the role of an X factor in this encounter with the fantastic scenario. At the start of the second quarter, Vinicius Junior was able to take on the role, but his recovery after Carvajalo Center (46th) was not as effective as his assistant Auriverde during the break. In Brazil, Rodry is not doing well. I don’t like the same star as Vinicius, but his ability to score decisive goals at the most important moments is starting to feel like Madrid. In the second match against Chelsea (2: 3), the forward striker has already sent Luka Modrić’s outfield to Edouardo Mendy’s goal to save Los Blancos from a bad game and offer his team the first extension in 2021. In the Champions League campaign. 2022 Last weekend against Espanyol (4: 0), Rodrygo also scored the first two goals for Real, ready to celebrate the league’s thirty-fifth title in Spanish history. Finally, Rodry is a great symbol of the DNA of this Real Madrid. A fusion where football is no longer a game but simply a matter of victory. And live, of course, towards infinity and Carlo from there. Antoine’s Donnarieix

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