PSG: And the three-way defense (finally) arrived

The score of 3-4-3, demanded by many observers for a long time, is finally taking hold in Paris, when it was no longer to be expected, at the end of this long season. Who knows how to wait, everything comes at the right time … If he has long resisted, Mauricio Pochettino has finally made his score 3-4-3, which many asked for at the start of the season. Slightly to their surprise, the Argentine coach actually removed this card from his game in Angers (0-3) on April 20th. “We have used this system with Danilo Pereira since the start of the championship, who slipped between defenders,” he corrected after the meeting, justifying his choice under certain “circumstances”, including Mauro Icardi’s injury during the warm-up. However, he refused to confirm that he envisioned this famous scheme as the future of PSG. However, it was with this in mind that Red and Blue started the match with Lens (1-1) and Strasbourg (3-3). And they’ll probably start again this Sunday before Troyes on behalf of the 36th day of the French Championship. Even if Poche wanted to be mysterious on Saturday. “We can change tomorrow (smiles),” he said before pointing out the substance of the change. “It simply came to our notice then. We had a hard time finding the time to make these changes early in the season. But it’s good that we have a few strings near us, “explained the 50-year-old Argentine technician, who is also not on the list of potential winners for the title of the best Ligue 1 coach. Also read Mercato: Mbappé towards the extension. ? “No agreement with PSG,” the player’s mother said, saying “sooner in the beginning.” It must be said that if he led the Saint-Germain of Paris to the tenth title of French champion, Pochettino never really took control. 2021-22 during the promotion. He often seemed to take waves instead of riding them. “We are here to develop PSG ideas, not to develop our defined ideas,” he told L’Équipe in November, just over a year after his appointment in 2021. in the beginning as the successor of Thomas Tuchel. It is a system that requires work and time. set as well as discipline, like every gaming system you can work with. “It’s a good time to try different things and see how you feel,” the former Tottenham coach explained at the press conference on Saturday, refusing to evaluate the experiment for the first time. “I cannot say that I am happy or disappointed. At the moment, it is only an alternative and I think it has been good so far, ”he notes. I think this puts some players in the best conditions for Kylian Mbappé in a 3-4-3 Stupid Math balance? Two draws and victory. It is therefore not very convincing. Other than that, 3-4-3 is still interesting in many ways, as Kylian Mbappé analyzed after receiving the champion trophies against Lens. His fifth personal status is four with the colors of Paris and one with the colors of AS Monaco. “It’s a matter of organization, and more of a coaching topic. I, I adapt to all models, I can play with any model, ”said he, who has been developing in this organization on the French team since last summer in Europe. “I think this creates the best conditions for some players, but it’s a matter for the coach.” In this case, the Bondy rift, whose future is currently the biggest concern in Paris, probably thinks first of his brilliant buddies, Achraf Hakimi, and Nuno Mendes, who are clearly designed to do so. In a row of four behind them, they are cramped, underutilized. And the middle defenders? If he has shown signs of a fever in recent weeks, Marquinhos, in particular, remains caught up after being relegated to the Champions League playoffs against Real, who returned to Madrid for perhaps the worst match of his career (3-1). Presnel Kimpembe has no particular concern, even if we saw him lining up in Strasbourg. The issue of adjustment. After that, 26-year-old titi caught up. Ramos finally meet Sergio Ramos, he gains momentum, whether he plays in defense with three or four. Already playing … Finally, the 36-year-old Spanish rock can continue. Here he is now freed from repetitive physical ailments. Undoubtedly, his prolonged absence led Mauricio Pochettino to reject the 3-4-3 hypothesis for a long time … “The system will be chosen by the coach according to his wishes, but also from the rival team. I am ready to adapt. At the end of last season, we played three times behind Real Madrid. It was also sometimes done in the selection. I have the ability to adapt to all game models, “said the player of the Spanish national team at the beginning of the season. We saw it on his last trips. Late to the taste of those who have been whistling him at the Parc des Princes lately … Also read Le Graët about Zidane’s hypothesis in front of the Blues: “Maybe he’ll take the PSG.” still playing for four or five years at the highest level until he experiences another experience. I have a two-year contract in Paris. We’ll try three, and then we’ll see, “he recently posted on Amazon Prime Video. See if Paris executives hear that they trust his physique enough to imagine him going for a ride. Option 3-4-3 would definitely appeal to a coach who will lead early next season, whether it’s Mauricio Pochettino kitas or another. What else could be called Zinedine Zidane? This is a priori the number one goal for Qatari decision makers. “It simply came to our notice then. You have to be free for the French team, ”said Noël Le Graët, President of the French Football Federation (FFF), in an interview with our L’Équipe teammates. We must remain professionals at Mauricio Pochettino. PSG, meanwhile, intends to make the best possible end to the season. The season, which seems endless from relegation to C1 … “Yesterday (Friday) we all had a good time grilling shashlik, it was a fantastic day, good to have a very good time together. “Camp des Loges is a real family,” says Poche. And add: “We have to stay professional and prepare for the match with Troyes, to show up in the best light. We also have to end with a good feeling because it is our duty to prepare players for international matches as best we can. All excuses apply to this penultimate match at the Parc des Princes.

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