PSG: Does this striker have the worst season of his career?

Despite winning the 10th French Championship title at Paris Saint-Germain, the club is far from reaching the best of Qatar’s season. Also, this is not well illustrated by the statistics of one of the club’s stars. © Paris Saint-Germain Twitter account PSG may be relieved. The White Season Capital Club managed to avoid it again. However, the team coached by Mauricio Pochettino has never been more criticized in France than in Europe. The coach himself finds himself in a difficult situation, given his results, which do not meet the expectations of either the fans or the leaders. His ousted future is still uncertain. At the end of the 34th Ligue 1 after the #PSGRCL, Paris Saint-Germain was crowned in 2021-2022. French champion. ??? # ??????????????????????????????????????????? ???? – 2022 Saint-Germain in Paris (@PSG_inside) April 23 Lionel Messi’s record This season, Saint-Germain in Paris has also lost the support of its fans, especially since the Champions League’s disappointment with Real Madrid (3: 1). The adventure of PSG Europe ended too quickly and very badly, which no one could have predicted. And all this despite star players like Donnarumma, Sergio Ramos or even Lionel Messi. The latter were the most anticipated among the workforce. Arriving from FC Barcelona and having good experience in Europe, much of Parisian hope lay on the shoulders of the Argentina-MNM trio, made up of Mbappé and Neymar Jr. In the first season of the all-new European club, Argentinian scored 9 goals in all matches in 31 matches and made 13 assists. This is his worst record for the 2007-2008 season (10 goals, no assists). He hasn’t even been nominated for Best of the Championship this season. ???? It’s time for the Parisians to warm up! #PSGRCL I @VisitQatar – Paris Saint-Germain (@PSG_inside) 2022 April 23 Too early to judge? His first spell at a Paris club is being considered Perhaps expectations were too high for Lionel Messi’s debut with PSG as soon as he was installed in Paris, all eagerly awaiting the four-time C1 winning star at work on the ground Lionel Messi had to wait until the first 2022. champions match. League to know his first start in the Paris T-shirt (before Bruges, 1: 1) He only had his official first place in Ligue 1 after 4 days. This meeting (against Lyon, 2: 1).? 68 ‘????? ??????? ????????????????????? #PSGRCL I 1-0 – Paris Saint-Germain (@PSG_inside)) 2022 April 23 When he came to the professional level of FC Barcelona (2004-2005), it took him a while to get used to it. standards and develop his game.In his first season at the Catalan club, he played only 7 matches (one goal), never scored. Messi confirms his rise to power next season with 17 games played (11 starts), scoring 6 goals and making 2 assists. At the same time, he knows his first coronation in the Champions League. Then his record in 2006-2007. increased to 14 goals. He surpassed the 20-goal cartel in the 2008-2009 season and the 30-goal cartel in the 2009-2010 season. and finally a cartel of 40 and 50 goals in 2011-2012. A little source of satisfaction This is the first time Lionel Messi has played so many matches with his new club in his first season. Already 13 successful passes have been recorded for the first time in PSG, it took 5 seasons to reach such statistics while debuting in Barca. Maybe we should give Lionel Messi time to play Paris Saint-Germain, as Barça did? And all with the hope that the club will shine on the European stage. But the 34-year-old Argentine won’t have to wait that long to live up to the expectations of his fans. Especially since his contract expires a year later (June 2023).

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