PSG. Antonio Conte, the ideal tactic for Paris Saint-Germain?

Just arrived, left soon? Antonio Conte led Tottenham to the Champions League qualifiers against Liverpool on Saturday (8:45 p.m.), but the Italian coach, with his only ambitions, could slip if Paris SG bets on it this summer. Too behind the league. Far behind Manchester City and Liverpool in a breathtaking duel for the title, the race between Arsenal and Tottenham for 4th place and her sesame for C1 are just as hesitant. At the moment, the advantage is given to the “canons”, who are two steps ahead of the match. The Spurs trip to Anfield does not bode well, but the “reds” should beware of the hosts who defeated the City in Manchester at the end of February (3: 2). In early November, Spurs managed to lure Conte under Manchester United’s nose and beard in just eighth place after five defeats in seven previous matches, but no decision had yet been made to dismiss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at the time. The Italian, who left Milan’s Inter last summer and won his first Italian league title in eleven years, changed teams in six months and revived the workforce, starting with Harry Kane, who appears to have made his unsuccessful summer move to Manchester City as if towing to the middle. – December. Words Sowing Doubt This trajectory was a bit flawed, and the Spurs survived a period of almost mechanical change from victory to defeat. At the end of February, after a failure (1-0) in the penultimate Burnley match, Conte even took a dramatic stand out when discussing his future. “I came to improve the situation at Tottenham, but maybe now, I don’t know, I’m not very lucky to get there,” he said, even seeming to be jeopardizing his future. It was enough for us to imagine this successor of short stays – he was only on the Juventus team for three years – shortening his time in London. The press alluded to interest and even ties to the SG of Paris, where Mauricio Pochettino, one of his predecessors in Tottenham, did not smell of holiness. Asked about this, Conte was happy to send contradictory signals. “I don’t like it when people try to come up with information just to talk, to create problems […]. The people involved do not have to create false news and tell a lot of lies, “he told a recent news conference. However, he had no plans to play with the Spurs any longer than this summer. “I want to fight for a lot more.” “We’ll be happy to talk to the club at the end of the season, so we can find the best solution for everyone,” he explained. “Honestly, I want to fight for more, you know? “I deserve to fight for trophies, to fight for something important, not just to finish in sixth, seventh or eighth, or, if we have a fantastic season, for fourth place,” he added. Do Spurs and their president, Daniel Levy, have a chance to compete next season with Manchester City or Liverpool, which seem to be developing in a different realm? Nothing is less certain. READ ALSO. Zidane’s PSG. Why is he stuck? Such a good choice for Paris? If he really hopes to kidnap Conte, PSG should in any case not expect a gift from Tottenham, which did not waver in a meeting with the City over Kane, despite € 150 million. Little known as violent, like PSG, is far from guaranteed. Even Thomas Tuchel, who still passes on a very demanding coach, never got what he wanted from PSG. Can you imagine Lionel Messi or Neymara benefiting from his daily double workouts, aggressive pressure, and continuous running? Conte seems to think he is ready, and the future will show if Paris can be a worthy destination for his trip. PSG. Antonio Conte, the ideal tactic for Paris Saint-Germain? Increase
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