Tottenham Arsenal Forecast: Premier League Match Analysis, Odds and Predictions

Tottenham – Arenal: North London forever Tottenham take on Arsenal in the late 22nd Premier League Day. This meeting was postponed due to cases of coronavirus infection in the armed forces. A few matches from the end, this derby promises to be crucial in the fight for the top 4, as 2 teams are awarded only 4 points, which is an advantage for Arsenal. The Spurs have no choice but to win this Thursday to keep their hopes of getting into the Top 4, which would allow them to compete in the next Champions League. This goal was made possible again after the arrival of Antonio Conte last November. However, the Italian coach went through hard times with the London club, but managed to stabilize it and restore confidence, like the duo Kane – Son, regaining its luster. Last weekend, the Spurs approached a perfect shot at Anfield Stadium. With a very simple game plan based on an enhanced defense system and quick counter-attacks, Tottenham have opened a goal in a very good trio between Sessegnon, Kane and Son against Liverpool. Conte’s defense sent a ball soaring up the middle on a beautiful counterattack with 77 minutes gone, but Conte’s finish was met by the reaching hands of the keeper. Tottenham have had a sensation at their stadium, having beaten Everton (5: 0), West Ham (3: 1) and Newcastle (5: 1) 3 times, but surprised Brighton (0: 1). At the last reception, the Spurs easily took over from Leicester (3-1). With Son (20 goals) and Kane (13 goals), Tottenham have two of the best in the Premier League. ► Instead of € 150, ParionsSport is offering € 200 ⇒ ⇒ Click HERE to take advantage ⇐ ⇐ On the contrary, the opportunity to play in the Champions League has given the Emirates a heart that has experienced a difficult past season marked by several disappointments. Every weekend, at a full stadium, Gunners fans believe in their team of young people from Saka, Martinelli or Odegaard. Arsenal, currently in 4th place, are just one point behind Chelsea, taking 3rd place and their big rival, Tottenham, 4 points behind. Last weekend, a more difficult-than-expected victory over Leeds (2-1) was echoed by a new chant by Arsenal supporters, “North London Forever”. Eddie Nketiah, who scored a two-goal goal, left the canons scared when they were superior from the 20th minute. The young English striker has scored 4 goals in the last 4 days and is now preferred by Arteta at the expense of the indecisive Lacazette. This Thursday, Arsenal are expected to face a risky Tottenham team that could favor counterattacks by Martinelli or Saka in the field. After receiving 4 victories in a row, the canonists can shoot down the result against the Tottenham team, which is far from normal. ► The Arsenal Victory or Draw bet is quoted at 1.61 ParionsSport En Ligne. € 150 only until 05/16 ► Take advantage of the € 200 offered by ParionsSport (limited time): – Register by clicking here until 16 May. – You are entitled to a first bet refunded € 200 free of charge. 1st € 200 bet on this bet to try to win € 322.- If your bet loses you will get € 200 free bets – You can use your € 200 to continue betting. ► The Nketiah or Saka scorer bet is quoted on the 2.05 PMU Sport, which offers you only the 1st € 100 cash refund for a few weeks ► Take advantage of the € 100 cash refund at PMU Sport: – Register by clicking here – You are eligible for the 1st bet refunded REAL € 100 Cash – Mi For example, place your first € 100 bet on this bet to try to win € 205 – If you lose, € 100 will be refunded in full in CASH – You can even withdraw your € 100 refund directly from your bank account► If you wish try other sports betting sites, you can bet on other sites in this Nantes Rennes: – 1st bet refunded € 100 with PMU Sport- EXCLUSIVE € 200 bonus with Unibet code “SOFOOT” – € 200 LIVE (Bet € 100 and bet € 300 €) with Winamax – 1st bet refunded € 100 with Betclic at the end of the match – € 100 LIVE (Bet € 100 and bet with € 200) with ZEbet until you enter the code “SOFOOT10” – HUGE AND EXCLUSIVE € 150 bonus + € 10 WITHOUT INDIAN with NetBet, including 1st bet refunded € 150 after entering code “SOFOOT10” – 1st bet refunded € 120 with Bwin- First bet refunded € 100 + € 50 ADDITIONAL with France Pari – DO NOT WANT € 250 Bonus with Barrière Bet – 1 Bet € 150 Refunded with Betway – Your First Bet € 100 Refunded with PokerStars Sports These predictions are for information only. You will not be able to take responsibility for the results of the match. Fighters may change before the start of the match. “The game involves risk: indebtedness, addiction … Call 09 74 75 13 13 (call at no extra charge). »Find detailed predictions on Nantes Rennes with odds, statistics and player predictions RueDesJoueurs!

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