Arsenal Leeds Prediction: Analysis of Premier League matches, odds and predictions

Arsenal continue to fight against Leeds The Premier League is offering us fights at all levels, from the title to the European seats, but also to the relegation – no one decides. Arsenal are well on their way to finishing in the Champions League with 2 units ahead of Tottenham. This weekend could be fatal for the canons as the Spurs travel to Liverpool. Behind Arteta’s men will move to Tottenham. Beaten three times in a row, Crystal Palace, Brighton and Southampton’s Arsenal recovered where they did not expect on Chelsea’s lawn on 20 April. In fact, the London club have made a great performance against the Blues (4-2) inspired by Nketiah. Along the way, the canonists teamed up with Manchester United (3-1) for a great Xhaka achievement and a new goal for Saka, very fit. Last weekend, Ramsdale’s partners faced another direct rival, West Ham. In a meeting that was far from reaching the game’s heights, Arsenal were able to withdraw from the game and win the best West Ham (1-2) thanks to Holding and Gabriel. € 150) ⇒ ⇒ Click HERE to take advantage of this. ⇐ ⇐ In contrast, Leeds was one of the nicest teams to return to the Premier League last season. The Peacocks train very differently, as after 34 days they only have 2 points ahead of Everton, who have to play late. Forced to dismiss Marcelo Bielsa because of the hardships his club faced, the owner chose Jesse Marsch, who was disappointed in Leipzig. The American with Leeds started out interestingly as his team spent 5 days very well without the slightest defeat. Peacocks, on the other hand, logically landed in Manchester City last weekend (0-4). The good news for the North of England club is that they have almost completely recovered, as it is not just Bamford and Roberts. Again, with complete confidence, Arsenal should secure a 4th place finish before heading to Tottenham, winning the Leeds team, which is far from being saved. ► The Victoire Arsenal bet is quoted at 1.44 Unibet, which offers € 200 EXCLUSIVE instead of € 150. code “SOFOOT” ► Take advantage of the EXCLUSIVE € 200 bonus at Unibet: – Sign up with code “SOFOOT” – You will receive a € 200 bonus instead of the usual € 150 – Bet, for example, your first bet of € 150 on this bet to try to win € 216 – If your bet loses, you get a € 200 refund instead of € 150, NOT included with SoFoot- And yes, you bet € 150 and you get a refund of € 200! ► A Nketiah or Saka scorer bet is quoted 1.52 from Unibet, which offers you get € 200 EXCLUSIVE instead of € 150 with the code “SOFOOT” ► Enjoy the EXCLUSIVE € 200 bonus Unibet: – Sign up with the code “SOFOOT” – You get a € 200 bonus instead of the usual € 150 – Bet like your € 1,150 bet for this bet to try to win € 228 – If you lose your bet you will get a refund of € 200 instead of € 150 EXCEPT with SoFoot- And yes, you bet € 150 and you get a refund of € 200 ► If you want to try other sports betting sites, 11 other sites allow you to build for this Arsenal Leeds: – 1st bet refunded € 100 with PMU Sport; € 200 DIRECT (deposit € 100 and bet with € 300) with Winamax – 1st bet refunded € 200 instead of € 150 with ParionsSport En Ligne – 1st bet refunded € 100 with Betclic at the end of the match – € 100 DIRECTLY NOT INCLUDED (€ 100 deposit and bet with € 200) using ZEbet before entering code “SOFOOT10” – HUGE and EXCLUSIVE € 150 + € 10 bonus with NetBet, including 1st bet refunded € 100 after entering code “SOFOOT10” – 1st bet , € 120 refunded with Bwin- First bet refunded € 100 + € 50 MORE with France Pari – UNBEATHER € 250 bonus with Barrière Bet – 1 bet refunded € 150 with Betway – 1st bet refunded € 100 with PokerStars SportsThis forecast is only available information. You will not be able to take responsibility for the results of the match. Fighters may change before the start of the match. “The game involves risk: debt, addiction … Call 09 74 75 13 13 (free call)” Find a detailed Arsenal Leeds prediction with odds comparators, stats and player predictions for RueDesJoueurs!

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