Primera Iberdrola (Day 29): Europe to be played in Madrid, end of match due to maintenance

The season in Spain is coming to an end, and the penultimate day has been decided by Eibar, with the second team (after Rayo Vallecano) relegated to the second division (Reto Iberdrola). FC Barcelona have already secured the title of champion, and the race for the European qualifiers now remains, with Atlético and Real Madrid taking third place … By the twenty-ninth day, the third team could expect to finish the season in third. podium step. It was Granadilla’s Tenerife, a little off the hook after losing to Bilbao’s Athletic last weekend. Everything was still possible, as the Real Sociedad had to win at the Canary Islands on Sunday. Granadilla to remain on the podium Second in the preliminary standings, Real Sociedad have already confirmed their qualification for the Champions League, but it is not yet certain that they will finish the season in second place with a more favorable European qualification. As a result, a match was played on the Palmeros lawn with the Granadilla team, which opened the goals from their midfielder Cristina Martin-Prieto (2nd place) from the start. However, Real Sociedad were able to return to the result before the break, when Mirari Uria is perfectly served after Amaiuro Sarriegi (41st) pass. In the second half, both teams are approaching new goals. Real Sociedad hit the crossbar twice in the same action from a corner (65). Granadilai’s resentment should have been stubborn, and Cristina Martin-Prieto thought he gave his team an advantage at the end of the match. The ball, taken from a corner and appears to have completely crossed the line, was repelled by Nuria Rabano (85). The goal is not valid and after a few minutes the game ends in a draw (1-1). These draws take away Tenerife’s last chance to play with Europe – Madrid’s Atlético (3rd place) has dropped to five points. On the Real Sociedad side, the result secures second place for Natalia Arroyo, the vice-champion behind FC Barcelona. Madrid or Madrid When Granadilla is no longer in the race, only Atlético and Real Madrid are in third place (4th). Atlético is currently in a good position with a victory over Eibar (3-1). In the first half, the Madriders led the way with Thembi Real Estate (27th), and when they returned from the locker room they confirmed Maitane Lopez (53rd) and Laia Aleixandri (57), the latter being one of the players leaving at the end of the season. If Racheal Kundananji found his way to the gates of Eibar again (72), then this defeat in Madrid means that the Basque club can no longer escape the descent, finally falling behind at the bottom of the table. The teams that beat Ekibar also scored this weekend, with Villarreal in Betis Sevilla (victory 2-0) and Valencia vs. Real Madrid (0-0). The race for survival is also meeting for European seats, as this point in Valencia is sure to keep it going, with Real losing to Atlético and two points behind their rivals in Madrid. In Kosovo, Asllani’s teammates hit the frame three times, but never managed to shake Enitho Salon’s net. The final against Barca was scored by two points at worst, even though Atlético was far from securing its European qualification. On the last day, the Colchoneras will move on the lawn of the already champion FC Barcelona and will compete in the race without a loss or draw. Twenty-nine matches and the same number of victories were won by Barca, which is also preparing for the European final with the Olympique in Lyon on 21 May. The pace of dandruff is still impressive, although they came twice behind this week. First in the late match, Thursday against Sevilla FC (5: 1 victory) and this Sunday on Rayo Vallecano’s lawn (1: 6 victory). Good luck, even if against Rayo Barcelona also played most of the match with ten, after Ingrid Engen (10) was eliminated in the same move, but also Catalan coach Jonathan Giraldez! Rayo then opened the goal after a penalty from Paula Fernandez (12th place) and later made an inevitable comeback from Barça, especially with Aita’s Bonmati (21, 45 and 82) hat-trick. Can Atlético do the feat against FC Barcelona next weekend and retain its third place? We remind you that the Madrid club is the last Spanish team to beat Barsa in the match. It was 2021. June 1 Photo: Alvaro Campo / Madrid Atlético Primera Iberdrola 2021/2022 – 29 match results Deportivo Alavés – Athletic Bilbao: 1: 3 Sevilla FC – Sporting Club de Huelva: 3: 1 Madrid Atlético – SDbar: 3: 1 UD Tenerife Granadilla – Real Sociedad: 1: 1 Valencia CF – Real Madrid: 0: 0 Villarreal CF – Betis Sevilla: 2: 0 Madrid CFF – Levante UD: 1: 3 Rayo Vallecano – FC Barcelona: 1: 6 => Primera Iberdrola’s classification can be found on our Spanish Championship page

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