Tottenham – Arsenal live: canonists hard, Kane invincible

21: 3245 ‘+ 2 Quarter! Tottenham cut two goals against the canonists during the break to ten! Despite a good start, Arsenal threw a dubious penalty, realized by Kane, the double-cornered author. The holding, meanwhile, was wound up. The Spurs have now returned to their rival tonight. 21: 3045 ‘2 minutes extra time Arsenal manages to leave and be dangerous again for a few minutes. 21: 3045 ‘Odegaard misses a great opportunity The Norwegian national team player is still full. the axis is directed back close to the surface. His shot is completely crushed and selected by Lloris. 21: 2943 Lloris is flying away! Arsenal is finally responding. On the left side of the surface, Nketija tries to turn from the opposite sunroof on the right. Lloris taps perfectly to deviate to the corner. It doesn’t work. 21: 2842 ‘Emerson’s Arsenal defense is not working. Crossing from the left, the ball reaches Emerson, lonely at the far spindle. The piston picks up his left leg and sends the recovery straight to the podium 21: 2640 Odegaard on the ground The Gunners midfielder remains on the ground after involuntary contact with the midfielder. He doesn’t get a foul. 21:25 39 ‘Spurs are close to Tottenham in fourth place, with only two matches left for each team so far. 21: 2237 ‘DOUBLE FROM KANE !!! Tottenham widens the gap! Bentancuras takes the corner to the right, but the ball goes wide. free kick to Sessegnon on the left side of the field. Who did not hit the ball with one touch during his cross test. 21: 1733 ‘HOLDING REMOVED! Second Yellow Card for Holding! Already warned, the Holding is defending an elbow forward to Son, who was sunk and remains on the ground. Arsenal will continue for a decade! The Spurs pressed hard for a few minutes. The striker from the Spurs, the most successful in the history of the North London derby (13 goals), becomes the second man to cross the 40 goals in the London derby after Thierry Henry (43 goals). Great job from Kane. on the axis the ball returns to Emerson on the right. His powerful shot exceeds 21: 1227 Yellow card for HoldingNew Holding foul against Son. The Gunners defender does not escape warning this time. Odegaard recovers but can’t keep up and the French goalkeeper catches up well. advanced to the next Champions League. The English striker takes Ramsdale on the wrong foot and finds a small right net. 21: 0621 ‘PENALTY FOR TOTTENHAM! Cédricas is penalized for a foul Son! head in his field to prevent a dangerous transmission of Sessegnon. Spaces open for both teams 21: 0318 ‘Odegaard unsuccessfulThe middle striker from Norway takes a free kick on the right. He finds only the opponent’s head at a close crossbar. Great penalty kick for the canons. Davies intervenes just in front of Odegaard, in an ideal location. Arsenal hit a total of 2 shots, 1 of them on target. 20: 5712 ‘Son-Holding, Action II Two men find themselves on the ground again and warm up. The judge quickly calms everything down. This derby has started well! 20: 5611 ‘The bad gesture of HoldingSon remains on the ground after the Holding’s foul, and he falls to his back. 20: 5510 ‘Derby takes away, Tottenham shows the tip of his nose 20: 549′ Saka loses support, especially for the Son. Opponents’ defenses are recovering. high and directs opponents to the corner when they lose the ball. Tottenham is trying to get out clean. The two men are fighting, but they calm down quickly. 20: 494 Lloris is awake. His counterattack doesn’t surprise Lloris, who is lying well. 20: 483 Gunners’ foot on the ball Spurs recovers the ball after a long second in the opponent’s control 20: 461 Martinelli’s first acceleration His cross finds just the opposite header in the box. 20: 451 “THIS IS BETWEEN TOTTENHAM AND THE ARSENAL! Gunners is starting this 191st derby in history! 19:52 GunnersRamsdale lineup – Cédric, Holding, Gabriel, Tomiyasu, Xha – Elkaene – Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli – Nketija Substitutes: Leno, Tavares Swanson, White, Lockonga, Patino, Smith Rowe, Pépé, Lacazette – Kane Deputies: Gollini, Rondon, Winks, White, Craig, Devine, Bergwijn, Lucas, Scarlett Who promises to be electric But tonight, two London football enemies are fighting for a ticket to Champions League >> As two teams have entered this boiling derby (5) and Arsenal (4), the two teams are awarded 4 points in the standings, and three matches after the end of the championship, the canonists can officially advance to the next Champions League if Tottenham Hotspur wins. stadium.
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