Premier League, J36: How to see Tottenham-Arsenal and Aston Villa-Liverpool?

The Premier League will soon announce its verdict and the title, which now looks promised for Manchester City, especially in the event of Liverpool failing Aston Villa. And most importantly, Arsenal could confirm their ticket to the next Champions League if they win against … Tottenham, a sworn enemy in a crazy North London derby. Surely when there is no Champions League, we can always count on the Premier League! Here’s an app so you don’t miss a thing. The fate of the Premier League will soon be sealed. Most teams have just three games left (only one for Manchester United, which is losing points and missing points), with Manchester City now scoring 3 points from Liverpool and 3rd and 4th place in the tournament. Champions League – London, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham are now 5 points behind. And it is Tottenham who will host Arsenal in the decisive match that will take place this Thursday, May 12, at 20:45 via RMC Sport. But the 36th Premier League Day kicks off before this North London match, which promises to be more intense than ever before. this Tuesday, May 10th, and as with Aston Villa-Liverpool! A decisive match in the title race and the Reds are now 3 points behind Manchester City after a draw with Tottenham last Saturday (1: 1). Although Kloppo players have not yet played in the FA Cup final (May 14) and the Champions League final (August 28), fatigue may be felt. Ironically, Liverpool are traveling to Birmingham at this important moment, where they will meet Aston Villa, a team coached by red legend Steven Gerrard. The meeting will take place at 9pm through RMC Sport. Manchester City closer to the title? So the next day, Manchester City will have the advantage of knowing the result of their only chaser and knowing what to do (win as usual) on Wolverhampton. Even if you need to guard the Wolves and their many talents. Is it possible to revive or destroy the tension? The RMC Sport 1 race will start at 21.15 and the RMC Sport 2 in Leeds-Chelsea will start at 20.30. The meeting is also very important, especially for the Peacocks, which are more at risk of falling out than ever before. Like Everton, which will play in the already-defunct Watford, and another team, which will also land in Norwich, will play in Leicester. 2 matches from 8:45 p.m. during RMC Sport Live 3 and RMC Sport Live 4. And then Thursday, the place for the derby … This Thursday, May 12, at 21:00 during RMC Sport, this is one of the busiest seasons to be played in the Premier League. Arsenal’s fourth with 66 points goes to Tottenham, which is 5th with 62 points 3 days after the end. A quick calculation and you’ll understand: in the event of a victory, the canonists would be guaranteed to finish in the big four and therefore play in the next Champions League. On the other hand, defeat and neighbor London would only drop to 1 low point. Therefore, it is a real small finale that will be disputed by two teams that sincerely hate each other. Great shock and definitely the break of the season … TV show of the 36th day of the Premier League May 20. 21:00: Aston Villa – Liverpool, live on RMC Sport Wednesday 1 May, 20:30: Leeds – Chelsea, live on RMC Sport 22:45: Watford – Everton live via RMC Sport Live 320: 45: Leicester – Norwich, live via RMC Sport Live 421: 15: Wolverhampton – Manchester City, live via RMC Sport 1 May. 12Tottenham – Arsenal, live via RMC Sport 1Sources: Premier League, RMC Sport
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