Chelsea – Liverpool live: draws don’t help anyone, City rubs their hands

Summary of the video of the year Pamper yourself, it’s a gift Manchester City agrees Manchester City has reached the top of the championship after yesterday’s victory over Arsenal. Chelsea are ranked 2nd (10 points) and Liverpool are ranked 3rd and the match is late. Chelsea and Liverpool share points, which doesn’t help either team. The Reds did the hardest and took the lead 2-0 thanks to Mané and Salah, but at the end of the first half were returned with two goals just before the break for Kovacic and Pulisi. With 2 minutes left until Tsimik makes a difference. The “red” angle. Changed for the last minute. Curtis Jones enters the game. The center of Pulisić is good, but Alexander-Arnold is in an ideal position and intervenes before the Blues recapture the ball. The “reds” are in the corner. Rudiger’s head, which is just too wide, is flying very close to the “red” gate. Chelsea pushes Hudson-Odoi into the corner. The stadium boasts a big move forward. Great shot from Blues Kelleher’s vigilant Liverpool goalkeeper lay well on the shot from Mount Fabinho. With 10 minutes left until Havertz relinquished his seat, the German avoided a card that could have been dark and came out abruptly, replacing Hudson-Odoi. The game resumes after an incident with Konaté. Konaté and Havertz clash Konaté shouted loudly after Havertz’s elbow during a duel from the air. The French defender stays on the ground and is treated. Liverpool have scored more than any other Premier League team in the last 15 minutes in the final quarter of this match. Pulišičius tries happiness An American from the left is trying to break in from the outside. Chalobah gives way. Jorginho joins the game. Therefore, Azpilicueta goes into the defense of three people, and Pulisicas is the right piston. Jorginho falls in the middle with Kovacic and Kanté, behind Havertzo and Mount. Double exchange LiverpoolMilner and Jota exchange Keita and Oxlade-Chamberlain. Chelsea monopolizes the ball Red fought for about ten minutes. Except that the Alonso and Azpilicueta centers are currently finding no successors. In these situations, Lukaku’s absence is felt. The dictator’s “Red” striker in Chalobah is close to getting rid of the Blues defender in the duel, but in the end – the Liverpool corner. KELLEHER PARADAS! After Mendy is Keleher, who stands out. Marcoso Alonso takes the lead, Pulišičius takes a swing and hits it … The keeper saves it! The Senegalese face the Chelsea goal, but Mendy is impeccable and turns to corner. Liverpool pressed the blues.SALAH! The Egyptian almost scored an exceptional goal! Salah rolls the ball to Mendy 30 meters from the goal, but the Senegal goalkeeper relaxes towards the corner. 3: 2 was very close to the reds. The Senegalese were still on the sidelines and eventually had to leave the ball for Salahui. His shot was still repulsed by Mendy. Alonso above! Marcos Alonso from Kanté, meanwhile, enters the field, stands on his right foot and strikes, but he is well above. Maybe he had to look for a partner in the area. Fabinho’s frightened Brazil is not far from having the ball steal the mountain right in front of the zone, he escapes through the hair with a hook. deep down and coming to challenge Mendy. The goalkeeper wins his duel and Mane was still on the sidelines. It’s not the second time in Premier League history that two teams in the first four of the championship have scored two goals in the first round. Break at Stamford Bridge The crazy half is over. Chelsea was 2: 0 behind in the 42nd minute, but scored twice before going to the locker room, through Kovačičius and Pulišičius. So during the break, both teams are equal and everything has yet to be done. MOUNTAIN INCREASES THE FRAME! He moves from one goal to another. Salah loses the ball in the area and Chelsea opposes it. Havertz arrives in front of Kelleher, he misses, but the ball returns to Mount, who tries a volley that passes right by the “red” gate. PULISIC FOR 2: 2! BLUE COLLATES IN THREE MINUTES! Kanté launches Pulisic deep. The American takes the ball off his chest, bypasses Henderson, and his left foot tricks Kelleher. 2: 2 between Chelsea and Liverpool. VARRudiger was close to Kelleher when he scored. But the German absolutely does not interfere with the Red goalkeeper and does not play any action, so the VAR confirms the goal. 2: 1 in Liverpool’s favor. UNBEATED KOVACIC GOAL! After a free kick in Marcoso Alonso that Kelleher scores. Kovačičius, in front of the court, scores from the right. After returning, the Blues return to 2: 1. Kovačič’s volley through Chelsea-Liverpool © RMC Sport Kovačič’s volley with Chelsea against Liverpool Thomas Tuchel’s players are stuck in the middle and can’t change sides at the moment. It seems that the goal of 2: 0 was also a significant blow to the Blues morale. SALAH AGAIN! Then he follows the steps again, trying to hang and hit, but he is retaliated against. He was probably able to find a partner in the action. Salah has often scored his former club. Salah has already scored four goals against Chelsea in the Premier League. in the face of a Liverpool defender. The incident is reviewed by VAR, but Mason Mount escapes without a card. Salah looked deep again. This time, Mendy comes out well and takes over the ball until the Egyptian has managed to touch it. The 16th Premier League goal that Salah has scored since 16 December. , eternity to him. Therefore, he started the year as best he could, well ahead of the scoring charts. SALAH GOAL 2: 0! What a goal! An Egyptian found by Alexander-Arnold at the end of the defense cheats Marcos Alonso and then ends up against Edouard Mendy. 2: 0 in favor of Liverpool. Alexander-Arnold extended his counterattack but gets a corner kick. The English side was caught in defense but always attacking. Salah face to face The Egyptian goes to the end of the action and stumbles upon Mendy. He was still on the sidelines. The Reds have a little more trouble After ten big first minutes, Jürgen Klopp’s pupils no longer have their feet on the ball. Alonso’s recovery It was ambitious, but the Spaniard is trying to hit. Kelleher hits the ball perfectly to unleashed a swerving effort from the right that the visitors’ keeper did well to tip wide. He is lucky, the referee whistles for a very small foul Yellow card Pulisicui The American lags behind Diogo Jotos, a logical warning Thiago Silva is looking for Alonso. The ball is a little too long for Marcos Alonso to control properly. The end of a long drought for Mané The Liverpool striker has not scored since 11 November. against Arsenal. S Chalobah had already taken the first chance of the reds, which this time cost a goal. 1: 0 in favor of Liverpool. HOW MUCH ALEXANDER-ARNOLD’S BAD! Liverpool’s right-back loses the ball to Pulišičius in the middle of the field. Havertz then recovers, but fails to trick Kelleher, who is vigilant and removes the ball with his right hand. There is already a great opportunity on both sides. Mendy parade! Mané runs well to the left of the left and gives way to the axis of Salah. The Egyptian can’t hit the way he wants in the duel, and Mendy bounces off close and bounces the ball. It was Chelsea’s first hot shot. Chelsea will go ahead Alonso will get a corner against Alexander-Arnold. The blues start to line up very high. Mané warns a yellow card to the Senegalese, the author of the Azpilicueta tribe, after only 15 seconds. Looking at it from another angle, his gesture even seems voluntary and perhaps deserves more than a warning. Stamford Bridge will kick off this Premier League Blues and Reds. The start will start in 5 minutes. Salah to be quiet in London The Egyptian has already scored 13 goals on a trip to the English capital, with no better than one Liverpool player in the history of the Premier League. Salah had also scored 13 goals in the last 13 matches in London (8 goals, 5 assists). According to Thomas Tuchel, who is playing without a midfielder against Liverpool today, the Belgian said he had returned perfectly to Aston Villa and Brighton for a week. Last time Liverpool came to Stamford Bridge … The Reds scored three points thanks to Sadio Mané. Lukaku did not play Chelsea, Jorginho on the bench A few days after his statements about Milan Inter, Romelu Lukaku is not on the Liverpool match sheet. Jorginho was brought down inside the area, an easy decision for the referee there. Chelsea lineup: Mendy – Chalobah, Thiago Silva, Rudiger – Azpilicueta, Kanté, Kovacic, Alonso – Mount, Havertz, Pulisic. In addition to Alisson, Robertson, Matip and Firmin Jürgen Klopp, the Reds have to deal with many absentees today. Alisson, Matip and Firmino, positive for Covid, are out of reach. Robertson is still disqualified and Thiago is injured. Konaté is a pioneer in central defense. Liverpool line-ups: Kelleher – Alexander-Arnold, Konate, Van Dijk, Tsimik – Fabinho, Henderson, Milner – Mané, Salah, Jota. Start at 5:30 p.m. The clash of the day at Stamford Bridge, between Chelsea and Liverpool, took 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the Premier League before today. The winner, if any, will stay far enough away from the leaders at Manchester City, but the loser will be a serious loser in the battle for the title.
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