OL – FC Barcelona: “We have to rewrite history,” says Dephine Cascarino

A few days before the Women’s Champions League final against FC Barcelona, ​​OL striker Delphine Cascarino spoke about his team’s well-being and desire for revenge after a season without trophies. Delphine Cascarino in the Champions League final on May 21st. against FC Barcelona “We look forward to taking part in this final. We didn’t win anything last season. We missed the final and hope it will end positively.” Atmosphere in the group “A lot of joy and good humor, as usual. We are very satisfied with ourselves, but we have not won yet. So we have to stay focused to win this final and The fact that we lost last season motivates us even more. The record seems to be equal to zero and that we had to rewrite the story. ” OL Tenth Final C1 “I recently learned that this was our tenth final. It’s the sixth for me. I don’t necessarily realize it’s very strong when we know there were only about twenty in the Women’s Champions League. It shows we’re one of the biggest clubs in Europe.” : “We would like to fill the Parc OL Women’s Barsa filled their stadium …” We see that a lot of people support them, it announces the color. it motivates us even more. ” The difference between the Barça and the OL crowd It is true that we would like to fill in the Parc OL, but we have not been able to do so. Barca does it. True, it’s a little disappointing, but we’d like to win this title so we can encourage our fans and encourage them to come to the stadium. Cascarino: “OL is becoming the best team again for Sonia Bompastor. It wasn’t easy for her, she came during the season and has had it all season. She brought us a lot, especially the experience of the former captain. She motivated us to win everything. She has the DNA of victory, she passes it on to us because he was a little lost last season.He is strong in all areas, both tactically and mentally.they can talk to us, gives us a lot of strength.We are able to never give up, even when we are behind.It has brought positivity, today it pays off, and OL is becoming a great team again and hopefully the best team. ”Camille Abily“ I had the opportunity to play with it. She knows how to talk to us, knows us by heart. It is the connection between us and the staff. There is a lot of communication between us.Injuries “Last season we had a lot of them, even 3 years ago. But we’re not going to make it all back, there are injuries in every club, it’s football. We didn’t spare us this season, but we’re lucky to have a great team with quality players. No matter what we put on the field, we have the mental power that means that no matter what happens, if there are a few items missing, we can change them and play as well. The coach has to choose, it’s never easy, she knew how to manage it and it paid off well. ”Cascarino:“ It’s a club that gives young players a chance, Young Melvine Malard and Selma Bach. ”This 2000 generation is very good. They even joined the French team. They do us a lot of good. as long as they are a group and they take up more and more space. That’s what makes OL strong that I have players from the academy like me or Amel Majri. It’s a club that gives young players a chance. This is what keeps OL DNA alive. team. The values ​​of the club are instilled in us from an early age and we find them at the highest level. ”
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