Manchester City v Newcastle: Citizens must win out of Champions League to move away from Liverpool

In the battle for the Premier League title, the world of football is tense. After Liverpool’s draw against Tottenham’s Spurs, citizens have the chance to beat the red by 3 points in the event of a win. But after a painful relegation in the Champions League, what is the status of Pep Guardiola’s men? Manchester City have to win this afternoon against Newcastle to make it to the top of the standings. But are they really capable of that? Madrid – a crushing blow that could change the end of the season Winning 4: 3 in the first match against Real Madrid, no one imagined removing Sky Blues from C1, especially in this scenario. In two confrontations, the dominant City saw lightning fall on them during the second half. It took Carlo Ancelotti’s students four minutes to reset the counters and move on to the overtime. Rodrygo Goesas from Madrid’s reserve bench just scored a double score, leveling 6 goals in 2 matches. Then, from the start of the first fifteen minutes of overtime, the penalty realized by Benzema literally interrupted the citizens’ hopes of qualifying. A defeat that will undoubtedly leave traces psychologically and physically. Concentrating on the championship and, most importantly, winning it becomes a necessary mission for Guardiola and his men. Defending the champion, confident in his strength, can rely on his well-accumulated workforce and afford a new title. But this afternoon, we will have to overcome the Newcastle hurdle. Newcastle hard to beat After a long time in the second half of the league table, Newcastle has found a second wind. Since then, Eddie Howe’s men have performed successfully and finished 10th. In the game, the team shows great solidity and a lot of renunciation against its opponents. Players like Shelvey, Saint-Maximin bring an extra weapon to this team based on their characteristics. This afternoon, they will be ready to outwit the citizens and win. It’s a really big challenge that awaits them, but not impossible. Manchester City need a 4-0 win over Newcastle, Manchester City has many offensive advantages to beat any Premier League defense. Guardiola, an insatiable technician, has more than one trick to beat Newcastle, all the more so as Liverpool have only been able to score one point against Tottenham. Citizens will only seek victory to get closer to the title and keep the reds up to 3 points. But the match is also an opportunity for the Sky Blues to show off their psychological form after being eliminated in Madrid. Recovering from a major defeat is never easy, especially in such a scenario. In any case, Newcastle risks paying for the huge frustration suffered by Man City. Finally, Manchester City has no room for error. Pepo’s men are doomed to overtake the Liverpool title race. Newcastle, meanwhile, will have to return to victory or at least try to take away a point in this high-stakes match. romstejevas
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