Manchester City: Petitas accused Guardiola after being eliminated against Real.

This Thursday, in the RMC show “Rothen ignites”, Emmanuel Petitas addressed Pep Guardiola and his failures in the Champions League for a long time. He advised the Manchester City coach to question himself and reconsider his attitude. Another failure for Manchester City and Pep Guardiola. Despite winning the first match in England (4-3) and Riyadh Mahrez (73rd), Manchester City took the door in the Champions League semi-finals. Real Madrid (3: 1 after overtime) have knocked Skyblues down again. The sixth failure in the same number of seasons under Guardiola, now cursed in a race once dominated. 2009 and 2011 The winner of the C1 with FC Barcelona, ​​a Catalan technician, has since suffered serious setbacks, to which Santiago-Bernabéu’s disappointment must now be added. failure is the most important failure of her coach. He especially criticizes him for his always very demonstrative approach on the edge of the pitch, his ability to get excited in all directions when players may need peace of mind. “It was an electric battery, he was leading with Mahrez and Foden,” he stressed this Thursday in the show “Roten is on fire.” He has to allow players to concentrate on the game. was too excited when his team was qualified to play a very large part of the game, with Manchester City in control without being excellent, the day before we saw a contrast with Jürgen Klopp at Villarreal-Liverpool, and even when his team was 2-0 behind, Klopp remained The same is true of Carlo Ancelotti vs. Manchester City, who has a great human dimension. If he does it tomorrow with the lambda team without a budget of three billion, I tell him he’s the best coach in the world. ailestingas. Eleven years have passed since he won the Champions League, since his team no longer includes Lionel Messi, “said the 1998 world champion. In his eyes, the Guardsola need a poll. “Playing well or having money is not a problem. It is often a psychological problem. History repeats it. will on the square. As soon as the money comes in time, he wants people to say he’s great. And he’s awesome! But you have to give players free will, and he doesn’t know how to do it. “>> Subscribe to RMC Sport offers to watch” Premier League and Best European Cup Tournaments After this new poor performance in C1, Guardiola admitted to receiving a “big slap.” Without an excuse. “- he has a contract until 2023. “I’m very happy here,” he said on Spanish television. We still have something missing to make it to the finals, but we’re still there. ”His focus will now be on the Premier League, where City is one point ahead of Liverpool in four games.
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