L'interview croisée de Verratti et Virginie, joueur et documentaliste du PSG

Cross-interview with Verratti and Virginie, PSG player and documentary filmmaker

Paris Saint-Germain became the French champion for the 10th time in history, and Marco Verratti exchanged the occasion, and Virginie was a PSG video documentary filmmaker for 4 years. This cross-interview between the two of them is fun, in a good atmosphere between two important people in the club. They talked about sports, their roles, and agreed on a future meeting on the sport of practicing frisbee in Virginia. Virginie “I’m a librarian, so I’m in charge of archiving all the club’s videos” (Virginie) I’m glad to meet you. Can I contact you informally? (Marco Verratti) Yes, of course, always better. I would like to know how you are doing at Paris Saint-Germain, are you feeling well? Everything’s alright. I’ve been at the club since 2018, so it’s not been a very long time, less than you. I’m a librarian, so I’m responsible for archiving all the club’s videos, whether it’s your match, but also for filming all the journalists here, whether it’s football, women’s soccer, handball, with all the club’s events. . So I see everything you do every day in your workouts. I’m watching and the goal is to find out if after 10 years I’m asked for your backup, I could find your backup thanks to small keywords. Compare “Okay, because these are memories later” Okay, because these are memories later. Sometimes, as I said before, time goes by very quickly and it’s good to have videos. Sometimes I review 2012. videos and completely forget about it. Since you end up playing 30, 400 or 500 matches, some will definitely come out of your head. Compare “It’s very important to be a big family, always do something for each other” I mean, and some will say I want to please it, but I think each of us plays an important role, whether he or she is you or not. it’s Virginie, all the work they all do, it’s work that makes us feel free in this area and for those who think it’s really important. I say this not to please you or anyone else, but because I think these are very important things. It is very important to be a big family, always do something for each other. After all, we all have the same goal and I think that’s the real purpose of life. Virginie “Your good energy also affects us” It is also important for us on the part of the employees, and it is reassuring to see players who have been working there for a long time or employees who have been working for a long time. Because it gives the impression that we have stability, the essence. So on our part, it is reassuring to feel that there is a family on the part of the athlete as well. Your good energies also affect us and when we lose, we all lose together. You said very well. When you’re an employee and lose and lose in the square, it’s hard for us too. That’s right, and when we win, you also have to feel like it’s your victory. Monday is a little more enjoyable when you know you won. Compare “After all, whether we have a small or a big role, everyone brings their own stone to do something amazing.” After all, whether we have a small or a big role, everyone brings their own stone to do something amazing. I think PSG has grown a lot, I’ve been here for 10 years and I’ve seen the club change. It’s not just thanks to the players, and I see it now that new ones are coming. They are tracked differently. When we arrived, it was a little harder at first, but we all grew together. Therefore, I say that we are all in the same boat with those who do less, those who do more. There are a lot of questions in my mind, but there is one that is a little confusing. You’ve won eight championship titles, amateurs, and winning one is often hard, but we always say it’s a lot harder to repeat that thing. Is it the same for a professional, or is it easy to repeat it every time and win a title? Compare “The hardest thing in football is to approve every game” No, like you said, it’s the hardest thing in football, it’s to approve every game, every week, because everything happens very fast in football. So you can’t stop. you win the title and on friday we already have the match and even if we are already champions, we already have to win. You don’t have to disappoint yourself when you lose because it happens, and you don’t have to send yourself too many flowers when you win other things. Sure, we’re happy, we’re happy because we end up training to win titles, but we never have to stop, that’s the goal. That’s why sometimes you can’t really appreciate the moment because you always have to change, you always have to move forward and that’s why sometimes I think that when we finish well, we really have memories that we will remember really well and that we will be even happier. all together for what we have done here. What was your favorite childhood sport as an amateur? Virginie I play Ultimate Frisbee I play handball, I used to play handball and now I play Ultimate Frisbee. Frisbee? Yes! Have you already done that? Sometimes I try a little on the beach with the kids. But it’s a collective sport played seven on seven on a football field. Okay and are there cages? No, there is a goal area like in rugby. You have to catch a frisbee in a designated place, such as rugby or American football. Are there many fields in France to play in? It’s played on football fields, just like you, with little cramps. One day I’ll watch you play. I like all sports. This is true ? Yes, I enjoy watching all sports. I will one day be able to come with Frisbee and train with you. Compare “Besides, you have all the archives, so we can’t object to you.” In the next interview, we’ll do it. Okay, I recorded, I stay! Plus, you have all the archives, so we can’t object to you (laughs). I have a slightly more serious question. You’re on the football field, your profile neither attacks nor defends, what does a successful match mean to you, you individually, without victory, after leaving the match, do you think you played well? Compare “I, the thing I’m always looking for, is to help my teammates” Be a little finished, especially when you’re in the middle of having to help a team recover as many balls as possible. need a lot to run. I, the thing I’ve always been looking for, is to help my teammates, carry the balls well, make as many passes to the attackers as possible to give them the best possible conditions to do their job, thus scoring a goal. That means I touch a lot of balls during the match in a position that losing one or two can give us a goal. That’s why you always have to be focused. But it also defends, helps defenders. We have a team with amazing strikers, so we have to defend so well, sometimes we know they play more ahead, but can always give us effective passes, goals, decisive things. Therefore, a lot of work that is not necessarily seen on TV or in the stadium, but requires a lot of effort. For me, that’s all, it’s a combination to be well matched. And are you watching the match to see how you’re doing on the pitch or not at all? Compare “I don’t look at myself individually” Sometimes I watch a match, but I don’t look at myself alone. I’ll look more at how we played as a team, what we could do better, and I’ll tell my friends later. You have to be very good individually to have a good team, because in the end it remains a collective game. Thank you very much. See you at Frisbee? Yes, marked, archived. I prefer your land, here it looks nicer. The grass is better (smiles). Thanks, nice to meet you. Thank you.
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