Real Madrid’s incredible performance by Karim Benzema [OPINION]

Even if you don’t care about football, read this LSDJ. Because sport has its passions that the mind ignores. In all the Pyrenees, the press cannot believe: “Let God come down and explain,” Marca, the equivalent of L’Équipe, was announced last Thursday. The day before, an event had taken place at the Santiago-Bernabéu stadium, which even AFP described as “almost supernatural”. Real Madrid will face Manchester City that evening to advance to the Champions League final. Chelsea, which Roman Abramovich has just sold for $ 5 billion, is the title of champion. Last year, the London club won exactly at the expense of the Citizens, with a short blow to the head (1: 0). So this year, Manchester dreamed of repeating the finals for the second time in its history. The item was not badly included. At home on April 26, Muntans dominated Madrid after a hair shock (cf. the selection of the great RMC sport “To Madness”) (4-3). The seven semi-final goals were not in place for 27 years, when Patrick Clevelert’s Amsterdam Ajax beat Munich’s Bayern 5: 2 (1995). However, Manchester’s victory at Etihad Stadium made the opposite impression. Citizens could not take advantage of this and approach the retaliation calmly. The people of Madrid have shown such resilience! The English led by 2-0 after 11 minutes and would have doubled in half an hour if Ryhad Mahrez and Phil Foden had not missed two golden chances. Real was silent and swayed when Karim Benzema’s team scored two clear goals three times: 2-0, then 2-1, 3-1, 3-2, 4-2 and 4-3. The Lyoners scored two goals, including Panenka (from 20:00 to 21:20), and became the first Real player to exceed 40 goals during the season since 2018. left Cristiano Ronaldo. In short, the first duel. leg predicted a stormy counterattack. But last week, no one moved until the 73rd minute, when Manchester City took matters back into their own hands. Citizens beat their opponent by two goals for the fourth time (5: 3) due to a powerful blow by Riyad Mahrez. The real is left to the dead. The gap is still closed in the 89th minute, with Manchester taking the final against Liverpool Reds at the Stade de France on 28 May. As for the Mengue Club, the most successful in the competition (13 trophies), it is practically eliminated. Madrid, which wants to present itself as the “king of Europe”, is already going to sound the last whistle of humiliation. It was then that Spanish society, so far very calm, felt the impending moment was coming. He knows Real’s mental strength and historical precedents. Even if two goals need to be scored, a wave of unrealistic confidence is born in the stands. We start shouting the choir “Si se puede! “(Yes, it is possible). And it happens impossible. The bench was restless, and with 68 minutes passed Brazil’s coach gave Rodimogo the opportunity the player had been hoping for. Karimo Benzema reluctantly left the field. The Frenchman straightens Eduardo Camavinga’s opening to the distant spindle and allows him to bypass the English goalkeeper Ederson with his toe! There is very little time left to score and tear the overtime again, but then the same psychological phenomenon occurs as when Real managed to change the situation in the eighth round against Paris Saint-Germain (1-0, 3-1) and Chelsea. “. in the quarterfinals (1-3, 2-3 ap) in the previous two rounds: the stadium wakes up instantly, the noise level rises, the Real Madrid team gets too excited and the opponent is paralyzed. With little to say to himself that he plays in the world’s largest club, the people of Madrid finally believe it and it works like a self-fulfilling prophecy. After 90 seconds, Rodry offers a Merengue extension with an unstoppable blow to the head performed by Benzema, who, having dried Rubeno Diaso, receives a fine (95). Saint-Georges was hit by an Iberian dragon, and in 87 minutes the English had two great opportunities: Ferland Mendy bounced off the ball in his line and another shot by Jack Grealish was directed by Thibaut Courtois. restraint was a crucial element of this second leg. This season we are talking about “unreal” Madrid. How it lights up: “Real is from another world”: “Here came the Russians from Abu Dhabi, Qatar, all fell. This is Real Madrid, a football club, something pure. “Real Madrid has beaten three check-based giants who do not respect financial fair play,” says Tom Roncero. “It’s a joke, it’s impossible,” Messi wrote on Twitter. However, as Rodrygo says, “you always learn to fight this shirt to the fullest.” Both sideline strategists had different successes: on May 28, Saint Denis Italian Carlo Ancelotti could become the first coach in history to win a fourth Champions League. Pep Guardiola, on the other hand, suffered his sixth failure in the same number of seasons in Manchester after winning two titles with Barsa in 2009 and 2011. Catalonia didn’t look so surprised. At the end of the match, he said to himself, like everyone else, “it’s normal.” Like the only two spectators who inexplicably wanted to leave the stadium earlier and who eventually turned around (see video). As usual? Louis Daufresne Source: RMC Sport This article is published in La Sélection du Jour. © Info Chrétienne – Short partial reproduction and “Read more” link on this page allowed. SUPPORT INFORMATION CHRÉTIENNEInfo Chrétienne is an online press service recognized by the Ministry of Culture, so your donation is tax deductible at 66%.
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