European League Conference: OM eliminated by Feyenoord failed at the final gate

Feyenoord was eliminated in the semi-finals of the Olympique European League conference in Marseille after a disappointing match. The Marseille Club is not reaching the final, which is on May 25th. Feyenoord will clash with AS Roma. AS Roma, who played a draw (1: 1) in Leicester last Thursday, won 1-0 in front of their home crowd. Extremely dominant but quickly taken away by traumatized Dimitri Payet, Marseille did not score a goal against Rotterdam’s Feyenoord on Thursday (0: 0) and could not cancel a 3: 2 loss in their first match. Two losses in a row last week against the Dutch and then against Lyon (3: 0) was just an accident. Marseille ends the season with a lack of air and has already launched one of its dreams – the sixth European final. He still has hope of getting into the next Champions League. She is fragile because Jorge Sampaoli’s students are just three points ahead of their persecutors Rennes and Monaco in the league and therefore have little room for error. In 2018, when OM defeated Madrid’s Atlético in the final and failed. L1 in fourth place minus C1. The 10th issue of Marseille in the Lyon final turned out to be injured, as it did on Thursday. He left his teammates to play for half an hour and then spent a lot. But OM tried everything but failed to correct the mistakes of the first round, the impressive Caleta-Car error and the first two goals he missed quickly. was overwhelmed by the intensity of the Dutch game and the noise of De Kuipo Stadium. The Vélodrome was not left out on Thursday, even though it was deprived of Virage Nord, suspended due to repeated incidents. The corner was missing, so the other three stands sang louder. And OM responded by entering the required amount of strokes and settling high on the pitch. A few minutes later, another good collective action still reached Marseille N.10, whose winding shot from the left flew all the way past (21st). Unfortunately, OM, things went wrong when the reunion player was injured, playing a long ball forward. Therefore, as in 2018. in the finale, Payet had to leave his family, this time without tears, but with his head bowed. Milik replaced him again on the bench and his absence did not change, the Polish framed his head with two blows (33, 45 + 2). But then OM had a little less control over the game, allowing Feyenoord to start pressing and rebounding a few balls in a high position. Reckless Strikers The second half ended with an offensive-defensive exercise dominated by OM, where all strikers were either clumsy, like Diengas, then Bakambu, or impossible to find, like Milik, a clear chance, except for a mild Rongier strike (55). The Dutch pushed everything back, then quickly started to get heavier for a few seconds on the right, on the left, due to cramps, loose lace, and a slowly healing rash. OMI is waiting for three matches in the last quarter of an hour as OM also besieged the Dutch goal, finishing in a row of five, even six players. But neither the cross came to the right head nor the point fell to the right area. The technical accuracy of Payet was then really lacking. With or without the player, there were three matches left in Marseille and Sampaol to clear this first failure. If they succeed, they will find Europe and it will be the biggest.
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