Champions League: why Manchester City can’t do it

Manchester City has again failed to win the Champions League, which has been the club’s biggest goal since 2008. the shareholders of the Emirates came. But why did Sky Blues fall off the tracks when they seem to be on the right track? Eleven years ago, Pep Guardiola lost the prescription. . And six that he is irreparably breaking his teeth for the big goal that Manchester City recruited him in 2016: winning the Champions League. On Wednesday, the Spanish coach thought he was offering himself the second final in a row with the Sky Blues team, the fourth of his career in a race he had won twice against Barça (2009, 2011). Yes, but here he faced C1 baron Real Madrid, who lost the English lead by two goals in three minutes. Real Madrid have finally won 3-1 and will try to win the 14th title. Manchester City, a new European football asset since the arrival of the Emirates’ shareholders in 2008, will take place on 28 May. as a spectator. And it entertains a lot of people, even Moscow’s Spartak. But on paper, City has everything to get there: money, talent and one of the best games in Europe. However, this is not enough in this world of pragmatism, where there is no room for renunciation and fear. this panic in the English ranks after Rodryg’s equalizer goal. He had already noticed this in his next European football rookie at the start of the season. “We even believe in that 1: 0,” the Belgian recalled via Canal +. We weren’t really good, then comes the score 1: 1 and we see they’re scared. I can’t explain it, it’s unbelievable. After the benchmark, Paris also got it, it was the same thing, we knew we had momentum. at a crucial moment in regulation time.The approximate defense of the citizens refusing to finish the game.This almost paid off on two huge occasions at the end of the game.But the English did not draw conclusions and are penalized in exchange. “Look at 1: 1 too easy, “Wenger notes. He really has to fight to stop that cross! I don’t want the ball to come forward, but what can happen when everyone moves forward. they missed the opportunity. Even looking at Benzema’s recovery (ed. note), they certainly didn’t attack the ball. They made big mistakes. “From his arrival, Pep Guardiola was a great help ares the City into another dimension. His team won the title (10, including three Premier Leagues under Spanish command), becoming the benchmark in the control game. But this obsession with mastery would also be his Achilles heel. “Guardiola takes control so much that his teams don’t know how to deal with situations where they lose control,” The Independent said. There are many examples on the European stage with Pepu Guardiola. The newspaper highlights these moments of hesitation, which are expensive every season. Every season is a crucial pocket in the air for a few minutes. The two goals were missed eight minutes before Monaco in 2017. the three-goal goal was still missed 19 minutes before Liverpool in 2018. (5: 1 for the Reds), two goals in three minutes ahead of Tottenham in 2019. (4: 4) or even the two scored eight minutes before Lyon 2020. (3-1). Manchester City broke three times in six minutes on Wednesday when Ruben Dias’s stupid foul against Karim Benzema was the culmination of that fever. Only last season, this rule was avoided, but City broke their teeth against Chelsea in the final (1: 0). Guardiola was then criticized for innovating in his composition for not using a real sixth. As if the coach had succumbed to the panic, the elimination of 2022 will remain a taste of the repeated double confrontation that was to turn into a demonstration. Because his team missed an incredible number of opportunities in two matches. City wasn’t killer enough, and it’s not forgiving against Real, the cruel beast. Eleven consecutive years of participation in the Club Queen Contest (including nine consecutive playoff qualifiers) are not yet enough to create an unshakable base in doubtful moments. final, ”Guardiola defends. Guardiola does not recognize this last point. His team did not fish for him to the satisfaction of the Bernabeu. “We really didn’t have a game in the first half, and when we played in the second half, we didn’t make it 2-0,” the Spanish coach told Spanish television. And then they scored … We didn’t see it in the 89th final because we had experience and we didn’t know it was done. I just have to congratulate Real and Liverpool. We get a big slap, that’s for sure. In the first half, we failed to give the game continuity. The reason for these failures may be here: City loses itself when it fails to ensure that the game does not go out of control.
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