Champions League: startling Real Madrid eliminated Manchester City in overtime

The big clubs are immortal, and Real Madrid is the most impressive example. The Spanish club signed a fantastic new comeback at their Santiago-Bernabeu club on Wednesday, May 4, knocking down Manchester City in the overtime of the Champions League (3: 1). After Riyadh Mahrez (0: 1, 73), who scored two goals for the English (4: 3 in the first round), Real once again received unimaginable gratitude, this time. young Brazilian Wunderkind Rodrygo, who entered the game in the 68th minute and scored two goals in a few seconds (90th, 90th + 1), pushed the match into overtime. The home side worked hard to get through the middle and as a result, had a good chance of getting one back as Karimas Benzema tried lifting the ball over keeper Real. His shot came in from the right hand side. final. The match will take place on 28 May at the Stade de France with Liverpool. Also read: Real Madrid – Manchester City: Relive Madrid’s qualifying for the Champions League final after a crazy evening This is the first time Real Madrid has been able to make it to the qualifiers after losing in the first half of the mainland. Los Blancos has failed eight times in the past. Carlo Ancelotti for history Madrid player Rodrygo has signed his second goal of the evening with a headache, giving Real an extra time ahead of Manchester City in the second half of the 2022 Champions League semi-finals. May 4 Madrid. BERNAT ARMANGUE / AP But this season it’s “unreal” for Madrid: after an impressive change in the situation before Paris-Saint-Germain in the eighth final (0-1, 3-1) an incredible return against Chelsea in the eighth final (3-1, 2 -3 after an extension) and a team led by Carlo Ancelotti in the first-stage odyssey (3-4) in Manchester a week ago added a new page to the blog describing epics. 2021-2022 continental season. Four days after becoming the first coach to win five major European football championships, Ancelotti, a man in 2014. bringing Real to the tenth championship league, Decima, could also become the first technician in history to win fourth. “The video I showed before I went on the lawn was a video of all the eight lifts we have already done this season, the coach explained after the meeting. And the video ended with the message “Missing one.” And we succeeded. The advantage of this club is that it never disappoints you. »Karimas Benzema, 2022 May 4 Madrid. JAVIER SORIANO / AFP Another failure of Pepo Guardiola On the other hand, Pepu Guardiola’s disappointment is huge: in Madrid, a defamed Catalan technician is still aiming for a new Champions League crown after two in 2009. with Barsa won titles. and in 2011, and will not offer a second final in a row after Skyblues after losing to Chelsea last year (0: 1). “In the first half, we missed a detail, we were unable to provide continuity. And in the second half, when we were better, we managed to score … And then there were those two minutes, ”Guardiola breathed after the match. Also read: Champions League: Liverpool continue their tenth final The citizens will still have to wait for the first Big Ears Cup in their history. Unresponsive for a long time to Spanish attacks and even cheering for Mahrez ’goal and a huge double chance in the 87th quarter with a ball bounced by Madrid’s Ferland Mendy in his line and Philo Foden’s shot that shaved Thibaut Courtois right upright. at the worst. Rodryg’s double revived Ancelotti’s players, worn by their captain Karim Benzema, the author of a breathtaking season. In the final, the French midfielder will face his main rival for the “Golden Ball” Sadio Mané. However, the entire planet has almost conquered 2021-2022. The best version of Benzema in his career, who, at the age of 34, has only one step left to offer his fourteenth continental crown to the eternal Real Madrid. The world with AFP
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