Is Twitter really shutting down?

Is Twitter really shutting down?

Is Twitter really shutting down? Users are bidding farewell to Twitter as it is currently completely panicked and expected to crash at any moment. Others, who are tardy to the party, want to know what’s going on, while many others wait for a potential shutdown. Have no fear; we’ve got you.

The organization had a significant turnover on Thursday as a significant portion of its staff decided to leave. Why? Considering that Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, had a vision for “Twitter 2.0”. Which required “long hours at great intensity.” They could leave with severance money or join the new, “very hardcore” version. Thus, out of 180 respondents, 42% selected the response “Taking exit choice, I’m free!”

Twitter Temporary Closed

The offices of Twitter will temporarily close with immediate effect; the firm has informed its staff. The BBC obtained a message informing employees that the offices would reopen on November 21. It did not state why it was moving.

So, is Twitter really shutting down? The statement comes as there are rumors that several employees were leaving after the new owner, Elon Musk. He told them to commit to “long hours at high intensity” or quit.

The note continued, “Please continue to abide by business policy by declining to share private corporate matters with the media, or in any other manner.”

Unions have expressed concern over the reports, and Prospects. Therefore, the union representing computer workers has requested a meeting with Twitter UK to discuss how its employees are being treated.

Mike Clancy, general secretary of Prospect, referred to the ferry operator’s earlier, This year’s decision to fire employees and replace them with agency workers. By saying, “We will not let these makings of a digital P&O pass unchecked.”

Twitter UK LTD

We urgently want a meeting with Twitter UK Ltd. to discuss how it will handle its collective redundancy consultation. It ensure a fair and open process and fulfill its legal and ethical duties to employees, including those with special needs.

“Prospect will continue to take every possible step to serve our Twitter members. We will use the law to hold Twitter accountable. Whenever feasible because the big tech tycoons are not above the law.

“Nobody in the chain of command was left,”

There are indications that several employees have quit in protest at Mr. Musk’s new conditions.
There will probably be less than 2,000 individuals remaining after the dust settles today. So, a former Twitter employee who chose to remain anonymous told the BBC.

They asserted that all members of their team had been fired. “His manager, the team’s manager, was fired. The manager of that manager was afterward fired. One of the executives fired on the first day was the person up there. As a result, no one is still in that chain of command.”

oath allegiance

This week, Mr. Musk warned the Twitter workers. If they didn’t agree to put in long hours and be “very hardcore,” they would be fired.

According to the Washington Post, the company’s new owner requested employees’ consent to the promise in an email to the staff. So, Mr. Musk stated that those who didn’t sign up by Thursday, November 17, would receive three months’ worth of severance.

The company announced earlier this month that it was laying off about 50% of its workforce. Employees have been tweeting with the hashtag #LoveWhereYouWorked and a saluting emoji to announce their departure from the company.

Therefore, on Friday, Mr. Musk tweeted: “we just reached another all-time high in Twitter usage lol” despite the upheaval in the business.

Satirist Frank Lesser responded, quoting the Roman emperor Nero. Who is said to have fiddled while Rome burned: “‘Rome has never been this brightly lit at night!'”

About 7,500 people worked for Twitter before Mr. Musk took over. Thousands of contract workers were also reportedly employed by the company. While most of them are believed to have been let go.

Company Employees Performance

Things only got worse after Musk fired half the company’s employees. Only to hire many of them back after realizing how important they are to the company’s and website’s smooth operation. The mischief involving the blue “Verified” checkmark and the short-lived “Official” badge in gray. It also contributed to the growing ambiguity surrounding policymaking at the new Twitter.

Is Twitter really shutting down? Musk gave the remaining staff members an ultimatum earlier this week. It is bu requesting that they work “extremely hardcore,” which would entail “working long hours at high intensity.” Employees were given the option of staying on with severance pay or openly accepting the new working terms.

Platform stability

Many of the engineers responsible for resolving issues and avoiding service interruptions are leaving. Which raises concerns about the platform’s stability in light of the personnel losses. Is Twitter really shutting down?

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the staff’s version of the Twitter app started to slow down on Thursday night. This source assessed that the public version of Twitter was in danger of going down that night.

The source, who wished to remain anonymous out of concern for retaliation, stated, “If it does break, there is no one left to mend things in many locations.”

Moreover, Tess Rinearson, tasked with creating a cryptocurrency team at Twitter, was one of the notable exits. Rinearson tweeted the blue love and salute emoticons.

The Twitter biographies of several departing engineers on Thursday referred to themselves as “softcore engineers” or “ex-hardcore engineers,”. In what appeared to be a dig at Musk’s demand for workers to be “hardcore.”

So, is Twitter really shutting down? Musk made an online jest when the resignations came in.

He tweeted, “How do you make a little money in social media.” Start with a sizable one.

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