Imran Khan: Former Prime Minister Pakistan Gunshot

Imran Khan's Injury

Imran Khan, a former prime minister of Pakistan, survived a gunshot at a political gathering on Thursday. It was described as an assassination attempt by his party. The attack left one person dead and several others injured, igniting protests from Khan’s fans.

Asad Umar, a senior leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), said that a bullet had struck Khan in the leg. He subsequently added: “Yes, he has been shot; there are bullets lodged in his leg. His bone has been chipped and he has also been damaged in his thigh.”

Khan’s Azadi March

The attack’s motivation, which allies claim was an assassination attempt, went without immediate government response. Early elections were being demanded, hence the call for the protest march.

The march, led by Mr. Khan, was planned to end in Islamabad, the country’s capital. The politician, who was once a star of international cricket, was spotted being brought to a Lahore hospital. He had been struck in the shin, according to a party spokeswoman.

His condition was stable, but doctors predicted that he would need surgery. Police released a video of a guy they believe attempted to kill the former prime minister confessing to their actions.

Scheduled killing

An automatic weapon was allegedly used in what prominent PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry called “a planned assassination attempt on Imran Khan and he escaped narrowly.”

According to Mr. Chaudhry, the attempt at Imran Khan’s life was well planned. Imran Khan and the PTI leadership were targeted as killers. It wasn’t 9MM; it was a burst from an automatic rifle. There is no denying that the escape was narrow.

Immediately after the occurrence, a highly agitated Chaudhry branded it an attack on Pakistan. Its people urged the party partners and advocates across the country to pursue retaliation from atop the top receptacle in the long march.

He said, “The shooter had intended to shoot Imran Khan. But two marchers felt danger and knocked the pistol down, averting a catastrophic catastrophe.”

Dr. Yasmin Rashid, the president of PTI Punjab, also warned the establishment. She said, “Imran Khan is our red line, and now you have crossed the line.” She wrote on Twitter, “You cannot stop us. Not at all! We’ll call you out on it.

Imran Khan Accuses Government and Military Leaders

Later, in a video statement, PTI Secretary General Asad Umar said that Mr. Khan was safe. He had sent a message claiming to have previous knowledge of the assassination attempt on his life. It also held three senior military and government officials accountable. The author said that Imran Khan, the leader of the PTI, insisted that the trio leave their posts or a nationwide protest would be organized. He requested that they hold off until the party chief issued the next call for protest.

Alongside Mr. Umar, senior Punjab minister Mian Aslam Iqbal stated that the three individuals mentioned by Mr. Khan would be the subject of an FIR. While the request and statement had already been sent to the head of the Punjab police department.

Later, the watchdog for electronic media prohibited TV networks from showing Mr. Umar’s statement, stating in statement. He said: “The dissemination of such material could incite hostility among the populace. It is dangerous, likely to disturb public peace and calm, or detrimental to maintaining law and order. Article 19 of the Constitution, Section 27 of the PEMRA Ordinance of 2002, the Electronic Media Code of Conduct 2015, and national security are all gravely violated.”

Threat Warning

According to sources, the Gujranwala city police officer had already warned on November 1. Mr. Khan’s VIP protection needed to be stepped up and advised using a bulletproof shield, rostrum, and stage atop the container.

The threat notice claimed that a screen, bulletproof rostrum, and shield had arrived in Gujranwala. He needed to be mounted on the container for Imran Khan’s security.

A news channel was informed by Hamza, a DJ in charge of the march’s music system. He was in the container when three people opened fire on the car. He added that multiple individuals were hurt and disproved the theory. It was the act of one person walking around with a weapon in their hand. “A gunman standing on the terrace of a nearby building was carrying a huge gun,” he claimed.

Protest After Khan’s Shot

The close aide, Asad Umar, announced on Twitter that there would be protests today after Friday prayers that would go on until Imran Khan’s demand was satisfied. Therefore, it was unclear at first whether Umar was alluding to Sharif’s resignation or the scheduling of unexpected elections.

Khan was deposed from office by a legislative vote in April under the leadership of Sharif and a coalition of parties. Khan’s fans started assembling early on Friday at the scene of his shooting. Additionally, they pushed the former prime, well-known worldwide as a former professional cricketer and team captain, to continue his march on Islamabad.

At Karachi

Pro-Imran slogans were shouted during Karachi demonstrations at the powerhouse intersection. Additionally, the 4K intersection, the 5-Star intersection, the Teen Talwar sit-in, and the Native Jetty Bridge.

At Rawalpindi

A large demonstration was staged in the Faizabad neighborhood of Rawalpindi. When protesters burned tires, yelled pro-Imran Khan and anti-government chants, and blocked Murree Road. A sizable demonstration was staged in Faisalabad at Jinnah Colony Chowk on Narwala Road. Near Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah’s home. Where protesters vandalized a lion statue, another one was held under the direction of PTI leader Farrukh Habib.


Protesters gathered outside the Corps Commander House in Peshawar and chanted “independence” incessantly. Moreover, Amjad Ali Khan, an MNA, and Ameer Khan, the district general secretary, organized a protest in Mianwali, the hometown of Imran Khan. Where the road was blocked, and protesters shouted anti-government slogans and set tires on fire.

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