Manual: PSG French roller coaster before fighting for the European final 4

The Parisians won the eighth consecutive French championship title without even playing the last five matches. France’s roller coaster against European Final 4: Parisian handball players, who do not compete in the national arena, have won the eighth consecutive championship title and will now advance to the qualifiers for the Champions League semi-finals. On Thursday night, Paris SG offered himself a 40-minute match with a -5 handicap, falling 20:16 after 20 minutes. However, Yann Genty’s goal-scoring (11 rebounds) and very expensive Mathieu Grébille (5 goals) allowed him to increase his score before the break (18:18) and then freed the mechanics in the second half. win 37:33 and pursue the title. Already taken from captain Valentino Porte, Montpellier suffered another blow on Thursday, with right-wing striker Yannis Lenne hitting his left hand in the 9th minute. Since 2012 In June 2012, the Cathars took over the club, leaving only crumbs for the PSG rivals – only one small Dunkirk title during the 2013/14 season, after the coronation in 2012/13. And since 2014. PSG is one in France, and its planet stars, from Nikola Karabatic to Mikkel Hansen, have surpassed Sander Sagosen, Uwe Gensheimer or even retired Thierry Omeyer (now CEO) and Daniel Narcissus in the past. The dominance that has grown in the last four seasons is just two losses and three draws in 99 matches. The current series of eight consecutive PSG records continues as follows, and a total of nine of them allow for a slow but steady approach to 14 Montpellier, which still has an absolute record. This season, more than ever, the Parisians dominated their theme, correcting rivals after the correction. Only Nantes and Montpellier managed to hook Raul Gonzalez’s players a bit without collapsing the Paris home. They achieved 25 wins in 25 matches. The Héraultais was the last victim of the now eight-time reigning French champion, almost full of Kubertin’s room and surrounded by ultras, which is different from the neighboring Parc des Princes, where they limit their encouragement to protest against politics. football sport. Kiel C1 from Wednesday At the end of the Starligue season, a more symbolic challenge awaits Luka Karabatičius’ friends: to end the season only with victories – an unprecedented performance in the French Championship. To achieve such a feat, the Parisians were left with five matches: trips to Chartres, Toulouse and Saint-Raphaël and receptions to Saran and Creteil. Following this French coronation, the Parisians will now focus all their forces on fighting for the semi-finals of the Champions League, with more than a difficult duel against Kiel in the quarter-finals and a return match in the north. Germany. Raul Gonzalez can rely on Nedim Remil and Luka Karabatic, who have fully recovered from injuries in April, as confirmed by Remili’s three goals at the start of Thursday’s match. The first stage, scheduled for Wednesday in Kubertin, will show Paris the opportunity to meet Cologne, the host of the last four, on June 18 and 19. The title of European Champion is what PSG has been lining for a decade. At the end of the season, the club will have a significant turnover: Mikkeli Hansen will go to Aalborg (Denmark), Vincent Gérard from Saint-Raphaël, Nedim Remili from Kielce (Poland) and Yann Genty (Limoges).

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