Manual: French champion for the 9th time, PSG will have to reinvent himself

Starting this Friday night, the title of French champion is in his pocket (9th in a row, 8th in a row), PSG will now be able to dedicate itself to the next two goals: the Champions League quarterfinals with the first reception. The Germans in Kiel on Wednesday (8:45 p.m.) and the Coupe de France (semi-finals next Saturday with Toulouse) .If they have the resources, the Parisians will also try to win the last five matches in the league and so on. do it completely, unheard of. No matter how the current season ends, the capital club will have a completely different face next season. It’s done 😃! At the end of this 25th Liqui Moly StarLigue Day, Paris won the 9th French Champion title, 8th in a row. What a journey! And it’s not over yet! – PSG Handball (@psghand) 2022 May 6 Departures were recorded a few months ago by Mikkel Hansen (Aalborg), Nedim Remili, Benoît Kounkoud (Kielce), Vincent Gérard (Saint-Raphaël) and Yannnelis Genty (Limoges), and PSG is losing a lot. The club has employed two world-class goalkeepers, Andreas Palick of Sweden and Jannick Green of Denmark, David Balaguer of Spain (Nantes), young defender Yoann Gibelin (Eléteum) and Dominic Màthé of Elverum. ). Osmosis with them therefore has to go through strong men who can lift the team up. The pillars of the group have been necessary since 2015, the Carabatati brothers. Nikola, 38, due to his experience with his teammates, remains a playmaker and a symbol of Raul Gonzalez’s band. The rupture of his crossbands in October 2020 did not make him want to wear a Parisian T-shirt proudly, nor did the French national team. Luka, 34, remains an exemplary captain and leader of the 3rd Championship defense. The best attack so far! The 3rd person is no longer a stranger. Ever since Lucas Steins became the medical joke of Chief Karabatich, he has literally exploded in the eyes of the manual world. The 27-year-old Dutchman constantly shines with his dynamism and ability to return the match on his own. Elected as the MVP of the competition last year, the smallest player in the competition (1.73m) to be contracted until 2024 is the one that all major European clubs dream of. “He is doing an extraordinary job,” said Adam Keita, one of the strikers in the Paris region. It remains for him to take a little more leadership. “You have to score a goal to win. A better attack and so far (average 36 goals) PSG will continue to rely on its two control towers, an example of regularity since December. Polish Kamil Syprzak (2.07m), who is now fining after Mikkel Hansen’s injury, has significantly increased his performance against rivals on a yearly basis, including 12 out of 12 at the end of March in Nancy. The MVP title cannot overtake the PSG, it is laid out logically. Latvian Dainis Krištopan (2.15 m) has also established himself in the 7th major of Paris, and PSG leaders will finally be able to rely on the rest of the workforce loyal to the position. After the horrific New Year’s attack, Elohim Prandi is almost back to his best results. Henrik Toft Hansen extended, Ferran Solé, Adama Keita and Mathieu Grébille keep at home as they play as the young shoots of a training center. All that remains is to implement a new challenge awaiting PSG – reconstruction.
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