Football: A teenager has been removed from a detection course in Monaco because he was wearing a PSG shirt

LE SCAN SPORT – The educators sent the young footballer home, asking him to return with neutral clothes. It’s not good to wear a Paris SG shirt when you’re about to hit the ball on the Monaco side, or more specifically at the Principality Club. Kamil, a 15-year-old teenager, had enrolled in a detection course organized by the ASM Amateur Division, but things were not going as he had imagined. This young FC Cimiez graduate, dreaming of grabbing the coaches ’eyes and starting a promising football career, went there with a Paris SG shirt on his shoulders. His test was short, reports Nice-Matin. I never thought there would be a problem. I would have clearly wondered if he had gone to the stadium to watch the match. Never for detection … Kamil’s father Because he was wearing another club’s color shirt, he was asked to leave the course after receiving the teacher’s remark. Officials allowed him to return to try his luck, but with a different outfit. His father, who is in the stands, tells the scene told by his son. “He told me he grabbed her by the shoulder and told her what seemed aggressive to him. “Are you trying to provoke us by coming with your PSG shirt? Here, Nice or PSG, we have the same!” My son stayed stupid in place. He was obviously very disappointed and came out with tears, ”explained Dad, who noticed, however, that other contestants were wearing a lot of T-shirts from major European clubs that day, and that wasn’t a problem. “It simply came to our notice then. I would have clearly wondered if he had gone to the stadium to watch the match. Never because of detection … ”he continued. The amateur section of AS Monaco did not seek to challenge the facts, believing that it had the right to shorten the teenage experience. “First of all, being a 15-year-old child today is almost an adult, which is thought to be responsible. And then, when his father was present, how could he allow his child to come to AS Monaco to be detected with a PSG shirt? Would he have gone to Marseille with this T-shirt? ”Exclaimed Michel Aubéry, President of the AS Monaco Association. The Monaco club clarified that it did not have a shirt so Camilla could continue the test that day. I explained to Dad that it was like working for Renault with a Peugeot suit. Édouard Delamotte, Vice President of the Mediterranean Football League. shared due to teen disaster. “The expulsion from the gathering is painful,” admitted Edouard Delamotte, who also believes the outfit was inappropriate. But when it comes to getting to know AS Monaco, wearing a French Ligue 1 opponent’s PSG shirt is more than awkward. I understand the 15-year-old’s mistake, but Dad had to be mad and say it’s not very polite. Yes, there were kids with Chelsea and Bayern shirts, but it’s not the French championship. You need to be right in life and teach your children to do so. I explained to Dad that it looked like I had come to work for Renault with a Peugeot suit, the manager said in detail. If educators give children such an image, it is normal that in the stadiums, on the street, another team’s shirt is attacked. Kamil’s father Words that upset the young footballer’s father: tube children, it is normal in the stadiums, on the street, people are attacked wearing another team’s shirt. “I admit that I fell from the clouds,” he said, still in the Nice-Matin columns. The homepage of the AS Monaco Football Club website now states that it is necessary to show up in “neutral clothing” to state that you have been detected. The AS Monaco website now states that “neutral clothing” is required to enter and attend detection courses. SEE ALSO – Statistics, data … Is football inhumane?

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