FC Barcelona: former management accused of ‘very serious criminal behavior’

“It’s not about whether the previous team’s management will be seen as better or worse,” Jaume Campaner, a lawyer at FC Barcelona, ​​told a news conference on Tuesday, February 1, presenting the results of a financial audit commissioned by the new team’s management. Blaugrana. “It is a matter of notifying the competent authority (…) of very serious criminal offenses,” the lawyer continued, assuring him that he “had no doubt” that the transactions disclosed in the report had failed. In the “criminal” field. The report, prepared by Kroll, was requested by President Joan Laporta. March. came to the head of FC Barcelona. It seeks to clarify the possible irregularities committed by his predecessor, Joseph Maria Bartomeu. . The facts revealed during this audit are “indisputable”, Mr Laporta emphasized this Tuesday, recalling in particular “payments without object”, “payments with a false object” and “disproportionate payments”. He added that the “people” responsible for these operations “will have to be held accountable for them.” The Barcelona Public Prosecutor’s Office opened a preliminary investigation into this complaint. “The club had to defend its interests,” Jaume Campaner said Tuesday. “We didn’t want to be complicit,” Joan Laporta added, reassuring him that the former management team had left Barça “in ruins.” The club’s new leadership is constantly criticizing the leadership of former president Josep Maria Bartomeu, who in 2020 resigned under pressure in October. Club in bankruptcy In presenting its first internal audit in October, Ferran Reverter, CEO of the Club of Catalonia, said the club was in an “accounting bankruptcy” when new management arrived in March. “If the club had been a SAD (sports limited company), that would have been the reason for the liquidation,” Reverter said, citing $ 1.35 billion. euro debt, cash flow problems and a large salary fund. At the time, the CEO of Barsas announced a new “expertise” to “move on”. He explained that “in principle, it is necessary to look for” possible infringements. ⋙ Foot: FC Barcelona (Barca) blames huge losses, record costs! Ferran Reverter then spoke of “harmful management”, believing that former FC Barcelona executives had “bought players who were disconnected from reality.” “No one thought we could pay them. That night when we signed (Antoine) Griezmann, they realized there was no money to sign him, and they had to ask for money. Money to another fund,” he said of this recruitment, sealed . 2019 in exchange for the EUR 120 million paid to Atlético Madrid. Since then, the French national has returned to Atlético. Presence of high commissions The CEO of Barça also pointed to particularly high and unusual commissions for intermediaries during transfers of players, “from 20% to 30%, when they are usually around 5%. “. Critics have been rejected by Joseph Maria Bartomeu, who blamed the Covid-19 crisis for the club’s loss. “Our management was very serious and responsible,” Mundo Deportivo told 2014-2020. The man who ran Barça. FC Barcelona, ​​which for the period 2020-2021 ended the season with 481 million. net loss is overwhelmed. due to serious financial problems. However, he hopes that the financial year 2021-2022 will end with a small profit of five million euros. Following the arrival of Mr Laportai, who already ran the club from 2003 to 2010, the Barsara salary fund was reduced to € 155 million, compared to € 759 million in 2021. March. Get the latest news The main news of the day is selected every day.
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