Real Madrid – Manchester City: Madrid tore off final after completely unbelievable match (3-1)

Riyad Mahrez (73rd) scored the goal in this tactical match and thought he had offered Manchester City. However, Rodrygo, who was involved in the match, scored twice in two minutes (90, 90 + 1) to completely resume the game. 95th, which was the 15th goal this season in the Champions League. Therefore, Real Madrid will meet Liverpool in the C1 final. May 28 In Paris. Survive Real-Man City minute by minute: REAL MADRID VICTORY AND QUALIFICATION !!! All the attacks of the City are revealed immediately.120e. Manchester City Corner! 3 minutes extra time. The angle is pushed back into the far shaft. 119th Madrid are defending their defenses and the city’s residents are trying to find the key, but it’s very difficult for Pepo Guardiola’s men. Madrid players play 5 behind.115 place. Madrid changes: the exit from Militao is replaced by Vallejo, and Vinicius gives way to Vazquez.114. The militao is at the back and will leave the lawn.113. A penalty kick was awarded by Rodrygo Square in the middle to gain precious seconds. 112th. Penalty City. He hit the far spindle, but the Militao eliminated.109th. The militao is finally back! 108th Miliato is on the ground, a victim of cramps.107th. Great return of Nacho against Sterling in the counterattack 106th. Here is the second extension period again! End of first extension period! Real Madrid is in the final! 105 + 2. WHAT FERNANDINHO WANTED !! In the center of the field, Foden touches this ball slightly, then it is bounced off by Courtois. The ball lands towards Fernandinho just too short to help him at the bottom! 105. Cancelo hand in his field, but the judge finds it involuntary. Change Madrid: Karimo Benzema exit, ovation, replaced by Ceballos.103e. Santiago Bernabeu is melting !! Songs descend into the lawn in the stands. What an atmosphere! 101st. A yellow card for Sterling for an overly committed throw. Change Manchester: Sterling replaces Rodri.98e. The Mancunians get a free kick to breathe a little. The ball is pushed back.95th. BUUUT from BENZEMA !!! Real Madrid leads with a total score of 3: 1 and 6: 5 !!! 15th goal for KB9 C1 this season! 93-as. PENALTY FOR MADRID! Benzema fights in this area for Dias, who fouls the French.92th place. Vinicius flies to the left and crosses back towards Benzema, who frames but did not hit hard enough to deceive Ederson.91st. A man erupted on the lawn. The game is suspended for 91 days. Here we are looking for this extension again! DISTRIBUTION IN MADRID !!! Within two minutes, Rodry completely reversed the trend and scored a double that forced Manchester City into overtime! 90 + 6. Valverde gets a yellow card for overpowering 90 + 4. The City quickly made a free kick and Foden hit just above the Courtois goal. 90 + 2. Angle for Real. Ederson wins in the air, but Real is in the trance !! 90 + 1. GOOOOUUUUUT from RODRYGO !!! IMPOSSIBLE! Carvajalis heads Rodrygo! Madrid might tear off the overtime in 4 minutes! 90. RODRYGO BUUT !!! Real Madrid bounced 1: 1 after two games, making it 5: 4! Incredible play of Benzema, Rodrygo cuts off the ball in front of the goal and scores a goal.90 d. Cross from Militao for Asensio, which is too short to continue. 88th. Courtois makes a slight footing to avoid Grealish’s goal, which made the difference again.87th place. The miraculous salvation of Mendy in his line !! Unbelievable! Grealishas ran onto a great ball from Mendy, which beat the offside trap, the keeper came rushing out and the lob was attempted, but the lob didnt succeed. Parry from Courtois making a great long-range shot from Cancelo that got into the opposite skylight! 85th Substitute Manchester: Fernandinho fell to striker Mahrez.84. Yellow card for Militao, who has cut off Real Madrid on the left side of the pitch. 83-ias. Madrid is physically strenuous, but the Bernabeu crowd is rushing.81st place. Away from Benzema, who managed to find a bright position.80. Manchester City Corner. He is played by two and repelled by the defense. 78th Manchester Replacement: Grealish entry for Jesus.77th. Asensio passes the ball on the spur of the moment. Ederson intercepts the ball. Changes Madrid: Casemiro relinquishes Asensio, Camavinga returns to Modrica.73rd place. GOOOOOO Mahrezas !!! Gundogan is at the beginning of the block, but a wonderful pass by Bernardo Silvos goes wide of the middle before sliding Mahrtezui off the right. The Man City striker sends a powerful blow to the near shaft to deceive the Courtois. Manchester leads 1-0! 72-as. Amendments in Manchester: Walker left Zinchenko and De Bruyne left Gundogan.70. Vinicius finds himself on the ground after a deep run, but the referee signals there is no foul, and Walker also complains about remaining on the ground.68th. Change Madrid: Croes gives way to Rodrygo.67th. He is guided by Benzema from his head.66 d. Long penalty kick in favor of Cityzens.65. Yellow card for Carvajaliui, place of De Bruyne.63. Walker is finally back … for now. The townspeople side seemed completely over .. 62nd. Walker stopped dead and should a priori give up his place.62th. The match has been going at the wrong rhythm for a few minutes already.60 d. Vinicius escapes and finds himself in front of Walker, but his crossbar is removed by Skyblues’ defense.56 d. Vinicius plays one-on-two against Benzema, but the French pass is a bit behind the Brazilian, who can’t play the ball.55 d. Taken over by Casemiro, who corrects before giving Vinicia, who still did not rule. Lots of waste in the last gesture from Madrid.53d. The waves of attack have been breaking on the surface of Sith for several minutes. The people of Madrid are pushing! 52nd place. Vinicius rushes into the zone and dribbles before handing over to Modric, who is out of control and sees his blow repulsed.50s. A big mistake by Bernardo Silva, who cut Modrica in the counterattack. However, there is still no card. 50. Jesus tries his luck on the left in the Madrid area. The ball is caught by the Courtois.49 d. This second period started at 100 per hour! 46. ​​HOW MUCH YOU DON’T TAKE VINITIS !! At first, Carvajal turns to Vinnytsia, which is one at the far end, but is fully recovering! Here it is again! Half the time in Santiago Bernabeu! 0-0 break. Currently, the tactical duel does not allow both teams to find a way to the networks 45 + 2. Too far to a distant post. 45 ‘+ 1. Manchester City corner after De Bruyne’s rebound.45 p.m. Go from Mendy towards Casemiro, which is a little short. 43rd. The outback gave a signal to Benzema, who walked alone to the gate but missed a duel with Ederson because he didn’t hit the target.41 d. A great comeback from Walker, which goes great in the Vinnytsia box. Corner of Madrid. She is cleaned in Laporte.40 d. Parade of Courtois that relaxes towards the ground, repelling Foden’s blow! 39 d. A great collective action for Man City that ends at an angle. He is pushed back to the second post.37 d. The action is controversial after a deep escape from Viničius, which was stopped by Walker, but in the opinion of the judge, nothing .. 35 d. Karimas Benzema took over possession. He will get up hard, but will return to his place.35 d. STAT: Manchester City have controlled 54 percent since the start. The game continues with two players.32e. Casemiro and Foden find themselves on the ground after a major Brazilian foul. Doctors are invited to Madrid.31 d. Cross from Modric to Benzema, but Dias wins against the French.28. Cityzen’s side goes up and the game can continue.27 d. Kroos tries his trick, but the shot goes wide. Kyle’as Walkeris was blatantly laughing after that horrible attempt quite honestly we can only agree. Dribs from Viničius passes the ball in the box, and Brazil gets a good penalty. The Mancunians put their foot on the ball for a few minutes and put their game.23 d. Did not control De Bruyne, who offers the ball to Jesus. Brazil continues with a shot that goes a meter from the right of the Courtois spur.20. Courtois parade! De Bruyne finds himself free and feeds deep caviar to Bernardo Silva, who dives to the right and tries to score a nearby post. But Courtois turns into a wall and clears around the corner. The angle gives nothing.15 d. De Bruyne’s long shot straight into the Courtois gloves.12 d. Valverde swiftly takes the lead, Benzema takes a swing and hits it … Missed by few inches. 10th goal. A penalty shot in favor of the city eccentric on the right. It was recorded directly by the Courtois.9e. Laporte and Modric both receive a yellow card.8. Casemiro fouls De Bruyne. It does not move away from the yellow card. Players start to get angry and Laporte finds himself on the ground after being knocked to the ground.5th. Bernardo Silva’s hand in the Madrid district. All Real players immediately challenged the Portuguese action with the referee. The tension is. Courtois throw. 4th. Great opportunity for Gasoline! The French found themselves alone at the age of 11. penalty area and made a pass to Carvajalio, but the ball flew over Ederson’s cage.4th. Corner in favor of Man City. He is shot in the far post and released. 4th. Real Madrid immediately put great pressure on it to destabilize the city’s population.2e. Viničius scored the first free kick for Madrid at the left corner. He is pushed back to a close post.1e. Come on! 8:57 p.m. 22 players enter the pitch of a burning stadium Santiago Bernabeu! 8:55 p.m. Luka Modričius and Karimas Benzema scored before the second semifinal at 20.51. The referee will be Daniele Orsato (ITA) at 8.46 p.m. Players will soon finish warming up. Give way to the big game! 8:40 p.m. In the first stage, the injured Casemiro returns to the Madrid safe. Casa Blanca’s balance can only be better. Having scored 14 goals in the Champions League this season, Karim Benzema will once again be the man to follow in this match. In the first round, the Frenchman scored two goals to return to the game. KB9 also nearly eliminated PSG in the eighth final. 8:30 p.m. Relive one of the gems of the first round that will surely go down in history.Bernardoooooo 🙌Go to our Matchday Center for live news and commentary on the second round of tonight in Madrid! UK RUKTU DAYS CENTER ⬇️— Manchester City (@ManCity) 2022 May 4 8:25 p.m. Merengue supporters put pressure and atmosphere! THERE IS NO. Several players from both sides will not be taking part in tonight’s match. In Madrid, Bale (back), Alaba (injured) and Hazard (leg) are injured, and Mendy (suspended) and Stones (injuries) will not wear City colors tonight. STATISTICS: Real Madrid have never made it to the European Cup final in their history when they lost their first semi-final match. Manchester City, meanwhile, have not missed a single goal in the last two Champions League away matches. In Manchester City, Pep Guardiola decided to link the following players: Ederson – Walker, Dias, Laporte, Cancelo – Silva, Rodri, De Bruyne – Mahrez, Jesus, Foden. Ederson, Walker, Dias (C), Laporte, Cancelo, Rodrigo, De Bruyne, Bernardo, Mahrez, Jesus, FodenSUBS | Steffen, Carson, Ake, Sterling, Gundogan, Grealish, Zinchenko, Fernandinho, Egan-Riley, Palmer, McAtee, Lavia # ManCity – Manchester City (@ManCity) 2022 May 4 20:04. COMPOSITIONS. Here are two teams from 11 Carlo Ancelotti to Real Madrid: Courtois – Carvajal, Militao, Fernandez, Mendy – Kroos, Casemiro, Modric – Valverde, Benzema, Vinicius. Hello everyone. Welcome to to watch the comments of the LIVE Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Manchester City. Start at 9 p.m. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium!
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