Did Anwar Ibrahim Sworn in as Prime Minister

Anwar Ibrahim Sworn in as Prime Minister

Anwar Ibrahim Sworn in as Prime Minister! Anwar Ibrahim promised to lead a government that would be inclusive of everyone in the multiethnic, multireligious Southeast Asian country. He has begun his work as Malaysia’s prime minister.

After being sworn in by the king the day before, Anwar reported working at the prime minister’s office in Putrajaya, the nation’s administrative capital, at 9 am (01:00 GMT) on Friday.

Anwar Ibrahim Sworn in as Prime Minister. The 75-year-old experienced politician outlined his goals for the nation during his first press conference on Thursday night.

His government will “protect and safeguard the rights of all Malaysians, especially the marginalized and disadvantaged, regardless of ethnicity or religion,” he claimed, adding that he would not receive a salary.

Anwar Ibrahim, a seasoned opposition leader, was sworn in as Malaysia’s 10th prime minister before King Al-Sultan Abdullah. He capped a 30-year journey that had far too frequently turned his nation’s political landscape into a brutal turf war.

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Mahathir Mohammad, who held the position of prime minister for a total of 24 years, could only watch from the sidelines as Anwar’s progressive bloc put together a coalition that would give the 75-year-old the presidency.

Press Conference

Anwar received congratulations call from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before his press conference. On Thursday night after sharing a video on social media where he greeted Indonesian President Joko Widodo, the nation’s first foreign head of state. Anwar called Indonesia a “genuine ally” of Malaysia and pledged to concentrate on fostering relations between the two nations.

Anwar responds to inquiries at a crowded late-night news conference on Thursday where he described his government’s goals.

A record amount of votes were cast in the election, which US Secretary of State Antony Blinken mentioned in his congratulations to Anwar and the Malaysian people. Anwar Ibrahim Sworn in as Prime Minister.

“We are eager to strengthen our friendship and collaboration. These are founded on a common set of democratic values, respect for human rights, and adherence to the law, according to Blinken. “We are still dedicated to collaborating with Malaysia to strengthen the Indo-Pacific region’s freedom, openness, connectivity, prosperity, security, and resilience.”

Persuadable Majority

Anwar, born in 1947 in the northern province of Penang, has just completed an important political journey with his selection as prime minister. Young Anwar gained notoriety as a fiery student activist before being seduced into the United Malays National Organization (UMNO). The main player in the BN alliance at the time, where he ascended swiftly through the ranks.

His unexpected release in 1998 and subsequent imprisonment on suspicion of corruption and sodomy fueled Malaysia’s political opposition, stoked calls for reform (known as “reformasi”), and helped gradually realign the nation’s political landscape. Before being granted a pardon and released from prison in 2018, Anwar went through a second sodomy trial and conviction.

James Chai, a visiting fellow in the Malaysia Studies Program at the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore, says. “Only a leader like Anwar could encapsulate Malaysia’s contradictions and lead the country to a new page in history.” Many people contend that he is just what the country needs. After years of sorrow, the Reformasi generation can finally exhale.

Anwar’s administration in the Philippines is the second for the reformist coalition. Whose previous administration fell apart after only 22 months due to pressure from conservative ethnic Malays. Anwar Ibrahim Sworn in as Prime Minister. Since then, the nation has experienced two consecutive years of instability under two prime ministers.

Former Minister Muhyiddin Yassin

Anwar appears eager to end the political gambit and declares that the first item on the agenda when Parliament reconvenes. On December 19 will be a vote of confidence to demonstrate the strength of the new alliance.

At a news conference on Friday, he stated, “We have a fairly convincing majority,” noting that it was two-thirds of the 222 seats in Parliament. With such a large majority, the coalition could amend the constitution.

Anwar was congratulated on his appointment on Friday by former prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin. Who served as the leader of the Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition that attempted to form a government.

Anwar Ibrahim Sworn in as Prime Minister. He claimed that in Parliament, PN will serve as a “check and balance.”

Fostering Trust

Analysts argued that Anwar must develop trust and learn from the mistakes of the first PH government for his administration to last.

According to Bridget Welsh, “a lot will depend on who he names to his cabinet. Whether they can work together.” From Pakatan Harapan’s first administration, many things can be learned about establishing trust, controlling expectations, and communicating. These are the issues that will present challenges moving forward.

During a press conference on Friday, he reiterated his commitment to shrinking the cabinet. Which had grown to around 70 ministers and deputy ministers in recent years.

Given Malaysia’s difficulties, according to Welsh, persons chosen for the position must have the necessary skills and expertise. They should also represent Malaysia’s socioeconomic situation and young population.

Although Islam is the official religion and the majority ethnicity is Malaya. There are sizeable ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities and Indigenous peoples in the country.

Malaysian Human Rights Minister

Jerald Joseph, a longtime supporter of democracy served as Malaysia’s human rights commissioner until earlier this year. He expressed his joy at the prospect of a new era for Malaysia. He pointed out many recent reforms. Like lowering the voting age and automatic voter registration, started under PH in 2018.

He continued by saying that the future prime minister should concentrate on making changes to the Parliament. Such as making sure a neutral speaker is appointed and giving expert committees more authority.

As with every previous prime minister, Anwar must demonstrate his qualifications. Anwar Ibrahim Sworn in as Prime Minister. Joseph told Al Jazeera. Moreover, he needs to make reform effective. He has to make the government function.

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