Manchester United: Cavani’s fears over Cristiano Ronaldo confirmed

Edinson Cavani acknowledged that his initial fears of a role at Manchester United after Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to the club had come true. Manchester United 2020 In October, two months after leaving Paris Saint-Germain, he signed a free contract with Cavani and enjoyed an impressive debut at Old Trafford. Cavani expected his playing time to decrease. The Uruguayan scored 17 goals in the Red Devils in 39 games and finished second in the Premier League to reach the Premier League European League final, extending his contract for one year, but he fell. to the background 2021-2022 Ronaldo joined United last summer from Juventus and has since been the club’s first midfielder to choose from, and Cavani has fallen below the hierarchy, partly due to injury. Don’t miss Manchester United: Ronaldo responds to internet rumors. The 35-year-old said he had planned a tough campaign as soon as the return of the Portuguese superstar was confirmed, and was disappointed he was right. “At the time, I thought it would be good for Manchester to buy Cristiano Ronaldo,” Edinson Cavani said in an interview with ESPN Brazil. “I’ve experienced difficult situations” “After learning a little about today’s football world, the first thing I did was call my [frère et agent Walter Fernando Guglielmone] and tell him, “Fernando, if it had happened a week ago, I would have asked you to find me another club. But not because I didn’t want to play with Cristiano Ronaldo. No. Because I had a chance to get to know him, and he’s a great professional with his “Manchester United is preparing a golden bridge for the England national team.” But, as far as I know, after many years in football, how things are going these days. That’s why I talked to my brother. I wanted to understand better. Not because I couldn’t play my role in Manchester, but because there are a lot of things in football today that are different from what they were with other people a year ago, and how it happened all of a sudden, I I thought we would play, we would do everything we could, “added the former PSG striker. m for some time I was not in season … Situations that are different from those I experienced last year. And a few months later I called my brother and said to him, “Do you remember what you said at the beginning of the season? . Before the start of the season. There are no secrets in football. Everything is very clear to me, and I have a football that no one takes away from me. ”The article continues“ So I called my brother and I told him that. And he told me, “Be positive, Edi, you’re going to do a good job … He’s told me a lot of things. I had no doubt that things could be better, but let’s see what happens. and here we are here, I try to help my team, as wherever I have been, but my thinking and seeing football showed that I was right in the first months and after … my injury problems and I was away for a while but it happened too Cavani will be a free agent again on June 30, but there are no signs of renewal in Manchester, and he was heavily associated with moving to Argentina’s Boca Juniors. GOAL said Botafogo was also interested. A striker is a veteran, but Guglielmone says his client wants to stay in Europe. [les rumeurs de Boca]. Everything is dynamic. The priority is to continue working in Europe. ”
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