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Reports that FC Barcelona has regained interest in Senegalese and Neapolitan defender Kalidou Koulibaly have sparked intense online debate. The 30-year-old midfielder is reportedly on Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez’s summer wish list. Koulibaly’s speed, predictability and air power are said to have made Barcelona even more popular. In addition, it is considered a natural replacement for 35-year-old Gerardo Pique, who has been prone to injuries lately. Some supporters expressed the greatest desire that in 2021. The captain who won the African Cup of Nations would join the Spanish giant. Don’t miss the opportunity: “Barca should do everything possible to complete this transfer. We need balance and experience in our team. We need Koulibaly and it fits in perfectly with FC Barcelona’s style of play, ”says the first internet user. “Pay the price, Koulibaly is worth every penny, take it,” adds the second. Barca should do everything in its power to make the deal happen. Our team needs balance and experience. We need Koulibaly and it’s perfect for Barca. https://t.co/xVFRGGfk74— Ekow Quayson (@QuaysonEk) 2022 May 4 Pay the fee Koulibaly is worth every penny, get it – LK77 (@ LK7713) 2022. on May 4, and another explained his concerns about Koulibaly’s age and considered why the Catalan club would be interested in a player who might not have a long-term investment for the club. “I don’t know why Barça fans are worried that the club wants to buy a 30-year-old Koulibaly for 40 million euros, one that can’t sign for 4-5 years, I thought we were planning for the future. ? There are a lot of younger midfielders we can get for the same amount or a little more, with the same profile … ”I don’t know why Barça fans are happy that the club wants 40 million. euros to buy 30-year-old Koulibaly. , a man who can not sign for 4-5 years, thought we were planning for the future? There are many younger CBs that we can get for the same amount or a little more with the same profile .— Kelvin 😈 (@ KelvinObed4) 2022 May 4 If the French player joins La Liga, some are hoping for a better partnership with Uruguay’s midfielder Ronald Araujo. – He and Araujo could be something special. Kalidou Koulibaly to Barca ?? He and Araujo may be special.— Akhona Nkangana (@ AkhoElMejor94) 2022 May 4 Koulibaly is the best name among these 3 if we can repel it 10-15 years old. He will perform for at least another 3 seasons if matched with Araujo.— Mammad Ali (@memetaliyev) in 2022. April 27 Would you have patience for your players? Barcelona is not a small club and does not have as much patience as mid-level teams because they have to fight for the cups. Araujo will need an experienced player like Koulibaly to help him improve. pic.twitter.com/7zELUNeR3o— Nipa Life 🇬🇭 (@ShariflarryArt) 2022 May 4 The partnership between Araujo and Koulibaly I ask that this happen and that his partnership with Araujo will be huge – Maestro 🤓 (@sir_harbimz) in 2022. May 4 Koulibaly would be a great deal, he and Araujo’s couple would be scary. This should be a priority this summer before any other signing, TheBarcaProject (@ProjectBarca) 2022. May 4 One of them explains why FC Barcelona need a defender of the caliber like Koulibaly and why an African star could solve the club’s problems in defense. “Barca is never ready to spend that amount on a defender, but if we can do it with Koulibaly, then our defense problems will be solved. Barca has good defenders Araujo Eric and Christensen, but we just need the authority of a defender to bring leadership.” Barca never wants to spend that amount on a defender, but if he does it with Koulibaly, our defense will be solved. (@Chuddycollins) He said he would be delighted with Koulibaly’s arrival on May 4, 2022. I’ll be very happy to receive Koulibaly, but Barca disappointed me in the past.I won’t give hope – WILSON OYAKHI (@Ojeey_wilson) May 4, 2022 What do you think of the rumor that Koulibaly is moving from Naples to Barcelona? Let us know what you think in the comments section.
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