Gerard Piqué s'est livré sur la polémique autour de la Supercoupe d'Espagne. Icon Sport

Barca: Pique says ‘completely unaffected’

Gerard Pique defended himself in a long interview with L’Equipe after the uproar over the organization of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia. More hurt by the turmoil He is rare in the traditional media, liking to hold press conferences on his Twitch channel. Create or incite disputes on Twitter. Or answer in the box. However, Gerard Pique, who was injured again against Mallorca, should not set foot on La Liga until the end of the season. Gerard Piqué was “close to buying” Red Star Bars defender Gerard Piqué and his company Kosmos, the owners of the Davis Cup tennis tournament, tried to buy Red Star (National) pic.twitter last spring. com / URdOmNBs6u – TEAM (@lequipe) 2022 May 6 In recent weeks, there has been more talk about Pique’s actions outside the square than in the green rectangle. In fact, FC Barcelona’s midfielder has been in the eye of the storm since El Confidencial announced the organization of the Spanish Super Cup. Kosmos received a commission of several million euros for the latter. Gerard Piqué gave an interview to L’Équipe in which he explained his situation in detail and, to be sure, in his own words. He also confirms that he was very close to buying Red Star. “No conflict of interest” Not very fond of the language of wood, Pique has not avoided any topic and remains in his position. The commission paid to his company following an agreement between the Spanish Football Federation and a wealthy Gulf country is in no way a conflict of interest. “It simply came to our notice then. The only illegal thing is that someone took private voicemail messages and leaked them to the press. Instead of talking about this serious subject, which I have already complained about, we are talking about something completely legal, which is even more crisp because I care about the President of the Spanish Football Federation. ”Gerard Pique Interview L. Équipe Gérard Piqué received 24 million commissions. Icon Sport However, Barça’s midfielder was completely unaffected by the situation. “I’m used to it. I live in stories like this every week. The only difference is that it involves public opinion and distorts everything. But I live in it very naturally. I have nothing to hide, everything is legal,” he said. Gerard Pique says he only helped a friend, in this case Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish FA, but after asking the leader to help him compete in the Tokyo Olympics, the Catalan did not win his case. It’s not a fact that I’ve brought space with the Federation to Saudi Arabia. “Interview with Gerard Piqué L’Équipe Gerard Piqué is upset. “It’s adrenaline. I need it. Sometimes I get bored, so I get on Twitter, I want everything a little i would provoke and communicate with two, three journalists. I like to do that. Sometimes it caused problems, but I never regretted anything, ”concluded the 35-year-old defender, who seems to be reluctant to change anything even after his career ends.

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