Arsenal: Ben White, the man who silenced the critics

Follow-up to this announcement “I think what he has done to adapt so quickly, to cope with the pressure of the price at which we bought it, and all that is being asked of him at this age, is very impressive. Mikel Arteta could hardly summarize Benjamin White’s situation (24) at a press conference this Friday before Arsenal’s departure for Watford (Sunday at 3 p.m.). It is clear that the mid-24-year-old defender has established himself as one of the leaders of the “canonists”, but has been severely criticized for the amount he paid to Brighton last summer (€ 58.5 million) for his English-language services. “It simply came to our notice then. Perhaps this is partly because Ben White is English. Varane (€ 40 million was recruited by Manchester United from Real Madrid last summer, ed. Note) is in a different class than Ben White. Ben White is still young. How can this be priced like this? I do not know him. I respect him and hope he will be a great player, but he hasn’t proven anything yet. You can’t compare Ben White and Varane, sorry. It is not possible. I am not saying this because he is a compatriot. He came from Real Madrid. He’s not from Brighton, with all due respect to them, “said William Gallas, a former captain of the North London club. A real plus ball In addition to the persistent followers of the English Championship, Ben White, who became the second most expensive defender in history, had only one Premier League season on his feet. Unlike Mikelis Arteta and technical director Edu, who made no mistake and have a compass in their eyes. In the leveling match, almost eight months later, the England national team player (2 national teams) has nothing to envy the French Devil World Champion. “It simply came to our notice then. I tell you, if you watched him every day during workouts, you would be surprised. I have the impression that he is playing the finals every day during training, ”said the Spanish coach of the“ canonists ”a few weeks ago. His state of mind is not the only staggering thing. White, who remains the most used player by Arteta (27 appearances in all matches), is surprised by both the ease of possession of the ball (an average of 52 passes, 84.2 per cent of the score) and the ability to climb up the field to break lines. and bring surplus, only by their commitment in duel, from the air as on earth. Strong white quenches skeptics One thing is clear: The birthplace of Poul, a port city in the south of England, is undoubtedly one of the reasons why Arsenal’s often porous defense has strengthened (5th place in the kingdom with 27 goals missed in 24 games). While Aaron Ramsdale’s presence at the gate clearly plays a role, his repeated interactions with Gabriel (the first of which took place before Norwich on September 11) provided stability and security for this London formation that has spent so many years. Not 11 clean sheets this season (only Manchester City and Liverpool are doing better) will show the opposite. “Ben is a great person. And he has the courage: to play, to make decisions, to lead … Ben is where he is today for everything he has done in the last few months. It is no accident to achieve this. This is the work he does every day. We bought Ben because we think he might be awesome. He has the ability to break lines and move the ball the way we want. But, most importantly, he has to defend himself and I think he is doing it really well, ”explains Mikelis Arteta. Ben White can still make progress, but for the first year with a big England club he is fearless and effortlessly carries the weight of the transition on his shoulders. In any case, skeptics have completely disappeared from the radar …
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