Manchester United are ready to play Cristiano Ronaldo

The sequel to this ad by Cristiano Ronaldo did not expect it. This summer, twelve years after leaving for Manchester United, the Portuguese had high ambitions at the club where he exploded. “I think this is the best decision I have made (…) This is a new chapter in Manchester. I am very happy and want to continue to build a story in an effort to help Manchester achieve great results, win trophies and great things. Unfortunately, the CR7 failed to accomplish its mission. Indeed, the Red Devils this 2021-2022. season title disaster. It’s been five years since they won something. And even the return of the Portuguese star didn’t change anything. However, the 37-year-old did some of his work – he scored 18 goals in 33 matches in all matches, of which 30 were starters (3 assists). However, since the beginning of the calendar year, he has found the network only 4 times. February 15 scored a goal against Brighton (victory 2: 0) and on March 12th. – hat-trick against Tottenham (victory 3: 2). New incident against Everton He was silent in 11 matches in 2022. That was the weekend before Everton’s 32nd Premier League day. The helpless Funchal in the square after the meeting was particularly grieved over the bloodshed against a Toffees fan. The reassembled CR7 dropped the young sponsor’s phone. Merseyside police have also launched an investigation following this humorous gesture. The Manchester United player, in turn, apologized on social media. “It is never easy to control our emotions in such difficult times as we are going through. Nevertheless, we must always be respectful, patient and set an example for all young people who love a nice game. I apologize for my outburst and if possible I would like to invite this sponsor to play at Old Trafford. fair play and sportiness ”. As a result, the incident is still closed. On the side of the Muntans, however, this new slip of the CR7 raises questions. This is not the first time this season has been mentioned in his case. United ready to part It’s no secret that the Lutheran footballer is not a big fan of Ralph Rangnick. A coach with whom there was a lot of tension. We especially remember the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo against Manchester City. The player was clearly injured and returned to Portugal. The English press explained that he was not particularly indifferent to the fact that the coach forced him to start from the bench. In addition, the fact that he did not take part in the derby against Skyblues made him particularly outraged by the Manchester locker room, which hoped for his support. A locker room where his deal with Harry Maguire is also not very good. Either way, Manchester United has always supported its star. But the situation is changing. In late March, the Spanish press indicated that the red devils want to keep the most productive player. Manchester Evening News said Monday that Old Trafford residents are ready to release Cristiano Ronaldo. His return did not have the desired effect, as MU is seventh in the Premier League and could not play in the Champions League. The British will not have a trophy either. But his fate is not yet clear. The English publication explains that the people of Mankun are considering separating from it. It is also difficult for them to imagine that 85 m. the born player would remain if the club is not C1. Even if there is a possibility to extend the contract for a year (it is linked to MU until 2023, ed. Note), there is a high probability that it will retire this summer. Saying goodbye to a huge paycheck spins over heads, who also want to leave the future manager a chance to come in a calm atmosphere as CR7 will insist on starting every meeting. However, United has not yet decided on his case, as his release would mean a breakup with the top scorer and the emptying of the attack sector, which Martial and Cavani should already leave. Such bad times are Cristiano Ronaldo, who became a nightmare after returning to Manchester from a dream.
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