Manchester United: Bruno Fernandes is expensive

A newcomer who wishes you well. That’s how Bruno Fernandes was perceived a few weeks after his arrival at Manchester United for $ 55 million. EUR + 25 million EUR bonus for 2020 January 29 land. After scoring 12 goals and making 8 assists, the former Sporting CP changed the face and game of the Munchans in six months. The midfielder, praised by the press, applauded by the fans and rated by his team, had everything very well. Follow-up to this promotion Honest record, but not as good as usual Next season, the first time he played full, the Portuguese national team continued to grow on the British team. He finished the exercise with a great record – 28 goals and 18 assists in 58 matches in all competitions. With the arrival of his compatriot Cristiano Ronaldo this summer, we thought Bruno Fernandes was going to go one step further and continue his crazy momentum. However, this 2021-2022 the season certainly doesn’t unfold as it could have imagined, both collectively and individually. Man Utd, currently in sixth place in the Premier League, will not play in the Champions League next year. This year, the club also finished without a trophy, which has been a harmful habit for five years. From an individual standpoint, the Portuguese were less determined (42 times in 45 matches). He currently has 10 goals and 13 assists in all matches. Which is far from bad. But the 27-year-old used to make us better. Salimas Baungalys, a journalist for RMC Sport and a specialist in English football, agrees. The arrival of CR7 affected him “When you see a raw number, 10 goals and 6 assists (in the Premier League, ed. Note), it’s clearly far from what he was able to show last season or even earlier. However, participation in 16 of United 57 goals in the Premier League accounts for almost 30% of the team’s goals. That’s not funny either. But he got us used to it much better. So we’re disappointed, that’s a fact. How to explain this? Manchester Evening News have repeatedly pointed out this season that the England team is less balanced when Cristiano Ronaldo is on the pitch. That, according to Salim Baungal, is not wrong. “The advent of CR7 has changed some things and the way we play. Cristiano Ronaldo has a good season, especially in the league, but it affects everyone else, especially Bruno Fernandes, even if the connection between the two on the pitch is pretty good, they are good anyway. But the CR7 vampires a lot of things and, I almost want to say, vampires the minds of United players who almost want to look for it too much. In the end, it is he who completes actions where others sometimes have more opportunities and fail. When there is no CR7, the 9 is of much lower quality. As a result, Bruno Fernandes has made few passes this season. ” The press destroys the Portuguese midfielder. He adds: “Instead of Cristiano, there is either Rashford, who is a step down, or Cavani, who is always traumatized, or Martial, but he is no more. So Bruno makes fewer effective passes and gains fewer points. It also designs much less. The English press, which has often praised it, is no longer destroying it. MEN wrote about him: “Fernandes’ start at United has been fantastic, but his standards are falling alarmingly this season. Since signing a new contract, his performance has changed in the opposite direction of his pay, and he has to return to the best results next season. According to the Manchester Evening News, the captain failed the trick eleven times this season and was too much after the judges, especially during the heavy defeat against Brighton on 7 May. (4: 0). “A man tied to his hands has been harassing referee Andrew Madley more than once in the game. United needed a captain at this point. Someone is trying to raise their heads, urging players to keep their pride. “They got a player who earned a reputation for constantly whining on the pitch, caring more about reprimanding officials than urging their teammates to try again,” he began writing to the English media before being knocked out. There Hag save him? “Fernandes has a bandage without Harry Maguire, but he’s a much worse captain than a midfielder. Maguire has had a terrible season on the field, but he takes responsibility as captain, turns his eyes, tries to encourage teammates, and rarely stops talking. From the moment 2020 arrived in Old Trafford in January, led by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Fernandes gained a reputation as a man who accepts his teammates on assignments. It has never passed and he has received a lot of criticism this season. But the captain must be positive. The press-crushed one who attacked Alex Telles several times after MEN this season maintains the confidence of MU, which has extended it until 2026. April 1 A strong gesture from the English who want to move forward with him because he is one of the players Erik there Hag wants to keep. It is clear that Salimas Baungalys: “It is always interesting to have a technical, smart player in The Hague. But he also asks his players to run away a lot, which is ultimately what Bruno Fernandes does. But where that is also expected, and there has been less this season and last, it is in the big matches. It is often missing. When United slides, he hides like everyone else. He’s involved against lower teams and where we expect him to be and where he hasn’t been really intrusive. Can Ten Hag change that at this level? That will be one of the issues to be addressed. ” A sacred mission for a Dutch technician to save soldier Bruno Fernandes.
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