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As the season draws to a close and several departures are expected in the coming weeks, today we offer you a summary of all PSG professional contract end dates and an analysis of the situation … PSG is immersed in the upcoming projects … because the coming summer could mean a fundamental change in the Paris workforce. First with Kylian Mbappé. The contract, which runs until June, puts the French striker in the mood while his future still fluctuates between leaving for Real Madrid and being extended by PSG. Considered to be the player with the highest market value in the football market today, a free start could mean a serious turning point. If PSG could lose its most productive player of recent years, the best transferor in the club’s history, Angel Di Maria, is also directly worried about the contract ending next June. Until 2021 extended for another season with another choice, the Argentine seems to be nearing the end of his adventure in Paris after seven years at the club. Despite his strong desire to continue in Paris next year, the leadership of the capital’s club at the moment really doesn’t agree. Di Maria understands society and would like to “spend another year” #PSG https://t.co/4CpdMV2kde – CulturePSG (@CulturePSG) 2022 May 10 Another hot PSG file, this time among young people, is the future of Xavi Simons. Chipé 2019 in the summer at the FC Barcelona club, the Dutch are completing their first 3-year professional lease, which was initialed at the time. The extension has been negotiated for several months, but it is dragging on and a former resident of Barsa has not yet made a final decision. PSG is also due to manage Ismaël Gharbi’s (2004) contractual situation in June, when his aspiring contract expires and he was offered his first professional lease. Eventually, PSG could have allowed Alexandre Letellier to slip, even after his lease expired. The 31-year-old goalkeeper, recruited for his qualities as a player trained on the spot according to UEFA lists, has been extended last season. Two years after his arrival, the former Anjevin didn’t play with the PSG for a minute, and given the traffic jam at the post, the departure looks like never on the agenda. … And certainly will not have time to breathe the summer of 2023 will not be easy and PSG, next year plagued by the end of several important contracts. This is especially true of Lionel Messi, who arrived in 2021. in the summer. The seven-time Ballon d’Or is officially linked to the capital’s club for two years, even if its current lease will be with an optional third year. factors are still unclear. In June 2023, the football team of Argentina will turn 36 years old. It is enough to have a long discussion and deliberation before making a decision, especially in view of the disappointing first year of the former Bars star with a T-shirt in Paris. The situation is practically the same in the case of Sergio Ramos, whose contract expired in June 2023 after signing a two-year contract last summer, but without an additional year. At the age of 36, the Spaniard is going through two very physically challenging seasons, so for a while even a break was mentioned. He will play a maximum of 13 matches this season. The central area can also be overhauled, and Leandro Paredes and Idrissa Gueye will also arrive at the end of the lease. Today, neither of the two middle strikers seems to be really determined to extend the contract, even if the first city had more chances to sign a new contract, especially given its younger age (27). Another less important midfielder in the Paris rotation, Eric Junior Dina Ebimbe, is also worried about the end of next year’s contract, but may have sorted out earlier as the departure will be more relevant this summer than ever. Finally, a number of young people signed up as professionals will be discussed, especially in 2002. generation of young people: Nathan Bitumazala, Thierno Baldé, Teddy Alloh, Denis Franchi, Anfane Ahamada M’Ze and Tidjany Chabrol. Also of concern are the top two U19 players of the season, Djeidi Gassama (2003) and Sékou Yansané (2003), in 2020. sign up as professionals. Most of the employees who have secured a PSG can also take a break, as the club has also secured a future for some of its products over time. Thus, players such as Marco Verratti, Marquinhos or Presnell Kimpembe, who are described as the backbone of the team, will be contracted until 2024. June An extension is already being negotiated with some, which could intensify in the coming months. However, the capital’s club also has a few longtime players from whom it would ideally like to stand out. In this case, we particularly agree with Mauro Icardi, whose call option was exercised in 2020. in May. Today, the Argentine looks like never at the start, but buyers aren’t a legion. 2024 will also rumble with the end of contracts with Ander Herrera, Georg Wijnaldum, Julian Draxler and Keylor Navas. None of these players are really going to extend the lease, but they can leave by then. End of contract in 2024 also affected all locally trained Abdou Diallo, Colin Dagba and Layvin Kurzawa in June. Also the current lenders are Timothée Pembélé and Arnaud Kalimuendo. Among the young people, rude midfielder El Chadaille Bitshiabu will also end his first professional lease, but it is easy to imagine that PSG had previously been concerned about his case. The same is true of the 2003 generation title Moutanabi Bodiang, Daouda Weidmann, Mathyas Randriamamy, Kaïs Najeh and Samuel Noireau-Dauriat or even Lenny Manisa (2004). Other protected players have become almost inviolable Looking a little further ahead, PSG has recently secured a contract with several of its elements, including, of course, Neymar, which has been extended until 2025. June and optional for additional years. Also extended over the same period, Juan Bernat is also a longtime PSG like Danilo Pereira or young Edouard Michut, who may decide to leave the capital this summer, frustrated by the club’s leadership and the time of the mockery. (44 minutes of Ligue 1 play). Few of them are young by 2025. June is related to PSG, but Lucas Lavallée, Kenny Nagera and Younes El Hannach fall into this scenario. Finally, with two newcomers to the summer, Achraf Hakimi and Gianluigi Donnarumma signed a contract with PSG until 2026. in June, and today they seem untouchable. Nuno Mendes, who has been borrowed from Sporting this season and has a call option worth $ 40 million, is also set to join the two men soon. should be used in the coming weeks. Summary of the end of the PSG contracts: 2022: Mbappé, Di Maria, Simonsas, Gharbi, Letellier 2023: Messi, Ramos, Paredes, Gueye, Dina Ebimbe, Bitumazala, Baldé, Franchi, Gassama, Yansané 2024: Verratti, Icard Marquinhos, Herrera, Wijnaldum, Draxler, Navas, Diallo, Dagba, Kurzawa, Btishiabu 2025: Neymar, Bernat, Danilo, Michut, Lavallée, Nagera 2026: Hakimi, Donnarumma, Mendes?
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