PSG and free players, rarely a happy marriage

The author of last summer’s Transition Window, who focuses on market opportunities and players without any contracts with newcomers to Messi, Ramos or Donnarumma, has once again shown PSG that free agents aren’t really smiling at them. An idyll between PSG and players with no contracts is rare. Increasingly faced with such a scenario as free players are looking for a new base, the capital’s club was lured last summer by the many opportunities that have emerged in the market. With the impressive arrival of Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos, Gianluigi Donnarumma, and Georginio Wijnaldum, PSG on paper was greatly strengthened and introduced his newcomers to the boiling Prince Park with fanfare. But as the season draws to a close, the new faces in Paris have hardly confirmed the expectations placed on them. In general, since the PSG crossed the Qatari flag, recruitment freely to the Paris Club has never smiled, and satisfaction remains rare. QSI PSG treats free players with caution in the first place If we trace PSG’s strikes in the free player market, we quickly realize the real air gap between the names listed. 2011 upon the arrival of QSI, PSG hired two free goalkeepers: Nicolas Douchez, with whom he signed before the arrival of Qatar, and later dropped a rookie Salvatore Sirigu on the bench, and Ronan Le Croma, who came to win. The former will play an honorable stage at PSG, with the latter playing only one match with the club in a year and a half, and the last in 2012/2013. season – Lorient and received a red card in less than 20 minutes of play. Of course, the Paris Club didn’t stop there and offered itself a resounding marketing coup, bringing David Beckham to the capital during 2013. winter transition window. Quite a few PSGs, but his transition was short-lived. , as the former Real Madrid first offered itself a final challenge and a career in Europe. Saying goodbye to the legend of the Three Lions in Princes Park traveled the planet. The goal was achieved that day, a little less when Ancelotti started it against Bars and Verratti to the quarterfinals of the Champions League to the detriment … After comet Gustav Hebling in 2015. The arrival of PSG, whose arrival is still difficult to explain, except that it was represented by Mino Raiola, was followed by a period when PSG did not select any player as a free agent and opportunities in the market dwindled. It is during the now very famous 2016. summer transition window (especially signed by the memorable Krychowiak, Jesé and Meunier), Hatem Ben Harp signed up for PSG for two seasons. At the end of the fire season with OGC Nice, when he scored 18 goals in 39 matches, he will not score more than 4 goals in Paris, no one in Ligue 1 or the Champions League. He was fired in April 2017 and will never play with PSG again. The carnage at the end of the contract has just begun. Dani Alves or the transition to old glory at the age of thirty at the end of the contract. Since then, PSG has ordered the arrival of free players, but with a completely different caliber and different profile, as they often have thirty. 2017 Dani Alves officially joined the club in July, two years after joining Juventus. At the age of 34, he proved several times that he could bring his experience and talent, and was generally physically reliable despite serious trauma. However, his passage remains contrasting and the right wing, which scored some great goals, was not extended as he also had signs of a downturn player. In the winter of 2018, PSG is looking for reinforcement in the middle. Thiago Motta was the only one to play for the guard, so the Paris club took the opportunity to Lassana Diarra, who was free after he breached his contract with Al Jazira. Committed to PSG by 2019 in June, his adventure ends in February, when the Frenchman decides to end his professional career a few months outside the group. At the age of almost 33, after a year of not playing at the top level, he never won a PSG. The following summer, the PSG changed direction towards the goalkeepers and decided to bring in experience by registering the arrival of Gianluigi Buffono. The 40-year-old Italian goalkeeper, who is playing against Alphonse Areola, started the season well, but exploded during the flight and made some mistakes, including an unforgivable Champions League eight-final second match with Manchester United. The one-year contract then comes out. Through the same summer transition window, Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting signed a two-year deal with PSG on the last day of the transition market. He was far from marking his spirits with his talent, but he was still able to find himself a place in the workforce. Without wasting effort, the Cameroonian became one of the favorites of the PSG audience in part, all the more so in 2020. Atalanta won the quarterfinals of the Champions League in the summer. After a few weeks, he will leave PSG in ern Bayern for free. After that, there is still very little success in 2019. in early July, PSG signed three players without any contracts. Mitchel Bakker arrives from Amsterdam on Ajax, assisted by his agent Mino Raiola. If he played a little in the first season, in 2020/2021 he proved to be extremely physically reliable, despite the obvious shortcomings. He should at least bring in a good amount of PSG and should bring in even more money due to the resale percentage that was included in the sale. Of all the players that PSG signed after the contract from QSI, it was the only one so far sold and brought some money to the club as a result. Arrived the same summer as Bakker from another major European club, Polish goalkeeper Marcin Bulka came from Chelsea and was 19 at the time. He played just two matches with a PSG shirt in the Ligue 1 league, multiplying the loans, a bit convincingly in Cartagena, Spain, and a second, a little more Châteauroux. It seems that this season in Nice, during his rare performances, he persuaded the leaders to take the opportunity to buy a loan of 2 million euros. As a result, he may become second only to Bakker, who was recruited for free and sold. Last free this 2019. the summer transition, arguably the most unfavorable for PSG, is Ander Herrera. He is regularly traumatized without actually finding his place, just not at the same level and all this as part of the top 15 Ligue 1 salaries. Almost non-transferable because his salary is too high for his age, 32 years old, Hispanic In addition, the contract runs until 2024, when he was signed for five years, despite some Manchester United sponsors who have already been very skeptical. his level. Returning to PSG, Leonardo tried to terminate the contract agreed by Anter Henrique, but without success … Among the names of PSG employees that can be forgotten, Alexandre Letellier, the third goalkeeper since 2020, came freely. September. For two seasons, he hasn’t played a minute with a Paris shirt and it is easily acknowledged that he is only there to fill the quotas for players coached in the club in the Champions League. His contract expires in June next year and he can play for a few minutes until he is officially crowned champion. The arrival is similar to the arrival of Ronano Le Cromo a few years ago, complementing a player who came freely and with little pay. 2021 summer, which is no exception to the rule. In the post-Covid market, PSG has decided to make a “transition window” using Leonardo’s words. He therefore brought in at least four free players: first Georginio Wijnaldum (30), then Sergio Ramos (35), Gianluigi Donnarumma (22) and finally Lionel Messi (34) after a discontinuation of FC Barcelona. With two matches left, almost all of them were disappointed. Only Gianluigi Donnarumma seems to have his head above water, even though competition from Keylor Navas has not helped him settle fully in the cages, and the Italian also seems to be suffering from the sad end of the Paris season. Like almost all players who have been free for almost ten years, older players with long CVs and high salaries as a result are disappointed and do not live up to their expectations. Beckham started the trend – a worn-out but banking player, Alves and Buffon, followed in 2018. in the summer, and three years later, Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi look quite similar, and Wijnaldum’s fiasco looked as if. Approaching the Herrera case, a very good addition to the player at England’s top club, which seems to have been knocked out by the Premier League. If Bakker and Bulka bring in a few million and Donnarumma can still become a great goalkeeper as he should be, the opportunities seized by PSG actually proved very unconvincing when it seemed tempting. Now, a month before the next summer window opens, it’s hard not to think about it when the Paris club may be seduced again by Paul Pogba (30), who is ending his contract with Manchester United, or Ousmane Dembélé (Soon, 25 years old), who is in the same in a situation with FC Barcelona.
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