Why does PSG always break teeth in the Champions League?

As the PSG handheld tries to win a ticket to the Champions League final four on Thursday night in Kiel after a tie (30:30) torn in the first round, the club is preparing behind the scenes. to experience a small revolution after the departure of several leaders, including a kid, a boss in the middle, Dan Mikkel Hansen. Operated on the knees and on the floor until the end of the season, a tall blonde with a bull’s neck. will join Aalborg not without bitterness that has never won the Champions League with Paris. The bitterness was barely mitigated by the trophy raids in the national arena. “It’s still haunting me,” he recently admitted to our L’Equipe colleagues. That is why I cannot accept that I am not in the square against Kiel. Why has Paris still not succeeded? It’s hard to explain”. Hard, but not impossible, right? Avoid Parallels with PSG Footprints Even now, if the comparison with the footers of the Parc des Princes is tempting, the house seems to be as big as a trap to avoid at all costs, as Ibrahima Diaw makes us understand, overtaking Paris Handball (2002-2009 ) until it became the hand of the PSG (2011-2014). “As in football, we fly over the French Championship, but we dropped out of the Champions League. But the comparison stops here because, unlike them, we’ve been going into the final four on a regular basis for several years now. “And bum, beak! “Sure, there was a lot of investment, but Paris still made it to the final four in the last six seasons,” recalls former national team player Jérôme Fernandez. It is the most regular club of its level. So that in itself is a success, even if it is true that the trophies returned still lack a small something. “Bhakti Ong, the agent of many international representatives, including the Karabat brothers, invites us not to err on the subject or purpose. “There is no big European club that wants to win the Champions League. No, their goal is to get to the final four, which is a special exercise, he paraphrases it. If we look at the charts of recent years, it is very often the winners ’rivals because that’s the format. “Final four where we throw a coin” We saw teams like Kielce (2016), which we did not expect in the finals, Vardar Skopje also won trophies for being an outsider (2017), not to mention Montpellier Former Paris goalkeeper Patrice Annonay lists at the Tremblay Club today. From the first Paris Adventure Final Four in 2016 he knows how hairy the exercise is. “I really like the example of throwing a coin in the air because, casually, it’s not that far from reality. The format of the final four is such that it is impossible to say who will win upon arrival. The goal is already to get into the fourth and then the next race begins. It all depends on the shape states, the depth of the bench, the way the event is managed. “” Anything can happen in a match, “adds Bhakti Ong. Strike blow, judge’s decision. The final four, it is played on anything, and that makes the beauty and cruelty of this format. It all depends on the match. The format reduces level differences between teams, unlike in the Football Champions League. See, Paris could have won C1 when the match was in the elimination format. Looking back and forth, everything is more complicated. ”Not to mention that if the PSG’s hand attracts more attention and crystallizes the craziest expectations since the arrival of the Qatari Gadoler, the arms race is also raging in front of it. Jérôme Fernandez: “When we look at the labor force in Bara, Kiel or Veszprem, the names may be a little less pronounced because they are not French, and we look at it through our national prism, but I can be sure that it is the armads that are at the same level as PSG. And yet a club like Veszprém also sought a trophy for thirty years, never reaching there. “It simply came to our notice then. We will always be very (too much?) Demanding of a club like PSG. Guilty are its leaders, who obviously didn’t wait for us to trumpet their desires for dominance and fame everywhere. Less chic because, contrary to what might be thought, PSG Handball no longer has the financial depth that was launched. Football losses due to the Covid crisis amount to 300 million euros, Doha seems to cut the wings of handball players. “Everyone says that Paris is the richest club in the world, but that is absolutely wrong,” Bhakti Ong is annoyed. . When we look at payrolls, we clearly see the differences. In France, the cost of labor is not the same (…), we cannot fight. Other clubs are better equipped. Why is Remil going to Poland? Because Kielce can win the Champions League and will earn after taxes, € 200,000 is more than he earns in Paris. “It’s true that we’re feeling the change in PSG’s policy, maybe we’re looking for fewer stars and young people with great potential, especially the French, as was the case with Prandi or Gibelin,” Fernandez said. transformation with the wrong eye. The current coach is one of those who manages to shine on this team, not necessarily just having big stars in the locker room. “While waiting to switch, the Parisians will have one last chance to light up with this group. The result for Kiel, who plays at home, is 55:45, so he is far from losing, “said the former Blues captain. And Patrice Annonay concludes, “A lot of players will leave at the end of the season, well. However, we can only rely on this team, this shared chess experience, for the last time to finally win trophies this year. »
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