Real – City: Rodry and Benzema advance to Madrid final – crazy match summary

REAL-MANCHESTER CITY. Real Madrid made it to the Champions League final after a completely crazy new scenario. Leading (1: 0) after Mahres’ introduction (73), Carlo Ancelotti’s men turned the match and confirmed their ticket to the final step of the match. First thanks to Rodry’s double (90th, 90 + 1), later due to Benzema’s fine goal over extra (95th). Summary of a historic evening. 00:19 – Match Summary Never two without three. After knocking down Saint-Germain in Paris in the eighth final and extinguishing Chelsea in the quarterfinals, Real Madrid gave us another completely unreal evening against Manchester City. Real Madrid have started late after their first loss (4: 3) at Etihad Stadium. But Merengues wanted to believe it. The club in the Spanish capital also warmed up its audience at home last weekend by winning La Liga. At the start of the match, Madrid and Citizens played blow-by-blow in a closed and tactical first half. The score was zero and empty after 45 minutes of play, still left to do everything. Real pushed back from the locker room, but Manchester City finally opened for Riyad Mahrez (73rd). With a two-goal lead over all two matches, the qualifiers seemed over. This is without regard to the magic of the Bernabeu and the selflessness of the merngue players. Rodrygo, who had been in the match a few minutes earlier, took over a good Benzema ball against Ederson and equalized (90). The stadium boils for minutes after the Brazilian (90 + 1) shot in the helmet, offers himself a double and tears over. Completely intoxicated citizens will then be punished. Benzias catches the ball with Rodrygo. The French take responsibility, and Ederson isn’t that foot (95th place), it’s the Madrid people (6-5) in two matches. Revived and driven by the public, Real Madrid held up to the final whistle and offered the 17th Champions League final after another historic evening. 00:10 – Guardiola: “Hard Blow” Defeated at the Bernabeu Stadium, Pep Guardiola surrendered after this painful removal to the Canal + microphone: “We had the ball from 2-0. We controlled the match, c.” Sorry. They brought a lot of people forward and managed to score goals. We must congratulate them on their success. Obviously it’s a blow, but we ran out of game in the first half and second half. at best, those were the 3 minutes that hurt us a lot. ” 00:03 – Courtois: “It was unbelievable” With the final whistle sounding, Real Madrid’s goalkeeper returned to this Real-City semi-final at the Canal + microphone: “It was crazy, we believed it until the last moment. We still believe that. I can’t explain what happened, it’s unbelievable. After 1: 1 we felt that the players in front were not good. Our style? It’s a combination of everything. “We like to be in blocks, and we work a lot tactfully.” 04/05/22 – 23:54 – Real eliminated in 91 mins once changed the situation. again. Unbelievable. 04/05/22 – 23:51 – Real Madrid 17th Final After winning (3-1) after a completely crazy new scenario, Merengues confirmed their way to the 17th Champions League final and will try to elevate their 14th C1. May 28 they will face Liverpool, who have won 6 times. 04/05/22 – 23:50 – Video of Real Madrid’s third goal Watch the video of Real Madrid’s third goal, which is synonymous with Carlo Ancelotti’s men’s final. After fining 11 meters, Karim Benzema undertook her transformation. 05/04/22 – 23:37 – Real made it to the finals. Completely crazy new scenario. Led by (1: 0), Carlo Ancelotti knocked out Citizens in two minutes and scored third in extra time, a synonym for the finals. Real Madrid will meet with Liverpool on 28 May. 04/05/22 – 23:35 – Real Madrid win at home (3-1) In this match, Real Madrid scored fewer shots (5 vs. 8 Manchester City FC) and managed the ball less than his opponent (46% -54%). However, the Madriders end up with an advantage (3-1). Manchester City FC had a hard time on the waterlogged pitch – his trademark technique was nowhere in sight today. Eduardo Camavinga still offers a valuable intervention in the citizens ’camp. Very good French entry into the game.04 / 05/22 – 23:28 – 3 minutes extra time. Society gives a voice and holds a breath for every Citizen Center. 04/05/22 – 23:27 – Double Merengue Replacement Carlo Ancelotti has made two new additions to this Real – City: Militao and Vinicius will replace Vallejo and Vazquez. 04/05/22 – 23:24 – Yellow card Zinchenko Another warning during the extension of this “Real – City”. This time, half of Zinchenko gets a yellow card. 04/05/22 – 23:22 – Militao remains on the ground Madrid midfielder remains on the ground after the next intervention. Brazil had no legs to finish the match. Vallejo begins to warm up. 04/05/22 – 23:18 – Another Benzem record. The French national team scored the 10th goal this season in the relegation round of the Champions League. Only Cristiano Ronaldo has performed so well in the history of the competition. (Opta stat) 04/05/22 – 23:17 – Second extra time over After a short break and as the teams change at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the second extra time begins. Real Madrid and Manchester City FC must now finish the match to make room for the future. At the end of the match we are 3-1.04 / 05/22 – 23:16 – End of the first quarter The referee whistles for the end of the first half in this semi-final “Real – City”. 05/04/22 – 23:14 – Citizens’ danger highlight in the Madrid area. The Grealish and Sterling attacks injured Carlo Ancelotti’s men. Camavinga finally puts his foot on the ball and eliminates the danger. / 05/22 – 23:10 – Rodry’s crazy situation Once again, the Brazilian Real became the first player to score twice in the 90th minute of the Champions League. knockout game. (Opta) 04/05/22 – 23:08 – Yellow card for SterlingNew warning in this Real – City: The England national team player has been warned after a dangerous Rodry shot. 04/05/22 – 23:06 – New change in this Real – CityPep Guardiola extends match time: Rodri replaced Sterling. 04/05/22 – 23:06 – Perfect Benzema counterattacks The French team player is not disturbed and strikes to the right of the Skyblues goalkeeper. The perfect opposite. Real are now leading (6-5) in both matches. 05/04/22 – 23:02 – the penalty was realized by Karimas Benzema (3-1)! Karimas Benzema appeared on cue near the post, and steered it past the goalie. We are 3-1 in this Real Madrid – Manchester City! The score may soon change on the Santiago Bernabeu side. 04/05/22 – 23:00 – Benzema strikes! Real Madrid’s first overtime. Vinik finds Benzem on the left side of the axis that opens his leg. Ederson recorded his shot in two stages. READ MORE
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