C4: OM – dizziness of the tops and fear of falling

Posted: 2022-05-05 – 08:22Modified: 2022-05-05 – 08:20 Marseille (AFP) is a huge excitement of OM, the excitement of huge victories, as well as the fear of losing everything in the first stage overcome 3: 2, Marseille hopes to overthrow Rotterdam’s Feyenoord on Thursday (9 pm) and reach the finals of the European League Conference. “For us, the story begins now, we only think about the present. It’s now,” Marseille coach Jorge Sampaoli assured on Wednesday. Focusing on this rematch against the Feyenoord, the Argentine technician has swept both of OM’s continental history – five finals played – and in the near future, the last three Ligue 1 matches to show which European club his club will play next season. Because even if there are only three weeks left in the race, it is still impossible to draw conclusions from the Marseille season. It was beautiful, often inspiring, but could still go wrong. Under the ideal scenario, OM will knock down Feyenoord on Thursday and reach the finals in Tirana on May 25th. and will remain in second place to the end. place L1 and qualifiers Two defeats in a row But there’s another, darker one where OM loses all his dreams of a final and a ticket to C1 as a sad spring recycling in 2018 when he finished bloodless. In the final of the European League, they defeated Atlético Madrid (3: 0) and took away C1 after the last sprint, which ended in fourth place. Steve Mandanda and Bouba Kamara were already there, as was Dimitri Payet, who, as a good captain and bald cat, warned his group. “We had nine months of high quality, but if we spend the last three weeks, it will be nine months in vain,” Marseille N.10 said last week. “Losing everything in a few days is horrible. You have to give up everything so you don’t regret it.” OM goalkeeper Steve Mandanda in the first match of the European League conference with Feyenoord in 2022. April 28 In Rotterdam MAURICE VAN STEEN ANP / AFP OM problem, their last two matches are not very gratifying as he has suffered two defeats that have never been before. him this season. On Sunday, Lyon won the Vélodrome 3-0 and revealed OM’s weakness in defense, the ineffectiveness of the attack, illustrated by the failure of Arkadiusz Milik and the fatigue of some. Vincent LEFAI AFP Return Program for the European League Conference Semifinals. And last Thursday in Rotterdam, Dutch coach Arne Slot successfully resisted his team’s energy and attack, and Sampaol’s mania for control, which is often talked about. , especially in the most difficult times, due to a certain slowness, even sincere anger. Drogba recalls: “Football gives us the opportunity to change the situation. We lost a match we could win, a very stormy game with a lot of balls. odds on both sides. We hope this will be different, the Argentine said on Wednesday. “The key to qualifying is to dominate over time, to have the ball and not to share the offensive phase with the opponent, otherwise we will be in trouble,” added Marseille’s coach, who will not give up the ball and position. However, OM will have to score at least once to qualify and twice to the EU. to qualify, and Bamba Diengas in the first round and Milik against Lyon were terribly clumsy. But we learn from our mistakes and we will be ready. I am very confident. Everything is possible in our stadium and I think we have a good chance to get to the finals, “said the Pole on Wednesday. Because even if the Vélodrome due to the stopping of the North Bend will fit only 50 thousand. he will make a racket to break everything. Marseille remembers great hours and loves these moments, as Didier Drogba recalled on Twitter: “The stadium has been shaking since 2004. and OM-Newcastle in this semi-final. Strengths for you guys! ”© 2022 AFP
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