What is the most significant and least significant PSG league title?

1985-1986: 36-day lead, Fernandez’s free-scoring goal and unbreakable record, led by Joël Bats, Jean-Marc Pilorget, Safet Susic, Dominique Bathenay, Dominique Rocheteau and his captain Luis Fernandez, PSG, were 13th last year. The French championship for the first time in history. The logical coronation, the formation of Gérard Houllier, took first place at the end of the third day to never let go. PSG 1985–1986 French champion. (M. Deschamps / L’Équipe) A steel-minded team capable of overthrowing Lens (0-2, then 3-2), defeating Monaco (89 min. Sène goal) and seeing Fernandez’s hero at the Metz goal. after Bath’s injury. This resilience allowed him to set a new record for the undefeated Division 1 (26 losses without losses). 1993-1994: title stolen from rival, maximum realism and second record After five years of dominance in Marseilles, including a title that was eventually taken away from OM for corruption, PSG put an end to its rival’s hegemony. Its most productive player, David Ginola, has only 13 goals (Weah – 11). But the danger comes from everywhere as Artur Jorge’s team is threatened by the national teams. She also shines in her iron defense: she misses just 22 goals, 15 of the 24 wins by a difference in goals. And above all – even stronger than eight years ago – 27 consecutive matches without losses. Then in 1994-1995. beat FC Nantes. 2012-2013: Almighty Ibra, Beckham’s coup and end-of-season chaos A year after QSI took power, PSG hit the transition market hard, attracting Zlatan Ibrahimovici, Thiago Silva, Ezequiel Lavezzi and young Italian talent Marco Verratti. . David Beckham will even join the team in January. A real media gimmick for the club and the last freelancer before hanging the clutches of the English midfielder, tears in front of Brest last season at the Parc des Princes. Second behind OL after 21 games, Carlo Ancelotti regained the lead after beating Bordeaux (1: 0) and traveled to the first league title in 19 years. This was confirmed on the evening of the 36th day, a success in Gerland against Lyon, thanks to a goal by Jérémy Ménez (0-1). The next day, Trocadéro Square will host an electric festival between a cluttered organization and bandits. The best attack and best defense on the PSG is Ibra, who has scored 30 goals to date, almost half of all his club’s goals in the Ligue 1 tournament (69). However, the title will not be enough to ease the tension in the season, symbolized by Leonardo’s bloodshed against the judges against Valenciennes (1: 1) and the departure of Ancelotti. 2013-2014: White paw, pad and freewheel end. Reinforced by the arrival of Edinson Cavani, the largest transfer in L1 history (€ 64 million from Naples), and the arrival of Marquinhos, descended from AS Roma, PSG retains its title. French champion for the first time in history. The formation of Laurent Blanc, who came on the reserve bench without being the first choice of the leaders, leads after 10 days and will continue to do so to the end, conceding only three defeats, only one in the first 32 days. Blaise Matuidi, Thiago Motta and Marco Verratti. (L. Argueyrolles / L’Équipe) Around the middle Motta-Verratti-Matuidi trio, which will become the benchmark, the PSG is gaining momentum during the season and has won eight races in a row from mid-February to early April. However, relegation to the Champions League quarter-finals before Chelsea will determine the end of the season (4 points taken from day 33 to 36). Statistically, the Paris balance sheet is in many respects similar to last year’s balance sheet; best in attack and defense, best home and away team, Ibra top scorer (27 goals). 2014-2015: Controversy in Lyon, Ibro hit and perfect final sprint Unlike the previous two seasons, PSG has to work to the fullest to win the title. He is even fourth in 20 days, the second failure of the Bastia club this season (2: 4 leading 2-0). Paris are still ahead of Lyon after 29 days, playing a controversial draw with Gerland in early February (1: 1) and leveling out Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s penalty, which was initially suspended by Anthony Lopez before the Swedish striker was allowed to withdraw. Zlatan Ibrahimovic had two chances to beat Anthony Lopez from the 11-meter penalty. (A. Martin / L’Équipe) Expanded to its limits, the PSG is under pressure, as is Ibra’s departure from the judges after a defeat in Bordeaux in mid-March (3: 2): “I have never been in 15 years. I have seen such a bad judge in this country ….. This country did not deserve a PSG ”. However, Paris ends the season with nine consecutive victories in the championship to maintain its title, and the end of the year paves the way for the first national quartet to win the Champions trophy and two cups, in addition to Ligue 1. 2015-2016: Smash competition, baby score at the top of Troyes and Zlatan. Laurent’s Blanc is perfectly lubricated 4-3-3, PSG is going to the match. Highest score (96), record gap from vice-champion (31 points), 30 wins, 2 misses, including only 1 away, first club season with more than 100 goals scored (102), lowest overall score missed (19): this team blows up all the contracts. Angel Di Maria and Zlatan Ibrahimovich quickly found true chemistry. (Mr. Lahalle / L’Équipe) This great team, a leader for 37 days and crowned from mid-March after an offensive demonstration matched with his season at Troyes (9-0), was magnified at the top of Zlatan Ibrahimovich. his art (38 goals). And the addition of Angelo Di Maria (18 assists in L1 in the first season) during the summer transition window adds another dimension to this PSG. With the Paris Key, a new national quadruple. 2017-2018: Exit check book, insane attack and Cavani air conditioning. Beated by AS Monaco last season from Mbappé, Bernardo Silva, Falcao, Jardim and others, PSG is reclaiming its property in part due to a crazy attack. In one summer, QSI made two of the biggest transitions in history when Neymar and Mbappé arrived, as if buying back for 2017. March. The “Remontada” in Barcelona. Unai Emery PSG, 2016 scored by Blanca. 108 goals – his season record, including … 70 at home! Paris are starting six wins in a row, nine chains will be won in the middle of winter, and the Monaco team (7-1) for the title of Paris champion is a transfer of power. Cavani, the top scorer of the season (27), even prevented his first defeat against a rival in Marseille since 2011. November After 93 minutes, Vélodrome was awarded a free kick (2: 2). Edinson Cavani, Velodrome scorer. (Mr Lahalle / L’Équipe) In the end, only the end of the free running season (3 points in the last 4 days) will leave regret and deducted from this PSG wait 100 points limit. Feeling controversial, Paris offered an 8-0 win over Dijon and a foursome from Neymar one night, whistling that Edinson Cavani had no penalty in his search for the 157th goal at the capital club. to become its most productive player. 2018-2019: A record start, an edited return phase and Mbappé goleader Thomas Tuchel arrives on the Paris bench at Emery, and the start of the Paris season is idyllic. PSG starts the championship with … 14 consecutive victories – a record L1. The French champion has 53 points (record) during the break and will finish the exercise with 53 points out of 57 possible at home. Neymar and Mbappé with Tuchel during the title match with Monaco. (A. Réau / L’Équipe) However, PSG lost in the return phase, losing after a goal in Lyon (1-2), Nantes (2-3) and Montpellier (2-3), not to mention slapping. received in Lille (1-5) for the hardest defeat of the QSI era. However, Paris manages to achieve a unique performance in the L1 league – to score a goal in 38 matches of the season. After scoring 33 goals, Mbappé became the most productive champion for the first time in his career. 2019-2020: Covid season, not so great start and implied imbalance A stand-alone championship shortened for Covid, but the end of which has never called into question PSG’s pre-race advantage. Mbappé still ranked the most productive player, Di Maria’s most productive pass, and Thomas Tuchel’s students have the best result at home and away. However, the Parisians are less sovereign than last season, having suffered three defeats in the first 12 days, particularly in the Reims (0: 2) and Dijon (1: 2). This imbalance in PSG also goes through incredible scenarios against Monaco (3-3) or Amiens (4-4). Thiago Silva per PSG spells Amjene. (A. Réau / L’Équipe) Due to the pandemic, he scored 75 goals in 27 matches before the end of the season, but he started the new season with 100 goals. Another proof of his incredible attacking power is that Mauro Icardi now plays the third man next to Neymar and Mbappé, again in the top Ligue 1 standings against Wissam Ben Yedder. 2021-2022: Collapsed hopes, ubiquitous Mbappé and grim supporters Mauricio Pochettino win the tenth title on the PSG bench and join Saint-Etienne in history. However, the arrival of Messi, considered by some to be the best player in history, raised phenomenal expectations that were not met by an attacking troika formed by Argentine Neymar and Mbappé. The Frenchman, chosen as the best player of the UNFP trophies of the season, cannot blame himself: he is currently at the top of the L1 goals and passes ranking, which no one has yet achieved. Kylianas Mbappé scored the 25th goal of the season in Montpellier Ligue 1. (A. Réau / L’Équipe). They are also celebrating the title without players, at the foot of the Auteuil corner, after another grueling level at home against Lens, but the score has been reduced to 10 (1: 1). PSG also has “only” 83 points the day before the end, which would be the lowest PSG L1 title in 2012-2013 and 2014-2015, despite an excellent course at Parc (15 wins and 3 draws).
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